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Genius baby Ch.15

In the warm afternoon, the sun shone into the glass garden, and the bird’s language was light and fragrant. The leisurely daytime sailor was holding a book and drinking afternoon tea leisurely. Everyone else went out to work, but he was left to take care of it. Cheng Cheng, who was sick, started crying from the moment she left Yue Du, and it was not difficult for day water. It was really not difficult to bring, because every time she started crying again, he just took it in time She would be very well-behaved when he brought out the syringe he carried with him, so he only had to let her play on the side, and it was rare for him to take the time.

Qingya came back from the office and saw Cheng Cheng having fun with the computer. She sat next to the day water and poured herself a cup of tea: “You can enjoy it.” The

day water turned a page Book: “I don’t mind you taking my children for me, I’ll go out and do things.”

“That’s fine.” He didn’t forget that Miss Cheng Cheng was crying when he left in the morning.

“What happened to the United States?”

Qing Ya’s slender legs rested on the table, his hands behind his head: “It’s not like that, the whole east asked Bei Tang Jue to be a backer, preaching on the road that we eat black and swallow his goods. Without preaching morality, Beitang Jue dug us several lists for this reason.”

“How did Quan Dong ran that day?” The water put down the book during the day, and asked the tea cup in front of it elegantly.

“I know how you’re going to ask Hyun Yi, things he never missed before.”

During the day the water picked up the book continue to look, green sub bored eyes turn suddenly thought:. “I heard brow today to”

day Shui’s eyes did not lift up: “Then what?”

Qing Ya’s eyes were fixed behind him, and suddenly called: “Zhu Yan!”

“The same trick you thought I would be fooled twice?”

Qing Ya grinned badly. Then, an overbearing female voice sounded behind the water during the day: “Oh? What the hell are you going to tell me.”

“Hey, I remind you in advance, I missed the best escape time, don’t blame me.” Qing Ya greeted Zhu Yan, “You talk, I will take Miss Cheng Cheng out for a walk.”

With fiery red curly hair and a black stiff outfit, Zhu Yan, who belongs to Suzakudo, is just like her people. She is fierce, sharp, and domineering. At this time, her beautiful face with raised eyebrows was full of smiles: “Run away? I don’t know that Zhu Yan fell into a beast of flood in the heart of the daytime water that can be faced with no one or anything. “

During the day, put down the book, hands clasped in front of your chest: “Run? When did you see me run?”

“It doesn’t matter!” Zhu Yan shrugged. “I promised to give you a year to consider, so I applied. Transferred to South America, now one year expires, but I don’t want to know your answer, because no matter what your answer is, from now on you must be destined to be my Zhu Yan man! Unless…”

Zhu Yanyi Pull away the water-white shirt during the day, revealing

the winged Suzaku on his chest: “Unless you dig it up and break the curse of this generation!” A kiss on the cool lips, some jerky but overbearing oaths, and then retreat Open, turn around and walk away without giving the day water any right to speak and refuse, day water smiled slightly, touched the temperature that remained on the lips, for a year, they hadn’t seen it for a year, looked at him Suzaku on the chest, remembering the one year ago that Zhu Yan announced that he wanted to be his own woman, he smiled and shook his head. The legend of the Zhu family, the curse of the Bai family, the Bai family would give birth to a boy with a Suzaku totem on his chest The boy must marry the eldest daughter of the Zhu family in the future, otherwise he will die after suffering for seven days. He does not understand why this legend will appear on him, but seeing Zhu Yan’s first glance, the girl has walked into his In his heart, he designed to let her walk into his gentle trap, and did not want Zhu Yan to decide to be with him because of the nihilistic legends. He wanted Zhu Yan to really fall in love with him, so he promised for a year, and did not expect her to be so simple Left, and the result of leaving made him feel unexpectedly good.

The fine light flashed behind Sven’s glasses and raised the corner of his mouth. The sincere smile was so dazzling. Unfortunately, no one could see it at this moment. Looking at the totem on the chest, Zhu Yan, as you said, unless you dig it, you are destined to be my woman in the water during the day. When will that silly woman discover his heart, but she is also enjoying her pursuit?

“Qingya, where are you going?” Cheng Cheng asked the people around him.

Qingya touched her head, yeah, he patronized the white fox to leave a private space, pulled out Miss Cheng Cheng and came out, really didn’t think about where to go.

“Cheng Cheng wants to go to the playground.”

“No, if the young master doesn’t see you when he comes back, he has to punish me for training at the base.”

“We won’t find out if we come back before we come back alone, okay, take Cheng Cheng went to the amusement park, otherwise I would cry, telling the only one was that you bullied me and asked you to go to the base immediately.”

“Miss Cheng Cheng, how did you talk about it, it was you who bullied me.” The tearful accusation, Qingya feels wronged: “Okay, I will take you, but you can’t run around.”

“Qingya is the best.”

Confucius said that only women and villains are difficult to support, and he is now dealing with it This is still a combination of the two. Qingya has never brought a child, nor does it know how difficult it is for the child. Anyway, taking care of this only makes him the sprouts of the Qinglongtang master who is both black and white and frightened. Can’t play anymore.

“Qingya, let’s play roller coaster again.”

“Ms. Cheng Cheng, would you please stop the meeting and let me take a breath?” Qingya gasped on her knees and felt less tired of dealing with the enemy.

Cheng Cheng looked at the colorful balloons in the distance and was dazed. What a beautiful balloon. I wanted it. So I thought about the pace and slowly left Qingya’s side. . The noisy voices, laughter, and hustle and bustle of the people around, no one was free to notice the scene here, the children around the clown-dressed person asked for balloons, and finally Cheng Cheng approached, when the last balloon was wanted, then The clown walked forward with the balloon. Cheng Cheng chased all the way, but the road became more and more biased, just around a corner, her neck hurt, and she was unconscious.

The clown stopped and joined this other man to load Cheng Cheng into a sack and left without knowing it.

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