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Chapter 7 He has no patience


“Mr. Yu, congratulations on your successful acquisition of Bosen Group. Do you have any plans for Bosen’s future development?”

“Mr. Yu, Bosen is one of the top ten enterprises in China. You are confident to develop it into Is Feng’s company the chief consortium of China that keeps pace with each other?”

“Ten years?” Facing the reporter’s question, Yu Ao Tianxie’s cold eyes flashed with arrogance: “2 years is enough!” The words fell, his elegant smile , The domineering and confident aura fascinated the female reporters present.

Yu Aotian’s subordinates took the opportunity to fence the reporters and Yu Aotian escaped.

“Boss Yu, please get in the car.” The moment he pulled down the car door, he saw the gloomy look on Yu Aotian’s face and suddenly realized that he had said something wrong: “Yu, please get in the car.”

“Oh.” Satisfied. With a smile, he stepped into a premium RV.

“Brother Aotian, congratulations, you are now China’s leading businessman.” A charming woman said coquettishly in the car.

“Minako, is this how you congratulate me?” He pulled the bow tie around his neck, and he sat beside the woman with a wicked smile.

“Oh, Brother Aotian, you are good or bad. Brother Lishang and Brother Longqi are still in the car.” The woman said, shyly glanced at the two men across the seat.

Yu Aotian frowned and grabbed the woman’s long hair: “If you don’t want to, get out of the car!” He is really not a man who has the patience to coax women.

“Ao, Brother Aotian, I’m sorry. I…I was wrong.” The woman endured the pain, and swiftly pulled off Yu Aotian’s trousers…

“Well.” He couldn’t help letting out a contented moan.

“Aotian, you are not so hungry that you want to solve the problem in front of me and Lishang?” At this time, Long Qi on the opposite side smirked and opened his mouth.

Yu Aotian frowned, who is to blame? He almost ate the little lamb, but there was news that Chairman Bosen agreed to sign the contract. He could only rush to China overnight to sign the contract. Of course, the’fire’ that had been holding back all night had to be vented immediately. “Long Qi, shut your mouth if you don’t want to die.”

“Cut.” Seeing him get angry, Long Qi immediately became honest.

‘Ling…Ling…’ After a long while, the phone rang suddenly, and Han Lishang picked it up and handed it to Yu Aotian, who had finished venting and was finishing his clothes.

Listening to the report on the phone, his contented expression was gradually banned with anger: “You trash can’t even look at a little girl! What are you eating?!” He threw the phone out, clenching his fist and hammering it hard. On the car window.

The people in the car couldn’t help being shocked.

“Oh, what’s the matter, Brother Aotian is so angry, can you tell Minako?” The woman leaned in his arms.

Who knows, but being pushed away by Yu Aotian, waving his hand is a slap in the face: “Don’t think that after sleeping with me once, you can claim to be my woman, in this world…no one can truly become my Yu Ao A woman of heaven!”

“Aotian, brother?” The woman’s eyes were full of innocence.

At this time, Long Qi frowned impatiently: “Woman, you are so annoying.” He opened the door of the fast-moving car, and before the woman begged for mercy, he grabbed the woman’s long hair and kicked her out of the car mercilessly.

“Aotian, very important girl?” Han Lishang asked coldly in the car finally calmed down.

His unusually handsome face slowly looked out of the car window, and his deep eyes were covered with a dark luster. After a long while, he whispered softly: “Very…important…”

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