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Genius baby Ch.5

“Grandpa Professor, can you stop me from pretending to be ill next time?” Cheng Yu grumbled and complained, sitting in front of a big display with a fighting game.

“You don’t pretend to be sick, why come to my house to play.” The professor pressed the gamepad desperately.

“Yes… You can come to your house to pretend to be sick, but the man is a big husband. He always pretends to be sick and as sick as a girl. Xiaoqiang laughs at me.”

“Then you have no good way to pretend to be sick.” He was kicked again, and the characters in the game lost a third of their blood.

“I’ll pretend to be sick next time, and I will come to see you, so that I can ask for leave again, and it shows that I am a good kid who respects the old man.” Won again, Cheng Yu put down the handle and won every time, meaningless.

“Why did you lose again, another game.” The professor was extremely unbalanced, so he always lost to a child.

“No more playing, you lose every time, no challenge.”

“Hey! Child, your mommy did not educate you, you can’t discriminate against the weak, give them opportunities and encouragement, don’t tell me you haven’t lost since childhood “”The professor looked at Cheng Yu, the little adult, and the more he looked at the child, the more he liked it.

Cheng Yu shrugged: “I have been losing since childhood, but I always lost to the same person, my mommy, whether it’s playing games, developing software, solving equations, but mommy said I will one day exceed her , I am convinced of this, hee hee.”

“Look, your little tail is up in the sky.” The professor touched Cheng Yu’s soft hair, more and more wondering what his mummy was like People, although Cheng Yu mentioned his mum every time, he was very helpless, saying how stupid his mum was, it was an experimenter and an idiot in life, but his twinkling eyes let him know , He loves his mummy very much.

As soon as Yue Du entered the room, he saw the game screen on the huge screen. The professor was talking with a child. Although his heart was suppressed with anger, he sat on the sofa behind them. A cold voice sounded behind the professor: ” I think instead of having time to play games with a little ghost, think about how to explain why that woman Xie Sili knows my whereabouts in Thailand!”

Cheng Yu, who heard the voice, turned back, and his mouth became “o”: “Professor Grandpa, this uncle looks like me.”

Not only was Cheng Yu surprised, but even the day water and Qingya behind him were also very surprised. It’s not just like it. It’s like a young master.

Cheng Yu ran over and climbed on Yueyi’s only leg, and Yueyi’s unsullied eyes had no emotion. He looked at the little guy lightly. Chengyu looked like a mirror: “Well, I admit that you are handsome. Well, but I should be more cute. My mum keeps saying that my father is British, but uncle, let’s do a DNA test, maybe you will have a cute son like me from now on.”

“Your mom What is the name of Mimi.” Yue Duyi said.

“My mum is Cheng Cheng.”

This name is not so coincident, Qingya remembered that girl that day.

Yue Du looked blankly at the professor and said: “Give me the information, I can not hold you accountable to reveal my whereabouts to Xie Sili.”

“What information?” The professor pretended to be stupid.

“Don’t tell me that you didn’t investigate this child’s thing, you don’t want to give it, I can still check it, but it’s a waste of time like that.” Yue Du hugged Cheng Yu and walked out, and the professor roared behind him: “You ask me to die Ah! It’s not cute at all, come back to dinner at night! Didn’t hear it!”

Yue Duyi didn’t answer, but the professor knew he heard it, and he was in a particularly good mood: “Xizawa, Master returned to dinner at night, and ordered the kitchen to do more. Vegetables, that sweet and sour carp young master loves to eat.”


“And broccoli.”


“Oh, and there are…”

Nishizawa is a typical British housekeeper, turning his back There was also a smile on his face, and the old man hadn’t been so happy for a long time.

“Uncle, where are you going to take me?” Although he is already an adult and does not need to be hugged, he is still very happy if it is daddy.

Yuedu Yijin walked forward and got into the car: “Call

Daddy .” Cheng Yu lifted his mouth happily: “How old is Daddy?”


“It turns out that Daddy is twenty-four years old. Just born Cheng Yu, what did Daddy do?”

“Selling arms.”

“Cool! Triad!” It’s much cooler than Xiaoqiang’s Daddy, “Will you teach me how to use a gun?”

“When you are full Eighteen.”

“Daddy, will you wait for me to take me to McDonald’s after school?” Although he doesn’t like McDonald’s.


Cheng Yu happily held Yuedu’s neck: “Are you going to hit Mommy’s pp later?”

“This can be considered.”

After all, it’s a child, tired of playing lying on Yuedu’s shoulder At last, the happy Cheng Yu laughed even when he was sleeping. It felt really good to feel dad.

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