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Chapter 9 Respect for the old

Su Li: “…”

That night, she confusedly thought that the man in front of her was her husband Lu Chenjiu, so she kept calling him “husband”.

Now I remember that Su Li had regretted that his intestines were green, and he only wanted to bite his tongue.

She deliberately ignored Lu Yanbei’s remarks and only lowered her head to explain herself: “First, I didn’t mean to seduce, I didn’t know that there was someone in the villa. Second, if I knew you were Lu Chenjiu uncle, even daring to give me one hundred, one thousand courage, so I did not dare to you. third, I Lu Chen nine and marriage has come to an end, but only the just distribution of property, the other …… “

said At this point, Zuli rolled his lips nervously, pondered, and raised his eyes to the deep hurricane-like eyes of Shanglu Yan, “In addition, I don’t think Uncle you have the right to teach me here, After all, your performance was no better than me that night. I was drunk that day, but how about you? If I remember correctly, you should be sober? Since you are sober, why should you touch me? What about it?”

“You still have reason?” Lu Yanbei raised her eyebrows dangerously.

“Don’t dare.”

Su Li lowered her head. “But I’m telling the truth.”

Speaking of this, she paused again, swallowing nervously, and muttered in a low voice: “If it’s not uncle, you… for the old I’m not respecting, I don’t think it’s such a hot day…I’m still wearing a silk scarf to go out…”

“For the old, don’t respect?”

Lu Yanbei bounced a few times with brows, “The thief’s ability to catch thieves is not small! “

Lu Yanbei said, leaning his chin slightly, his long fingers snapped open the collar of his shirt.”

Immediately, a large piece of bronze chest muscles came out.

“What are you doing?”

Su Li frightened back two steps and shyly shrugged off her face.

Lu Yanbei suddenly caught her hand, and bullied her into her arms, grabbing her chin with the other hand, forcibly breaking her small face, and letting her look directly at her chest, “Look at your own masterpiece, If those of you are’for the old but not respected’, then what about me? Are you so’respecting the old and respecting the virtuous’?”


Su Li dumbfounded.

A small face flushed instantly, like blood dripping at any time.


She was incoherent, unable to say a word.

In the end, she was standing on tiptoe because she was too shameful, and he hurriedly buckled up the buttons on his chest one by one.

Lu Yanbe glanced down at her.

She didn’t seem to expect that she would suddenly have such a stupid practice of’covering ears and stealing bells’, and the dark eyes were very deep.

The ape arm around her waist tightened.

Su Li’s face was red-eared and he wanted to break free of his hand. The door of the bathroom was pushed from outside by then.

“Dad, you lied… uh…”

Outside the door, Xiao Jingchen’s words were halted before he even said half.

Both Su Li and Lu Yanbei seemed a little surprised by the big light bulb that suddenly broke in.

However, in the face of Zuli’s frustration, Lu Yanbei appeared calm and calm.

He let go of Zurich.

Turned to his son in front of arrogance, “I have taught you, you must first knock on the door before the door?”

Small Jing Chen: “……”

Zurich: “……”

theory cheeky, Zurich serving only the budding small uncle!

At this time, I can still talk about it first.

“Dad, did you just hug Su Su?”

“No.” A

father answered with a blushing heart.

On the other hand, in Zurich, a face was already as red as cooked shrimp.

“You still quibble, I just saw it all.” The

little guy stared at his dad dissatisfiedly.

“What did you see?”

Lu Yanbei was a little unhappy about being’injustified’.

He lowered his face.

“Seeing you playing

rude to Susu!” Su Li: “…”

Can these two be quiet? Fear of not being heard?

Lu Yanbei glanced disapprovingly at the son who turned his elbow on his leg, “I am not the one who plays the barbarians.”

“Not you? Do you want to say that Su Su

played the barbarians against you?” he Do not believe it!

“Isn’t it?”

Lu Yanbei’s sharp eyes crossed his son, and finally returned to the face of Zurich.

This is clearly asking her.

Su Li pretended not to know, “That, I still have something to go, let’s go slowly, you two talk slowly.”

She hurriedly made an excuse and escaped.

A small heart is still “boom-boom-” because of tension.

I can’t think of it, what if the person who just pushed the door came in instead of Xiao Jingchen, but someone else?

Su Li clenched her lower lip.

Why does she now have the illusion of doing bad things with Lu Yanbei in front of her back? What the hell! Dying!

“Dad, why did you lie to me? Grandpa didn’t even look for me just now.”

Su Li only left, and Lu Jingchen exposed his dad’s tricks.

“Is it? That may be because I heard it wrong.” A

father copied his hands in his hands and still answered with a blush and a heartless heart.

A straight face.

The little devil squeezed his little nose in dissatisfaction, “Dad, would you like Susu too?”

Lu Yanbei raised her eyebrows slightly, “What is’ye’?”

“I like her!”

Lu Yanbe sneered. , “Your eyes are really bad.”

“This is with Dad.” The

little devil was not used to his dad, and sneered.

Lu Yanbeite wanted to kick his former son as a ball.

“Dad, you haven’t answered my question yet.”

Little Devil didn’t intend to let him go.

Lu Yanbei glanced at him contemptuously, “Don’t think about it, she is old enough to be your mother.”

“Look! You are really hitting my Susu idea!”

“I didn’t.”

“You I just said she was going to be my mother.”


Did he just mean that?

Lu Yanbei helped the amount.

Sure enough, the generation gap is really a terrible thing.

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