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Chapter 5 Xiaoao Jiao is so cute

The first question is to buy early.

The subject separately marked the price of various types of breakfast early and asked how much it would cost to buy four steamed buns.

Lu Jingchen replied: 0.25X4=1 (Yuan)

This answer has nothing wrong.

The question asked again: What do you want to buy? How much will it cost?

His answer was actually: I have already eaten breakfast at home, so I don’t buy it and spend a total of 0 yuan.

Su Li: “…”

The answer is good and willful.

Next is the ancient poem filling sentence.

Zurich could not help but read out directly, “two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, a line of egrets on the Western Paradise ??” “comparative

study, started fifteen ??”



The third is the practice of language.

It’s about the idea that a parent has a second child, and asks the children what they want to communicate with their parents. His answer is concise: “I don’t want my brother or sister because I want to swallow my dad’s property.”

“… “

Great ambition!

I don’t know. I thought he had a throne to fight for!

After reading Su Li, she couldn’t help crying, laughing, and turned down again.

It’s really strange that his parents watched it.

After paying an apology for nearly half an hour, he said it was dry, so Su Li was finally relieved.

The little devil walked in front of him carrying a Captain America schoolbag. How could he know something wrong? Su Li followed behind like a little follower.

If she hadn’t received the money, she couldn’t swallow it.

“What’s your name?” The

little devil suddenly turned back and asked her.


She responded with a ghost.

It should be over after reacting. Why should I tell him?

“Lu Jingchen, my name.”

“…I didn’t ask again.”

Besides, she already knew.

“But I just want to tell you.”

“Well, then I will barely remember.” Su Li deliberately teased him, and couldn’t help asking: “Why do you use frogs to scare classmates?”

“I didn’t Frighten him! He said that he likes to eat frogs, so I will catch one for him to play! I know he is so useless and scares the urine pants directly.”


“What about the gum necklace?”

“This Well…” The

little devil turned his face blushing, and his little nose was dissatisfied with a hum, “I wanted to send a diamond necklace, but my dad didn’t follow, he also told me that bubble gum is sweet and sweet , Girls will like it, the result…” The

result is naturally no results!

This pit baby’s dad!

The little devil kicked the stair rail with an annoyed foot, “Xiaohong said she would ignore me again.”


It’s strange to care about you! Everyone’s hair is cut and fed because of you!

Also, are you sure your dad asked you to send bubble gum, is it for you to make a necklace?

“Then you use scissors to cut someone’s piggy page?”

“It’s not because her page has no nostrils.”


“I cut two nostrils with scissors!” “How

can I know that all the cotton in my little belly ran out of my big nostrils.”

“But I will pay her a new one, and it must be nostril.”

Su Li was speechless.

Strange people!

This child is really not an easy job.

“Go! Take you home.” The

little devil stood in front of him, looking at her sideways.


He, sending himself home? Not wrong?

“I think I’ll give it to you!”

The little devil thought for a moment , and finally nodded, “Also.”

Zuli: “…” You

‘re welcome!

The little demon followed Zuli into the car.

She sits in the driver’s seat and the little devil sits in the co-pilot.

Su Li fastened his seat belt and asked him: “Where do you live?” The

little devil proudly compared his position with his chin, “Follow the Rolls-Royce Phantom in front of him.

” …”

What is the situation? !

Later, Su Li learned that the car in front of him was a special trip to pick up this little ancestor.

The car stopped in the villa area of Chengbei.

“You live here?”

Su Li was surprised.

Yesterday, she spent the night in this villa area, met a man who should not meet, made a mistake that should not be made, but did not expect to come to this ghost place again today.

The little demon jumped out of the car, “temporarily stay.”

“Come on! Go home obediently, don’t do anything in school in the future.” The

little devil’s dissatisfied “Beep” sounded, but still stood still.

“Not going back yet?” Su Li asked him.

The little demon suddenly reached out to her.


“Phone number, write this.”

His other little hand tapped his palm.

Su Li wondered, “Let’s just have

a chance, what phone number do we have left!” Although she said so on her mouth , she had already gone to the bag to write a pen.

Didn’t pull out the pen, but turned out a liquid eyeliner.

She wrote a string of numbers in the palm of the little devil.

The little demon glanced at him, and then glanced at Zuli, the ears were reddish, “Don’t think about it, I just think you are doing well today, and I will contact you again if necessary.”


This little devil Really thought she was a professional pit and could not be deceived?


The little devil turned and left.

After two steps, he paused and looked back at her.


else ? Little Zuzong, please give instructions.” “I’ll call you Susu in the future.”

Ha? ?

The overbearing little devil finished, and before Su Li responded from the consternation, he turned around and took two backpack bags in his hand, and walked into the community.

The instant noodle hair on his head shook with his footsteps, so vivid.

Looking at his back, Su Li couldn’t help but bend the corner of his mouth.

Xiaojiao, so cute!

At that moment, Su Li couldn’t help but think of his child who had left her before he could be born. If he was still alive, he might be as old as this child!

Thinking of him, Su Li couldn’t help being dumbfounded.

Soon, packed up and drove, carrying luggage to Chi Nian’s residence.

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