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Absolute Witch


One day … all the witches in this world vanished, and enough time passed that even memories began to doubt their existence despite the clues that remained.At the same moment, a baby was abandoned on the shore of the sea. town of Sailon, the one said to be built by witches, a group of sailors were returning to this same town after years of war and in a magnificent abode, a man made sure that a child would never come back. These are the links that will be woven over the years, giving way, years later, to an incredible adventure led by Skyla, the last witch still alive. Accompanied by a frog whose voice she is the only one to hear, she is on her way to meet her husband, Jewel, the story begins when a cart hitchhikes her.

Absolute Witch
Associated Names: 절대마녀, Jeoldae Manyeo, Tuyệt đại phù thủy, Ma Nữ, Настоящая ведьма
Kim Tae Yeon
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Supernatural, Comedy, Adventure, Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Year: 2006
Status: ongoing

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