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Strip Agence Hardy


In the 1950s, a detective agency investigated the world of perfumers and scientists. In the 12th arrondissement, Edith, a beautiful woman in her forties, runs the Hardy agency, inheritance issues, etc. Like Léo Malet, Christin and Goetzinger chose Paris and the 1950s for the setting of this three-part plot, and precisely the 12th arrondissement … We therefore walk in the human and urban setting of a perfectly recreated capital, which it is a question of clothing appearances – concierge in hair, hanging on his broom; men in hats or bourgerons; young women in vaporous negligee or in a suit very below the knee … -, automobiles (the first DS are beginning to compete with the Vedettes), monuments – including the famous lions of the Félix-Eboué place, the Saint-Courtyard Emilion, now missing; or the courtyards of the Faubourg Saint-Antoine.

Comic strip Agence Hardy
Associated Names:
Goetzinger Annie
Genres: manga
Year: 2001

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