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Genius baby Ch.4

“Lao Chen, Donggang.” Che Qingya got on the order.

Although this car is already larger than the average car space, it is also a private space after all. The two men sitting opposite looked at her with a look that made her feel awkward. The men around them didn’t say anything since they got on the bus. Cheng Cheng was a little embarrassed: “That… my name is Cheng Cheng, I’m sorry, I just didn’t have a way to do this…”

Shui and Qingya bowed their heads during the day, and the men around them didn’t seem to plan to take care of her. Cheng Cheng felt even more uncomfortable. It really took courage to get along with this man: “Just let me go down in front, I will take a taxi back, thank you.”

Yue Du, who has always closed her eyes, opened her eyes: “I have Say you can go?”

A pair of dark and obscure eyes just went on the journey. She was sucked in at once, her heartbeat accelerated unconsciously, her subconsciously dodged, butt moved unconsciously to Qingya, thinking To stay away from the dangerous man: “So what do you want, it is illegal to seize the hostages privately!”

“Hehe.” Qingya and Daytime Water seemed to be unable to help laughing. This woman is so cute, she even told the young master to break the law.

Cheng Cheng turned his head and muttered: “What’s so funny.”

“Come here.” For her behavior of leaving her reach and sitting next to Qingya, Yue Du determined that she was not too happy.


She dared to disobey the young master. Qingya and the day water puffed out. The last time they had a chance to see when they disobeyed the young master, they vaguely couldn’t remember how the last person disappeared. .

Yue Duyi’s eyes became deep and unpredictable, and the voice of the exit was a little lower: “Come.”

Cheng Cheng was somewhat reluctant: “Come here and come, what is the fierce.”

“I need a female Companion.” Be interpreted.

“That has nothing to do with me.” Cheng Cheng looked blank.

“You said I was your boyfriend.” Yue Duyi said very seriously.

“That’s because… It’s because of last resort, and I’ve already thanked you.” Without such unreasonable.

“You mean you use me.” Yue Duyi said very slowly, but Cheng Cheng breathed tightly: “No, not at all.”

“Very good.” Yue Du nodded, then fell asleep on Cheng Cheng. Cheng Cheng was a little embarrassed on his lap, what does it mean well? And this is my thigh, you just put it on your pillow.


“Don’t move!” Yue Du frowned.

“Miss Cheng Cheng, our young master has not closed his eyes for three days and three nights. Would you please give him a break, please?” The eyes behind the mercury-rimmed glasses during the day were so gentle that people couldn’t bear to refuse.

Okay, it sounds pitiful not to close your eyes for three days and three nights, but what about her!

Cheng Cheng looked bored outside the window, feeling that her legs were a little numb, and she could move a bit, but she didn’t want to disturb the rest of the legs. He seemed to be sleeping deeply, and a trace of hair was pulled down, making his face firm. The lines are much softer, and she looks like a child asleep. She unconsciously reached out and brushed the strand of hair behind his ears. When she realized what she was doing, she found that the car had already stopped. He Qingya was looking at her with a smile, a suspicious blush floating on her face, and she didn’t know what to say for a while.

“Here? Why don’t you wake me up.” Yueduo was alone, although he only got a little sleep but got a lot of energy.

“Just arrived.” The daytime water explained, “

Anyway , let those people wait for a while!” Qingya certainly knows how the dark-skinned people are below the gentle surface of the daytime water. For a long time.

Yue Duyi dressed her clothes slowly, and she couldn’t see it. Cheng Cheng took over and buttoned his shirt. When he turned around, he saw three men looking at her again: “I think he is too slow. End early and go home early.”

The door of the car was opened, and Yue Cheng walked into Donggang with his arm around Cheng Cheng, who was still scolding her for his troubles. Donggang is a luxury hotel in the suburbs. At this time, the hotel was booked. The calm of the huge luminous body around him, Yue Du said to Cheng Cheng, let her find something to eat, don’t run around, and the person left, Cheng Cheng was depressed, anyway, he was originally used as a vase, Then make a vase in peace and get some things. I didn’t eat one night and I was really hungry. Even Cheng Cheng’s thick line finally realized that the female friends around him were not very friendly. Hundreds of eyes like The wolf stared at him, Cheng Cheng’s appetite disappeared, he hurriedly put down the dinner plate, turned around and walked into the bathroom.

After washing her face, pulling up her long hair, and cursing the overbearing man in her heart seventeen or eight times, she finally got a lot more comfortable, stepped out of the bathroom, and didn’t want to go back to the restaurant. She walked around casually, she I didn’t mean to overhear, but I accidentally heard it.

