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Chapter 3 my boyfriend

When Cheng Cheng and Bemiparin hurried kindergarten, Cheng Yu had not seen the silhouette, Cheng Cheng anxious cry: “Tony, I again lost Xiaoyu, how to do.”

“Do not cry Xiaoyu is so smart, you must go home by yourself. Don’t worry.”

Cheng Cheng answered the phone, Cheng Cheng answered the phone. . . The cute male voice, with helplessness, came from Cheng Cheng’s mobile phone, and that was the ringtone Cheng Yu recorded for her, because she always didn’t answer the phone.

Cheng Cheng I saw a home number, pick up immediately: “? Xiaoyu”

“Hi Hi” male voice on the phone as helpless cute, the phone suddenly hung up, Cheng Yu looked busy tone telephone,!! Hang up.

Unsurprisingly, ten minutes later his mother rushed home and kicked the door open. Cheng Yu’s newly developed alarm program had come to an end. He turned his head and hadn’t had time to see clearly. The person was already held by Cheng Cheng In his arms, Cheng Yu saw that Mommy Bemidgan was holding the door frame and vomiting violently. It took at least half an hour for the kindergarten to arrive at home. His mommy came back in ten minutes, and must have come back all the way, watching with sympathy Mommy Bemy, he sighed: “Mom, are you crying again?”

“No! There is no one else!” I didn’t admit that I was killed, and I couldn’t lose face in front of Xiao Chengyu.

“I knew that you must have forgotten to pick me up again, but I didn’t want to wait in the boring kindergarten, so I went home.”

“I promise I won’t forget it next time.”

Which one do you not guarantee? Cheng Yu rolled his eyes, not knowing how long his mum would hold him like this, and his program was written in one step.

Cheng Cheng wiped away his tears, his eyes really settled on the computer spread out on Cheng Yu’s desk, and looked at it for a long time: “Cheng Yu, your formula is wrong, it should be greater than or equal to the end.”

“Is it?” Cheng Yu broke free In Cheng Cheng’s arms, fat tutu’s fingers began to strike on the keyboard again, impossible, he has checked three times.

Cheng Yu found it, and Cheng Cheng assuredly entered his laboratory. Cheng Yu checked his program wrongly. At this point, he never doubted his mom’s IQ, so no one had time to ignore it. Bemy, who was holding the door and vomiting.

The embarrassed Bemy vomited, screamed in the sky, I Bemy no matter how bad you are, you don’t believe it

Just scold, if not so.

After spending a month in the laboratory, Cheng Cheng, who had barely left the laboratory except for eating, sleeping and washing, was in a very bad mood at this moment. For one reason, her efficiency has never been so slow. Why? Because of the damn phone, Cheng Yu, who couldn’t stand the harassment, moved the phone directly to her laboratory, he was clean, but she didn’t have the mind to continue her experiment, it would ring in three or five minutes, The whole thing was like a fierce bell at midnight. She couldn’t bear to answer the phone: “Mr. Renault, what the hell do you want!”

“Oh.” The other party seemed unable to hear Cheng Cheng’s anger, “I just wanted to invite dinner tonight “

” Did I agree, wouldn’t you be calling?”


“Okay, time and place?”

Cheng Cheng stepped out of the laboratory and took off his white coat. Cheng Yu looked surprised. The uncle was really amazing. He could let the mom who had not finished the experiment out of the laboratory. Although he didn’t like the uncle very much, he admired him a little in his heart.

“Xiaoyu, you go to Granny Xiao’s house to eat at night. Mommy has something to go out.”

“Is that uncle who has been calling? Does he want to be my daddy?”

Cheng Cheng washed his face, and his jeans were short The t-shirt went to the door and changed shoes: “Of course not.”

“If he calls you to propose to you next time you do the experiment, maybe you will compromise. Cheng Cheng, I hope you can stick to your stand.”

“of course.”

The door closed, and Cheng Yu happily picked up the phone: “Professor grandpa, my mom is not at home, you can send a car to pick me up, yeah, okay.”

Cheng Cheng rushed to the Rankin club that Renault said Just stepping into the door with one foot, the welcoming lady greeted her: “Miss, please show your VIP certificate.”

Cheng Cheng discovered that the people in and out of the suit were all high-ranking people in suits and leather shoes. There are two holes in the knees of my jeans, it doesn’t look like a rich man. No wonder they will be stopped.

“Oh! Cheng Cheng.”

