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Chapter 6: Where is he sacred?

Su Li and Chi Nian work in the same company and are both secretaries of the General Secretarial Office.

At eight forty, the two went to the company together.

Zuli went to park, Chi Nian took the lead in returning to the office to punch in.

Zuli stopped the car and was ready to enter.

But suddenly saw a low-key black Rolls Royce phantom, leading a group of teams to stop steadily at the company’s main entrance.

Immediately afterwards, the company’s directors and all senior executives were respected and greeted from the inside quickly and orderly.

A man in a suit and leather suit came down from the passenger’s seat and opened the rear seat door respectfully.

“Mr. Lu, please!”

A foot wearing famous leather shoes took the lead in getting off the car, and then up was a man’s straight long legs, wrapped in elegant trousers, which was even more tall and straight.

The man strode forward, and the aura was pressing.

The suit is straight, meticulous, and the clean lines reveal the coldness of refusing to be thousands of miles away.

His contours are exquisite and three-dimensional, his eyebrows are deep, his nose is high, his lips are thin and sexy, and everything is just right, as if he were from the hands of God.

Undoubtedly, his appearance caused a commotion among the company’s employees.

“Wow! Handsome guy!”

“Which side is sacred? Look, even our chairman has respected him!”

“God! This is the aphrodisiac for walking! Come, come, come in… …”

“…” The

man was surrounded by people back and forth.

Su Li looked at the man who was approaching him gradually, and there was a moment of complete handling of the crash in his mind.

Because of the beautiful face in front of her, she…had seen it!

This man is clearly the man who was crazy with her in the dream that night!

But how is it possible?

She must be dreaming?

It must have been a dream…

Her little heart paced as the man approached, and for a while, “Bump-Bump-” jumped wildly.

Just as Zurich was suffocating, the man passed her and passed her by without even stopping for half a second, leading the brigade into the presidential elevator behind Zurich.

And his eyes did not fall on her from beginning to end.

It was not until the man left, until the original air pressure was restored in the lobby on the first floor, that Su Li finally recovered.

Looking back, the elevator was already carrying the dangerous man to the 36th floor.

Su Liyu breathed a sigh of relief, only to find out that he didn’t know when, and came out in a cold sweat.

Didn’t he recognize himself just now?

It must be gone!

Just now he was so mean that he didn’t even reward her with a look.

But who is this man?

It’s not easy to come to identity! If not, even the directors of their company respect him so respectfully?

Is it a company partner? Or a corporate customer?

“Oh! I don’t want to, I don’t want to!”

Su Li shook his head.

Whatever he is! Anyway, he didn’t recognize himself, so he never thought this happened!

The elevator for the president is closed.

Lu Yanbei’s eyes fell on the floor number, and he only asked the employees behind him, “Is that girl also a company employee?”

“Mr. Lu, which one are you talking about?”

The senior man behind Lu Yanbei asked back.


He remembers the name, I don’t know which two words, but just glanced at her breastplate, I know.

“Oh, General Manager Lu should be Secretary Su. She is the General Secretary, and she has a good working ability.”

Lu Yanbei nodded slightly, saying that she understood, but she didn’t say much.

After returning to the office, Su Li only drank water vigorously, but after a full drink he still felt dry.

“What are you doing?”

Chi Nian saw that she was in a wrong situation. “Is it hitting evil?”

Suli took another drink of water from the glass before returning to her: “It’s more terrible than hitting evil!”


Chi On the shoulder of Su Li, “I just heard a big gossip, don’t you want to listen?”


“Our company is going to change owners.”


Su Li was surprised, a little unbelievable, “false Is that right? How can such a big company change owners? How can it be so easy.”

“Who knows! Anyway, everyone is so rumored, and also said that the new president will choose a private secretary in our chief secretarial office, by then The salary can be doubled, how about it? Interested?”

“If the salary doubles, I’m really interested.”

Su Like did not forget that his gambling father owed a lot of bad debts!

“I won’t argue with you, but who must get it from you.”

Chi Nian said, glancing at Qin Yan who was collecting roses and chocolates at the door, “Look! Her tyrant boyfriend gave it away The flowers are coming, I heard that her boyfriend is terrible, and it seems that she is still a relative with the new BOSS! I’m afraid that touching this secret work may be on her head. By the way, the company’s owner The news was also spread by her.”

Su Li raised her eyebrows in disapproval. “Anyway, I tried to say it again! There should always be a dream, in case of hell?”

Just like she was just downstairs. But hell!

“Here, raw chocolate, it’s very expensive, you share it!”

Qin Yan came over and filled the chocolate into Sulli’s arms, “My boyfriend specially asked someone to return by air from abroad, you also taste it Well! I’m tired of it anyway.”


A sense of sight of alms a bun.

Chi Nian took out the chocolate from Su Li’s arms and threw it in the trash can without any words. “Sorry, lose weight! Since you are tired, throw it in the trash can!”

“ You— ”

Qin Yan was discolored.

Chi Nian took Su Li back to his desk, “This Qin Yan is really a bun. If you are a young grandma of Lu’s group, I would be frightened to touch her eyes!”

“Young grandma of Lu’s group?” Come on! This identity has nothing to do with my half-cent.”

Su Li only felt ironic.

“Yes, yes! Then you quickly threw this garbage title, I can’t wait for you to get rid of Lu Chenjiu’s scumbag!”

Speaking of Lu Chenjiu, Su Li couldn’t help being dumbfounded, “Okay, stop talking, hurry up!”

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