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Aflame Inferno


Kang Shichan is a withdrawn high school student who finds himself unwillingly in the middle of a battle between demons. Severely injured and on the verge of death, the demon Inferno is forced to merge with the boy in order to survive. Together, they achieve victory and quickly realize that their merger is almost final. Their only chance of ever being separated would be to shut down the 1000 Invento Hells and find the true Resurrection spell. Will Kang Schichan be up to it? Will he be able to combine class homework and battles with demons?

Aflame Inferno
Associated Names: 불꽃의 인페르노, Honoo no Inferno, 불꽃의 INFERNO, 烈炎地狱, 烈火圣狱, 炎のインフェルノ, Пылающий ад, Пламя Инферно, Inferno of Flame, Hỏa Vương, Flame’s Inferno, Fire Prison, Bulnoriui Imperreuno, A Flame Inferno
Im Dal-Young
Genres: Fantastique, Drame, Surnaturel, Démons, Ecchi, Action, Aventure, Romance, Harem
Year: 2006

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