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Ageku No Hate No Kanon


Since a cloud of aliens descended on our planet, an endless rain has fallen on Tokyo. Since then, humanity has lived separated in two: those who live on the surface, and privileged refugees underground. Kanon, a young woman who works in a small cafe, is among those on the surface. Beneath her fragile looks, she actually hides a unique character to say the least: despite the situation in the world, her only concern is Sosuke Sakai, the man she has loved in vain since high school. Will an unexpected reunion allow him to finally conquer the heart of his idol? Nothing is less certain… Because Sosuke, a true national hero engaged in the fight against the invasion of the “frosts”, is moreover a married man… Will Kanon have the courage to run after this forbidden love?

Ageku No Hate No Kanon
Associated Names: あげくの果てのカノン, Kanon au bout du monde, And He Arrived at the Kanon, 我的单恋比世界危机更重要, Kanon in the End, 我的單戀比世界危機更重要, 급기야 캐논
Yoneshiro Kyo
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Post-Apocalyptic, Romance, Aliens, Sci-Fi, Aliens, Melancholy
Year: 2015
Status: N/A

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