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Adventure And Trouble Diary


If you become my wife, I will grant all your wishes … “This sentence was said to Saeju, but the crazy thing is that it comes from a cat (which could be some kind of prince) . But she is desperate and agrees in order to reclaim her honor. But what happens when you invite someone … supernatural … into her life? Saeju is about to know it most of all. weird cat turns into an even weirder “brother”, even though she didn’t ask for it!

Adventure And Trouble Diary
Associated Names: 파란만장 다이어리, A Diary of Troublesome Adventures, Spectacular Diary, Nhật ký hoàng phi, Palanmanjang Daieoli, Paran Majang Diary, Дневник Захватывающих Приключений, المغامرة و اليومية المزعجة, 波澜万丈日记, 波瀾萬丈日記
Yoo Ha Jin
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, School Life, Comedy, Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi
Year: 2005
Status: 35 completed

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