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Accel World


In 2046, technology gave birth to the Neuro-Linker, a system that allows the user to manipulate his five senses to access augmented reality and search for information on the Internet, but which also allows to enter a virtual universe. in the form of an avatar reflecting his personality, his ego, according to what he thinks of himself. The young Haruyuki Arita, small, fat, shy, is the pain-reliever of a bunch of boys from his college. His only refuge, where he feels free and gifted for something, is in the virtual universe of the establishment’s network, where he is among the first in a game of squash … until the day when the most beautiful girl from her school comes to find him there and gives him an appointment in the real world to chat. A meeting that will turn Haruyuki’s life upside down.

Accel World
Associated Names: アクセルワールド, Accell World, Acel World, Axel World, عالم التسارع
Kawahara Reki
Genres: Drama, School Life, Ecchi, Action, Comedy, Tournaments, Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi
Year: 2010
Status: N/A

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