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Kinichirô Imamura, is a senior high school student. The year will soon end. Given his character and his appearance, he could not make friends in his 3 years in high school. Kinichirô begins to wonder how his life as a high school student would have been if he had made different choices. Especially when Usami (the president) asked her to join the supporters’ club. As the club has been dissolved, Kinichirôse says he should go take a look at the local before leaving.

It was then that he met one of his classmates, Akatsuki, who was expecting her boyfriend. She started running when she saw Kinichir. This one wants to catch up with her, it is then that Akatsuki falls down the stairs. Kinichirô wants to catch up with her but he also falls. When he wakes up, he finds himself 3 years ago, on his first day in high school. Thinking it’s a dream, he decides to go join the supporters’ club. And so he meets Usami again, but this time he accepts his proposal. (Mn)

Associated Names: アゲイン!!, 어게인!!, Ещё разок!, Yeniden!!, 重来一次, Agein, ย้อนเวลากลับมาป่วน, Muli!!
Kubo Mitsurou
Genres: Drama, School Life, Supernatural, Slice Of Life, Comedy, Club, Friendship, Romance, Adolescence, Time Travel
Year: 2011

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