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Chapter 3 Last night was not a dream?

The next day – the sunlight outside the window was like a golden awn, seeping through the glass window, as if covering the whole room with a layer of warm tulle.

Su Li woke up with a headache.

what’s the situation?

Is this the feeling of a hangover? But this is too uncomfortable.

Su Li rubbed his painful eyebrows, but suddenly, last night’s picture, frame by frame like a movie, came out of his head.

Isn’t it?

Su Li was shocked and quickly opened the quilt and looked at herself.

Complete and complete.

She let out a long breath, but it was just a dream.

But is this dream too real?

Could it be that I was really stimulated by Lu Chenjiu and Xiao Saner yesterday?

However, I have to say that the man in her dream looks really beautiful.

Although hidden in the dark, he could not see his facial features, but the man’s dark eyes like abyss in the dream made her remember deeply and memorably.

When Su Li lifted the quilt and got out of bed, he froze for a moment when he stepped barefoot on the carpet.

Did you sleep in bed yesterday? Moreover, this is the master bedroom on the second floor, right? But when did she go upstairs? When did the master sleeper come? Why did she have no impression at all?

She actually broke the film!

Sure enough, this wine is really not casual.

Su Li tidied himself up at random, and hurried out of the villa.

I walked too fast, so I didn’t notice the silver-gray suitcase left in the bedroom.

Zurich decided to move to the house where he lived.

Although, since the marriage, she and Lu Chenjiu have already separated. This family has never set foot in Lujiajiu for several years, but it was once their new house.

Staying now, but just to block yourself!

She plans to go to Chi Nian’s rental house to squeeze her.

In fact, this abnormal marriage between her and Lu Chenjiu was considered to be separated. She had been separated for a few years. The relationship between husband and wife was gone. The relationship was not recognized by the law anymore. He went his own way.

But she was not reconciled.

At ten o’clock in the morning, Su Li returned home to pack up his luggage, but he didn’t think about it, but suddenly there were more people at home.

It was that few years who came to her, her rare husband, Lu Chenjiu.

Perhaps, to be more precise, he should have been called an ex-husband.

At this moment, he was sitting on the sofa in the hall boredly reading the magazine on the table, wasting time.

His face was cold and his brows were deep, until he saw Su Li enter the door, his tight lip line seemed to be loosened a bit, but his face was always cold and lukewarm.

Su Li froze and paused. “It’s really rare. I still have leisure to remember me.”

After that, he walked over to prepare to go upstairs.

His wrists were grasped hard.

Lu Chenjiu looked up at her, and her dark eyes seemed to be stained with a little tired scarlet. “I will let her take the child.” When

referring to the child between him and the woman, Zurich had a pain in his chest, like being pointed. Needle pierced.

She shook off Lu Chenjiu’s hand angrily, “That’s something between you, it has nothing to do with me!”

Go upstairs.


Lu Chenjiu got up and pulled her.

“What is this?”

Lu Chenjiu caught the trace on her shoulder at a glance.

The angry Martian child seems to be coming out at any time.

“What is it?”

Su Li was a little ignorant.

Until she saw a trace on her shoulder, she shuddered and her pupils enlarged at a rapid rate.


Zurich was unexpected.

So, that dream last night…not just a dream? !

“Are you fooling around with a man?”

Lu Chenjiu asked her.

The thick scarlet crawled into the dark pool of Lu Chenjiu little by little.

He pinched Sulli’s neck angrily, “Tell me, are you fooling around with men?”

Seeing his raging anger at the bottom of his eyes, at that moment, Sulli felt a sense of revenge.

He was strangled by his neck and he couldn’t breathe.

Her face was flushed, “You scumbag with flowers, what qualifications do you have to question me? Also, Lu Chenjiu, I remind you that only the property issue between us is not clear. Now!”


Lu Chenjiu pinched Su Li’s strength, getting heavier and heavier.

The scarlet eyes seemed to have been impregnated with blood.

Zurich felt that she would suffocate at any time.

Suddenly, the man in front pushed her away.

“Suli, you are so cheap!” The

sneer was immersed in disgust and contempt that could not be concealed, but the eyes seemed to flash a little pain.

“I must be crazy before I wait for you all night! But Zurich, are you worthy?”

He finished, turned away, and left without looking back.

The door slammed with a thump.

The huge villa was left alone in Zurich.

She shuddered in cold and burst into tears.

If last night was not just a dream, then the future of her and Lu Chenjiu…

no, they already have no future at all.

Zuli returned to the bedroom upstairs and the first thing was to take a bath.

Su Li wiped his dirty body with a towel, but the dream in his muddy head kept coming up from last night.

Inwardly, I was full of guilt and regret.

In the end, she turned herself into Lu Chenjiu’s kind.

He came out after taking a shower and was about to pack his luggage, and the cell phone that had just been charged rang.

“Sister, you can finally listen to the phone.” The

caller was Su Li’s sister, Su Wei.

“Why? I just took a shower.”

Su Li held the phone in his ear and continued to organize his clothes.

“I really have something to ask for your help. Will you take a rest this weekend? Can you help me take a part-time job?”

Because the father of the two of them was gambling badly and owed a debt of gambling, Su Wei was used to working part-time while studying at the university.

“You’re not graduating soon, why are you still doing part-time work? The papers are not busy?”

Su Li said quite a bit about Su Wei’s part-time work, but most of them were because of her distress.

“Well, sister, I promise the last time, Today this work, but a bad fat, not not do.”

“What is the difference between fat ah?”

“It’s easy, is for a child to open a kindergarten parents on the line “

” What kind of work is this?” Sulli didn’t dare to compliment, “You are doing it for abuse.”

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