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Afterschool Charisma


At St Kleio Academy the entrance fee is very exclusive. The prestigious institution only welcomes clones of famous historical figures: Beethoven, Elizabeth I, Freud, Napoleon or Hitler. Asked to excel in the disciplines where their models shone, they ignore everything the reason for their existence. Among them, only one anomaly, the young Shiro Kamiya, a very ordinary teenager. While the high school student tries with great difficulty to integrate into the midst of his illustrious comrades, John Kennedy, the first clone to leave the academy, is assassinated. Is a clone doomed to relive the fate of its model? What means does he have to escape his fate?

Afterschool Charisma
Associated Names: 放課後のカリスマ, Afterschool Charichuma, Hōkago no Charisma, Houkago no Karichuma
Suekane Kumiko
Genres: Suspense, Drama, Mystery, School Life, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Psychology, Thriller, Cloning
Year: 2008
Status: N/A

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