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Chapter 10 In the elevator, presumptuous

Her big watery eyes spied on the man who walked into the elevator from time to time. When she noticed the moment they met his eyes, she hurriedly lowered her head and hurriedly pressed the number ‘1’ key.

The elevator started, Yu Aotian slowly raised his head and looked at a monitoring system in the corner…

control room.

“Ah oh, Aotian is really alert, obviously I have turned off the warning light, but he found it out, it’s boring. I close it, I close it. Big brother, don’t you stare at others, okay? I’m afraid.” In front of the computer screen, Long Qi glanced helplessly at the surveillance screen, who had been staring at her Yu Aotian, and shut down the surveillance system.

“Cut, I can’t watch your’performance’, can I watch the movie? At least Teacher Cang is much’bigger’ than your heroine.” After finishing with a smirk, he opened the drawer and took out a collection The disc was quickly inserted into the computer…in the


Seeing that the monitoring system was completely shut down, Yu Ao Tian Xie Xie smiled, and slowly turned her gaze to Yao Yao, who turned her back to her: “What is your name?”

“Ah?” She froze and turned stiffly: ” Sir, are you talking to me?”

“Heh, is there anyone else in the elevator?” I ca

n’t help but have a ghost. “My name is Luo Yao… Yao!”

When she finished speaking the last word of her name, the elevator suddenly stopped. Yaoyao’s eyes widened in panic: “What happened?”

“Oh, the elevator seems to be broken.”

Looking at the man’s helpless expression, Yaoyao’s brows were almost twisted together. Did the elevator break down after giving your name? Is she so lethal? “What to do? Let’s call someone to help.”

Call someone to help? How could it work, how could he tell this little thing to escape so easily? “You don’t need to call people. It is estimated that rescuers will come in a while. Let’s sit down for a’rest meeting’.”

“Well, that’s fine.” They sat down against the elevator wall.

“Yaoyao, right? How

old are you this year?” “19 years old.”

” I’m only 19 years old, no wonder it looks so young.” When he finished saying this, the evil light in his eyes seemed to deepen a little Minute. “Why did you guess we were from the public relations department the first day you came to work?”

Khan, can she say they look like they work in the public relations department? “I’m just trying my luck and my luck.”

“Oh, it turned out to be so, you are so lucky, Yao! Yao!” After

receiving the praise from the man, Yaoyao became embarrassed and felt more and more. He was gentle and amiable: “Hehe, this is what I should do.”

She was just happy, she didn’t notice at all, Yu Aotian who was constantly approaching herself and… the lonely expression on his face .

Right , Yaoyao.” Lifting her head and looking to the right, she found that the man was almost sitting side by side with herself. Subconsciously moved his body: “What, what’s the matter?”

“Have you tried to do it in the elevator…”

Ah? what? Did he say…

impossible, how could such a man of grace and elegance say such vulgar words? She must have heard it wrong. “You, what are you talking about, sir?”

“Didn’t you understand? Then I’m repeating it…” At

the moment that, Yu Aotian’s face sank, and finally removed all the pretense and restored the book It should belong to his domineering and evil spirit: “I want to do it with you in the elevator!”

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