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Chapter 7 He is actually an uncle

Today is the 80th birthday of Father Lu.

He is the grandfather of Lu Chenjiu and the chief founder of Lu Group.

And he is the only person in the Lu family who really treats Zurich well.

Su Ligang ready to go, LI Wen’s mother received a phone, “Zurich, if you do not want your grandfather on the eightieth birthday last breath and swallow, that morning thing, you’d better mention in front of him!”

Zurich Lengheng.

It turned out that Li Wenjuan was also afraid.

“Also, Chen Jiu’s uncle is back, you let Chen Jiu come back earlier, don’t be late!”

Su Li narrowed his eyebrows.

Lu Chenjiu’s uncle, Lu Yanbei?

He returned?

I heard that this uncle who never met, although only 32 years old, has created one business legend after another in the European economic market.

When the media write about him, they always use words like’blue is better than blue’,’treacherous wind and cloud’,’Iron Blood Wrist’,’mysterious and unpredictable’ and so on.

There is a fiancée who has been in contact for many years. The two have had a son together, but for some reason, he has not been married.

The appearance of this young uncle is said to be even more beautiful.

Speaking of the Lu family, I have to mention that although it is a wealthy family, it is not a thriving person.

The old man had two sons under his knees. His eldest son was Lu Chenming’s father Lu Yanming. He had been in charge of the Lu Group for many years. Sorry to become a vegetative who can’t sleep.

And the second son of the old man is this mysterious and treacherous Lu Yanbei.

To be honest, for him, not only is Zurich, all other Lu family members know very little about him, and even some people reported that Lu Yanming was killed by him.

However, the rumors are only rumors in the end, and two years have passed, there is still no final conclusion on this matter.

But I don’t know if he came back this time or not.

When Zurich drove to Luzhai, there were already many people sitting in the main hall.

The old man was sitting in the front seat in front of the screen. Although he was old and his hair was white, he was radiant and full of energy, and he could see that he was in a good mood today.

Su Li hurried forward to present a gift to his old man, “Grandpa, happy birthday, I wish you a blessing like the East China Sea, and Shoubi Nanshan.” Li Wenjuan

sitting to the right of the old man interjected, “Su Li, you said you did What’s the use of these bells and whistles? Your grandfather’s only wish now is to let you add a little great-grandson to him, but you look at you, how many years have it been since our Lu family, but my stomach hasn’t moved at all, really Don’t be disappointed!”

Su Li knew that her mother-in-law told the old man deliberately.

But fortunately, the old man didn’t buy her account. “Wen Juan, it’s useless for you to complain about Xiaoli, Chen Jiu? I don’t think he’s going to go to those gossip weekly recently, what’s wrong? You have to forget Grandpa’s birthday?”

“How can that be? He must be here soon.”

Li Wenjuan lost his smile.

But I was also anxious in my heart, why did my son still not show up.

Today is the birthday of the old man. The point is that Lu Yanbei, the younger son of the old man, is back. He will never come back to the old man to honor the filial piety. I am afraid that this inheritance right will really be left by others.


Suddenly, an arrogant little breast sounded in the hall.


This sound sounds familiar!

Su Li looked down the sound source, and saw a milky white baby trotting towards her carrying a Captain America bag.

“…Little devil?”

Su Li was surprised. “Why are you here?”

Today’s little devil is actually wearing a little black suit with a delicate pin on his neck Small bow tie.

Not to mention, it’s a real gentleman!

Little Devil Bianco head and looked at her, round yo big shiny black eyes, “That the fishes I ask you, how would you come to my grandparents’ home?”

“Your grandfather home?”

Zurich is more muddled, What is the situation?

“Lu Jingchen, go wash your hands and prepare for a while.”

Suddenly, a deep voice, with majesty that could not be placed in the beak, sounded not far behind Zurich.

Su Li heard that, startled.

Why does she feel this voice… inexplicably familiar? !

She looked back subconsciously, but was completely shocked when she saw the handsome face of the man on the sofa.

The brain went blank for a moment.

This… isn’t this the man who was entangled in his dream that night?

It was also a mysterious tycoon who accidentally met in the company that day.

He… where is he sacred? !

Why does it appear here today?

The man seemed to feel Su Li’s shocked eyes, so he picked up his head from the financial newspaper in his hand and looked at Su Li.

His eyes were faint, his expression calm and relaxed, as if the two had never known each other before.

It was Sulli who was staring at him and instantly lost his mind.

“Xiao Li, do you know Jing Chen?” The

old man was quite puzzled.

“Ah… yes, know.”

Su Li quickly turned back to look at the old man.

But his mind remained completely on the man behind him.

“Then do you know Yan Bei?”


Yan Bei? Which feast north? Lu Yanbei?

Little Devil seems to see Zurich panic and distress, his chin than the ratio dangerous man on the sofa, “Well, he is the feast land north, my dad!”

Last words, little devil is clearly proud Tone.

But in Zurich’s mind, there was only a “buzz–” a mechanical sound.

The old man’s voice rang in his ears, “He is the grandfather’s youngest son Yan Bei. According to seniority, Xiao Li, you have to call him a little uncle!”

Little… little uncle? !

Su Li’s body began to persevere in night sweats, especially in the dark eyes of the man who was obsessed with the dark eyes. The ambiguous scene in that night suddenly emerged from the memory like a movie.

She pestered him, screaming’husband’.

She said that she hurts, let him be gentle.

She even took the initiative…

serving him actively!

Su Li Wanwan did not expect that the stunning man who was sleeping in his sleep that day was not only the legendary commercial crocodile, but…

It is even Lu Chenjiu’s uncle! !


If she can, she would like to dig a hole and bury herself directly.

God, which drama are you singing with?

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