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Marriage: Mansao’s Husband is Necrotic


The half-sister did not want to marry the rumored ugly and inhumane fiancé, so her biological mother knelt down and begged her: “Your sister deserves something better. You can help her.” She was ashamed, and married instead of her sister.

On the wedding night, the handsome man frowned and looked at her: “It’s so ugly.” She thought the two would respect each other like ice from now on, but unexpectedly, he overwhelmed her directly: “No matter how ugly, she is also my woman.” She stared at him with a stare at him. : “You, you can’t…” The man stripped off her layers of disguise, looked at her originally beautiful face, smiled evilly: “It seems that we all have misunderstandings about each other.”

Marriage: Mansao’s Husband is Necrotic
Associated Names: 顶级宠婚:闷骚老公坏死了
Building Little Italy
Genre(s): romance, novel
Year: N/A

List of Chapters:

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