Hearing the voice, Cheng Cheng turned around and saw that Renault was still dressed like last time. It looked like he was wearing a RMB. Renault looked up and down Cheng Cheng: “How do you wear it like this? Come out.”

“So what should I wear.” She felt good, just comfortable.

“This is the most noble club in the city, and the minimum annual consumption is 5 million to become a customer here. People who come and go here are people of high society. How do you get in like this.” Renault looked at Cheng Cheng in disapproval. .

Cheng Cheng pouted, she said that it was a waste of time to eat, but also to spend time picking clothes, too troublesome: “Then we will eat in another place.”

“Oh, of course not, I have already set a seat. I will take you to buy first Clothes.”

“No need!”

Without giving Cheng Cheng a chance, Renault dragged Cheng Cheng into the brand-name clothing store opposite. Reynolds picked a lot of clothes, because she was dressed like Cheng Cheng last time, so she had to do him. Of course, Renault’s women should not be shabby. The female staff looked at Cheng Cheng with some contempt. Most of them were envious and jealous. Cheng Cheng did not care. When checking out, Renault took out his credit card and was rejected by Cheng: “

Take out the card from the ticket holder and hand it to the clerk. There are hundreds of thousands of clothes in that pile of clothes. Is this woman paying? With a good mood, she didn’t wait for Renault to stop holding the card to check out.” When she came back, the female clerk could not believe it, and her expression became very strange: “Miss, please sign a name. This is your card.”

Packing everything, Cheng Cheng wrote an address: “Help me get my clothes here, thank you.”

Cheng Cheng, who walked out of the store wearing a black dress, felt awkward, but had to admit that Renault’s vision was very Good, black thin shoulder straps and knee dresses set off her beautiful figure, long hair that was originally coiled up was put down, draped behind her, if the original Cheng Cheng was young and delicate, then now there is one more The share is tender and touching.

After entering the club and ordering the meal, Cheng Cheng couldn’t help but say: “Mr. Reynolds, forgive me, I really can’t understand, why did you invite me to dinner.”

“Cheng Cheng, I think my expression is already obvious, I am I’m pursuing you.”


“Speaking of it, you’re pretty good, you are smart, you have won many scientific awards, and you have a face. The most important thing is that you are very challenged and rejected me so many times. “The woman didn’t stick to Renault, he felt bored of those women. The woman in front of him gave him the interest to conquer.

It turned out to be because of this. “Mr. Reynolds, I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to refuse you. If I knew this was the case, I should have eaten this meal the first time you called. Maybe I will have less trouble.” She is good Tangled.

“Oh, they all said you were a little stuffy, but I thought you were funny. Does that mean I already started to like you a little bit?”

“Mr. Reynolds, sorry I may not be able to accept your kindness.”

“Why? “

Because I already have a boyfriend.” God should forgive her for lying, because she forgives God for finding such a man to toss her.

“It’s impossible. I have investigated you. There are no men around you.” Renault was confident.

headache. Cheng Cheng saw a familiar man walking across from him, and suddenly he was alive, and when the man passed by their table, he snuggled up: “Dear, why are you here.”

She sweetly said to the dumbfounded Renault: “Just introduced to you, this is my boyfriend, dear, this is Renault.”

Yue Duyi’s beautiful eyebrows frowned, searching all the impressions about this woman in memory, Then, silence, the day water and Qingya behind did not know how to deal with it, the young master did not speak, and it was better not to do it for the time being.

Yue Duyi obviously felt that his hand holding him was sweating a little, and his smiling face began to feel unnatural. Then he glanced at Reynolds and grabbed the journey with one hand. Reynolds looked at his movements and thought he was the default. The man’s face made him want to do it without losing grace: “Hello, I’m Renault, Lei’s Shaodong.”

Yue Du looked at his outstretched hand and didn’t mean to hold it up, hug Cheng Cheng went outside. During the day, Shui and Qingya were surprised that the young master had just walked around the woman in such a hug and kept up.

Reynolds withdrew his stiff hand, his mouth twitched uncontrollably, and watched Cheng Cheng taken away by the man, got into the car, he drank a glass of ice water, and then depressed a bit of anger, casually pulled a waiter: “Just left Who is the man going out?” The

male waiter’s polite lower body: “Sorry, we are keeping the information of the supreme member confidential.” The supreme member, the Rankine Club only issued two supreme membership cards, the man It turned out to be one of them, what is the origin!

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