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Chapter 8 Departure to Italy

In the retro and luxurious study room, Yue Du sat down at the desk, looking at Xuan Yi’s report indifferently. Compared with him, other people sat quite casually.

“Young Master’s mood looks pretty good.” During the day, the water pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

Qingya glanced at Yue Duyi, and felt strange: “Why didn’t I see it.” He really wanted to learn from Tianshui about this ability to observe the mood of the young master. It was for this reason that he was always taken by Tianshui. The white fox is used as a spear. Whenever the young master is in a bad mood, he is sent to death. Anyway, Xuan Yi is always the same kind of death. The young master is cold. she goes.

Water’s eyes were still gentle during the day, but Qingya, who just turned back, did not ignore the flash of light in his eyes, and the thin lips that looked good in the water during the day slightly curled up: “I don’t know if the young master will hear this news, will his mood continue? So good.”

Qingya’s butt moved an inch unconsciously. This white fox is so terrible that even the young master dare to joke. Fox, but he won’t even leave him a bone.

Xuan Yi finished the report, and walked back to the sofa. The firm and handsome face was still indifferent. During the day, the water smiled softly to him. Xuan Yi’s cold face slightly looked up, and he found a sofa farthest from him to sit down Qingya felt that Xuan Yi could see clearly, and that the guy knew that it was better to stay away from dangerous animals.

“Master, the news from Italy, Mr. Louis was injured.”

Yue Du , who heard the news, froze at the bottom of his eyes, and could have the ability to hurt Uncle Louis: “Bei Tang Jue of the Gang Wolf?”

” Who!” Feel the person’s breath, the flying knife in Xuan Yi’s hands conditioned to reflect. At the same time, the scalpel in the sailor also flew out during the day. The two knives met in the air, and they met at the tip of Cheng Cheng’s nose and landed.

She swears that she didn’t want to eavesdrop every time, but just happened to pass by, really passed by. I don’t know if they could accept this explanation. Looking at the two knives on the ground, she suddenly felt terrified. With the scalpel, she is now estimated to be dead.

“Oh, Xuan Yi wants to be gentle with the girls next time.” Xuan Yi glanced at Xuan Yi during the day. Xuan Yi even lazily lifted her eyelids this time.

“Come here,” the

boss said, and had to do it. This is the truth summed up by Cheng Cheng, but when she remembered that she had made her boss stronger yesterday, she was burnt in a single face.

After the daytime water, his gentleman gave way, Cheng Cheng was originally grateful to the person who saved her life, but he pretended to be unintentional: “Ms. Cheng Cheng is sick, so blushing, and wearing so thick Clothes?”

Cheng Cheng raised his head subconsciously, and there were kiss marks all over her neck. She finally turned over a high collar and put it on. Although it was spring, the weather was already warm up, and she saw a seemingly absurd smile in the water during the day. Angrily made the greatest decision of her life, she hated this person! When he walked to Yuedu, he let him sit on his lap. He was able to stand by without expression, but Cheng Cheng wriggled awkwardly, and was suddenly suppressed by Yuedu. He moved closer to her ear: “Don’t move Although I like your initiative very much, I can’t do it now.”

Hearing that hoarse voice, Cheng Cheng stiffened his body and turned back mechanically: “That… Yesterday…I didn’t mean it…”

Her funny expression never seemed to tire, Yue Du sweeped the displeased mood just now: “I want to be irresponsible if I didn’t do it on purpose?”

cough. . . It’s not all about men and women. It’s because women are more disadvantaged. Why do she have to accompany her when she loses money? She wants to be brave, but. . . Responsible?

“Cough… let’s talk about peace in the world.” Without a word, I blurted out.

“Hehe.” Water laughed out loud during the day.

“Poof!” Qingya’s tea in his mouth spouted out.

Xuan Yi gave

him a disgusted look: “It’s really dirty.” Yue Duyi’s eyes are full of smiles. This girl is so funny, discussing world peace with one of the best arms dealers in the world? Then let them all drink northwest wind.

Thinking of making another low-level mistake, Cheng Cheng felt that he always short-circuited in front of this man: “What about our family Cheng Yu?” Change the subject!

“The professor took him to the Ocean Park.”

“Oh.” After

one question and answer, the room was quiet again. Cheng Cheng felt that his scalp was tingling. Men were all unlovable animals. She missed her bacteria and her microscope. .

“You go back to your room to tidy up.” I don’t know how long after that, it’s hard to hear Yue Duyi talking anyway.

“Clean up again! Where to go?” Cheng Cheng’s eyes lit up. “I can go home?”

“Go to Italy.”

Yue Du’s words broke the spark that had just lighted up in Cheng Cheng’s heart. She pouted her mouth and walked out of the study. On the one hand, he cursed with the voice that he thought he could only hear: “Duck Master!”

The three words passed into the ears of all men in the study.

“Poof!” Qingya spurted another sip of water, and Xuan Yi gave him a disgusted look again, considering that it might be safer to rely on the water during the day.

After a smile in the water during the day, I kindly reminded: “Young Master, I heard that Xie Sili is also in Italy.” After

that, the white fox even mocked the young master openly, and Qingya squeezed a sweat for the day water. Yue Du looked at the water during the day indifferently, and then said nonchalantly: “Xuan Yi, tell Zhu Yan to let go of her hand, and immediately meet in Italy.”

“Yes!” Xuan Yi immediately took out the phone.

Yue Duyi left the study slowly, ignoring the daytime water that had been unable to move.

Qingya walked to the side of the water with the tea, sighed, spike! What is a spike! Sympatheticly touched the head of the water during the day and put the finished cup in his hand, shaking his head away, hey, poor child.

“… Tianshui will also go to Italy.”

Do not know whether it was intentional or unintentional, Xuan Yi added in the last sentence, and then hung up the phone, stepped on his usual steps, did not look at the day water, and left.

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