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Absolute Duo


After losing a loved one, Tooru Konoe is enlisted in the Kouryou Academy and must earn a ‘Blaze’ weapon, a bitter that the soul manifests. He was hoping for a weapon but what he got was a shield … How to get revenge if you don’t even have a weapon …!

Absolute Duo
Associated Names: アブソリュート・デュオ, Absolutna Duet, Abszolút Duo, Apsolutni duo, Assoluto Duo, Mutlak Duo, Mutlak ikilisi, Абсолютный дуэт, აბსოლუტური დუეტი, צמד מוחלט, الثنائي المطلق, निरपेक्ष जोड़ी, 絕對雙刃, 앱솔루트 듀오
Hiiragiboshi Takumi
Genres: Fantasy, Mature, Supernatural, Ecchi, Action, Adventure, Fighting, Romance, Harem, Martial Arts
Year: 2013
Status: N/A

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