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The Paranoid Boy Is Here To Steal Your Heart


“If you dare to escape, I will ruin the world!” “If you don’t escape, I’m good!” Bo Yucheng’s eyes were deep, staring at the fairy who tried to escape, and immediately got two marriage certificates, “Now, if you If I dare to escape illegally, I will use legal means to catch you back.” The girl nodded with a peck of rice. Since then, Lord Bo has become addicted to his wife and protects his wife as a demon. But there are rumors in the world that Mrs. Bo is stupid, stupid, humble, and ugly, and is not worthy of the favor of Mr. Bo. As a result, billions of fans around the world are unhappy, “Who dares to beep our goddess?”

The world-class medical research institute jumped, “Who is blind and despise our heirs?” Even the top wealthy Shida Shaodu was furious, “I heard that someone would dare to look down on our daughters of the Shi family?” Everyone questioned their faces and looked at the noble and honorable girl in various fields in shock. The boy was about to return his wife to his arms, his lips twitched lightly, “Who would dare to mess with my wife…get it to death.”

The Paranoid Boy Is Here To Steal Your Heart
Associated Names: 偏执薄爷又来偷心了
Shui Lan’an
Genres: Novels, Martial Arts, Cultivation
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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