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Chapter 2 Blind date

The beautiful piano sound in the elegant luxury restaurant is soothing and soft, everything is pleasing to the supreme enjoyment. On the corner of the deck, an apple-faced girl looks out the window and sees the person coming The smile whispered: “Bei, here!”

A pair of suspender shorts, set off her beautiful figure, chestnut wavy long hair high up, elegant in youth, dark brown sunglasses cover her smart Both eyes attracted many people’s attention when they came in, but the girl didn’t care, walked towards the apple-faced girl, took off her glasses, and Bemy couldn’t help but ridicule: “OK, Cheng Cheng, you are not always fast food People, it’s a waste of time to eat, and it’s enough to fill up your stomach. When do you come to eat

in such a serious place?” “It’s not that I’m going to eat here, it’s Director Jiang’s appointment.” It was only after she changed her. I don’t come here to eat, it’s not that I can’t afford it, I just feel like a waste of time.

“That old lady who wants to introduce you to the target all day long?” Bemy drank a glass of cold water in one breath and felt much more comfortable.

“Bei, don’t say Director Jiang that way.”

“Yes, yes.” Bemy felt strange. “Director Jiang asked you to eat, why did you call me.”

“You didn’t complain about me not asking you to eat last time, I immediately had another experiment, maybe ten days and a half months were not available, and I had the time to eat together.”

“Cheng Cheng, dare to love me, Bemy, was it just because you saved you so much time?” She was angry, not really angry with Cheng Cheng. She had been a buddy for so many years. She didn’t know that she had experimented with it. It was simply not recognized by the six relatives. Fortunately, Cheng Yu’s child was smart and would have been himself early Taking care of himself, every time his unconscionable old lady forgot to cook because of the experiment, he would call her godmother for help.

Cheng Chenggang wanted to say a few good things. A man in a suit sat across from him. His hair was not bad. He wore meticulous hair. He wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose. : “Is this Miss Cheng Cheng?”

Cheng Cheng nodded, and Bemy next to her ran into her hand, and whispered, “Do you know?”

“I don’t know.”

The man leaned on the back of the chair and ordered a cup of coffee: “Hello, I’m Renault.”

Bemy squinted her eyes and gave a bad impression to the man who seemed to give a name as if someone would know who he was. Cheng Cheng’s face was blank, she definitely did not know the man in front of her, but out of politeness, she reported her name: “Hello, my name is Cheng Cheng.” The

man frowned: “You don’t know who I am?”

“Excuse me We should know who you are, sir?” Bemy glanced, feeling that the man was arrogantly helpless.

For bemiparin men’s attitude is not angry, Lile skirts, since that dashing smile:. “Hello, I’m a little east of the Reye’s business, but also of the Miss Cheng Cheng blind date,”

“blind date “

” Blind date!”

Bemy sternly glanced at the innocent face, pretending to be innocent, you better explain it to me!

Cheng Cheng shook his head innocently, I really don’t know.

Bemy held her forehead and felt a little pain in her head, and asked Cheng Cheng in a low voice: “What did you do when Director Jiang asked you to eat?”

“I have found new bacteria during the experiment.” Speaking of her test results, Cheng Cheng Xiaoxiao was complacent, and Bemy squinted and looked down.

Therefore, their Miss Cheng Cheng patronized her lovely bacteria and completely ignored Director Jiang’s words. At the end, she only heard one sentence and ate at the Kaili Hotel at noon.

“What now?” Cheng Cheng whispered to Bemy.

Bemy also expressed helplessness: “It’s a good meal to eat at first glance, order food, choose expensive ones!” After

a meal, Bemy was really fed up with the arrogance on the opposite side, Cheng Cheng didn’t care about it In order to eat, the man on the opposite side only brags about how powerful he is, how powerful his company is. With his property, it is not enough to catch a boat ticket in 2012.

At the end of lunch, Cheng Cheng and Bemy were relieved at the same time, packing things and leaving, suddenly there was a little commotion in the restaurant, Cheng Cheng looked back, and the three men stepped into the restaurant through the promenade of the hotel , The headed man is saying something to the people around him, the confident face with a confident look, that does not have to deliberately act with arrogance of the aura of the world, and it naturally becomes the focus when it appears. Cheng Cheng took a look at it and packed his backpack. In the afternoon, he sent the utensil back to the institute. At this moment, he slipped. The transparent but green glassware slipped out of her hand and was in the air. I rolled it twice: “Ah, my bacteria!”

Yue Du was originally explaining things in Thailand, and suddenly heard a scream, followed by a transparent glassware floating in front of his eyes, and a woman suddenly He rushed, the conditioned reflex caught the woman who was about to fall, and the fast-falling vessel in one hand. The almost impossible action, in one go, was so handsome that he couldn’t help screaming.

Straighten the woman, exchange the utensils for her, Yueduo continued to walk forward, Cheng Cheng looked at it for a while, then carefully put the utensils in the backpack.

But the man on the opposite side seemed to be unhappy. He should be unhappy, because he was the only victim of the series of handsome actions. Yue’s only action was too big, and he overturned the glass on his table, all spilled on him. High-end leather shoes. Not to mention the jealousy of a woman is terrifying, the jealousy of a man is even more incredible, not to mention that he is an arrogant man who suddenly makes another man appear suddenly and grabs his limelight. , Only two months to catch up with Yue Yue, who was already waiting for the car at the door, and was stopped by two seemingly men beside him before he approached him.

Judging from Cheng Cheng’s direction, the man named Renault was very angry and was talking about something, and despite the obstruction of the two men, he wanted to get close to the trousers pocket with both hands, even if he stood casually, he was so outrageous the man. But obviously he was not very successful. Renault seemed to insist on asking the man to apologize, but later came back gray, and no one else saw. From the perspective of Cheng Cheng, they just saw that when Renault was about to break the block, they The gun in his clothes was exposed, and he got on a long Lincoln.

“Cheng Cheng, what is the man’s origin?”

“How do I know.”

That’s right, after watching the lively Bemy, he asked casually, “What about my son?”

Cheng Cheng, who was halfway out of the way, suddenly stopped and shouted, “Oh, I forgot to pick up Cheng Yu at the kindergarten. “

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