“Yue Shao, you escorted my batch of goods, didn’t you openly give me and my brothers a way to live? I thought I was in East Asia in Southeast Asia, which didn’t give me face, even the professor would give me a little thin noodles. “The man with a fleshy face widened his eyes angrily.

During the day Shui pushed his eyes and smiled at the corner of his mouth: “Dongye, the professor has been ignoring the world for a long time, and now Nuo is the master of the month.”

The meaning of the daytime water is clear in his heart. It’s a face for you, don’t push your nose to face.

Only a month to sit at a table directly in front of the tilt of his legs somewhat casually: “I said, Xie Sili who bought the goods, that is, with only a month I go through, how much I have received.”

“Less the shipment It costs hundreds of millions of dollars, how do I know that you didn’t want to swallow our goods through this name!” The

constant silence made Cheng Cheng breathless and didn’t dare to kick, and then she saw Yue Du slowly. Slowly standing up, still the expression of lukewarm: “Since Dongye thinks so, then when I only swallowed your goods.”

For a time, more than two dozen guns were pointed at the moon only. Cheng Cheng, who saw this situation and this scene, had to cover his mouth with his hand so as not to make a cry. Full East hand holding a remote control switch:. “I press, the room is closed, no one will know what happened today, if you insist on not to call out the goods, they could not get out of this room.”

After saying , Cheng Cheng was closed by an opaque electronic door in front of her, and no sound could be heard, bad. Of course, she knew that the people inside were not good people, but she had been helped by her, and she couldn’t leave like that. Very sturdy, it is impossible to open without a password. She anxiously opened the careful computer in her bag and quickly connected the password lock on the door. She could not see the situation inside, making her uneasy and afraid of being late. In a moment, the man would be in danger. The numbers kept refreshing on the screen. Cheng Cheng still thought it was a bit slow. His slender index finger kept hitting the computer, but for thirty seconds, he heard a “drop”. Cheng Cheng knew that the password was unlocked, think about the previous scene, so many people pointed at a person, she rushed in this way, and she would be shot into a horse honeycomb. Seeing the bacteria glass tube in the bag that failed the research, she ran across Heart, the glass tube was thrown out as soon as I entered the door.

The sound of “touch” followed by a lot of white smoke. The sudden unexpected situation caused everyone on the scene to panic. Yue alone took the opportunity to kill the whole Eastern gun, and the two shots extinguished the two most recent. In the daytime, Shui and Qingya were not behind. They took out their double guns and covered Yuedushi all the way to the door. They were still immersed in the white smoke. Yueduzuo hugged the already stunned Cheng Cheng and blocked On her eyes and ears, she walked out of Donggang all the way. Lao Chen’s car was already waiting outside the door. As soon as she got on the car, Yue unique’s face was very ugly: “Notify Xuan Yi to start, one does not stay!”

“Yes!” Qingya happily took her hand.

Yue Duyi only had time to look at the woman in her arms: “

Scared ?” Cheng Cheng swallowed and said that not to be scared was deceiving: “Fortunately.”

Yue Du nodded, then turned his head away, no longer Looking at this Cheng Cheng, Cheng Cheng glanced at her mouth and did not say two words to comfort others. She saved his life without even saying thank you. She turned away from the window: “Yeah, a cheese with good taste, but a lot of people line up.” Hungry belly, let’s go home and make noodles.

“I’m hungry? I like cheese?”

“Of course, I didn’t have a good meal.” Obviously, she came out for dinner, wasting her so much time that she didn’t even eat at all.

Yue Du looked at Qingya, and Qingya got out of his

mind and got off: “Come a box of cheese.” “Why are you in this line?” People who have been in the queue for a long time have accused some of the women. It’s a handsome guy, let’s say it’s a two-point face, and men are different. Most of them are sold to girlfriends or children. They were a little impatient when they were waiting in line.

Qingya didn’t pay much attention, and came up with a thick stack of RMB: “These are enough for your turnover for several days, I only need a box of cheese.”

Yipin boss looked at such a thick stack of RMB, what principle Unprincipled, the principle is equivalent to a dog p in front of the banknotes, smiles and accepts the money, hands up the cheese.

Cheng Cheng, who got the cheese, finally began to think that the man was not bad, got home, got off the bus, waved his hand, and never saw him again.

Cheng Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, pushed the door open, and saw that Cheng Yu had gone to bed obediently, fell a good night kiss, and entered the laboratory. How could he still feel comfortable in his own laboratory, thinking of today’s things, thinking of the man there, Just as a dream. Anyhow this is just the beginning of everything.

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