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Genius baby Ch.6

The doorbell reminded me very regularly that it should not be Bemy. She would press the doorbell as often as she was playing a machine gun, or it would not be the grandma Xiao who was next door. She had the keys to her house, and there were not many guests in their house. Who is the polite and regular doorbell? Cheng Cheng held the instant noodle in his hand and ran to open the door. When he saw the person coming, the instant noodle was stunned when he ate it in his mouth. How could he come, and her son was still sleeping.

Hold Cheng Yu in the room, and when he came out, he saw Yue Duyi looking at the picture on the cabinet. There were photos of Cheng Yu from small to large. Cheng Cheng walked over and Yue Duyi held a piece in his hand. Put it on your face: “I think you should explain it.”

“Explain what?”

Yue Duyi put down the photo and her long legs stepped out to occupy her sofa. The slender and long legs looked in the space on the single sofa. It was a little crowded, and there was no thought to appreciate the elegant sitting posture of the beautiful man. Yue Duo opened the mouth: “Miss Cheng, I heard that you are a genius with an IQ of 200?”

Although she is an idiot in interpersonal communication, she has always admitted herself , But that doesn’t mean that she can’t hear others satire her: “So, Mr. Yue, could you please make it clear and understand at a stretch? Maybe in some ways I’m just like an idiot. I’m not your genus. Next, when you raise your eyebrows, you know what you are going to do.”

“Don’t you think Cheng Yuchang looks like me?” Lewis gave him a good upbringing, making him suppress himself from being mad at this woman.

“Yeah, if you say that, you really look like my family Cheng Cheng.” No wonder he thinks he is very kind.

“It’s Cheng Yuchang who looks like me because I am his father.” I had a paternity test when I came.

“It’s a lie, my father Cheng Cheng’s father is clearly British.”

So this woman gave birth to his child, and always thought that the father of this child who was not like a mixed-race child was British: “This is a paternity test report.”

Cheng Cheng took the report, looked at the results, and felt calm while calming down. She didn’t know why things became like this. Although she had doubts, Cheng Yu was always her son, no matter who his father was. , So she didn’t bother with this issue any more. Cheng Cheng put down the report and looked at Yue Duyi’s eyes deep in the cold lake: “So what do you want to do now? If it is to return to Cheng Yu’s custody, I would not answer “. “

Miss Cheng, let me first investigate how you gave birth to Cheng Yu without my knowledge.”

Cheng Cheng narrowed his neck, let alone he did not know, she did not know why.

“As far as I know, you can’t take good care of Cheng Yu’s daily life.”

“Who said it!” Cheng Cheng denied it quickly, but it was also guilty to think about it.

“Moreover, my only one will not let my son live outside and be an illegitimate child.”

“After talking for a long time, you just want to take away Cheng Yu, I know, how can a bad person like you reason with others, woo Ooo…” Cheng Cheng knew that if he really had a lawsuit with him, it was mostly because she lost a lot of ingredients. That person’s tough attitude made her feel that there was no room for maneuver, and she cried in a hurry.

Bad guy? Yue Du remembered that the schedule had been scared for a long time by seeing the negotiations, saying that he was a bad person. Anyway, he didn’t think he was a good person. His purpose was to take away Cheng Yu. He always thought A woman is a troublesome animal. Just look at Xie Sili. Now there is a woman who gave birth to a son for him and saves a lot of numbness. But when she sees her crying, she feels irritated: “Don’t cry.”

“Don’t , How can you treat me like this, Cheng Yu, did you change the diaper once, did you take a bath for him, when he could walk for the first time, when he could speak for the first time, you don’t know me How happy you are to take him away as soon as you appear, I hate you… hate you…”

The mouth was suddenly kissed, strange and familiar, Yue Du’s eyes were dark and constricted, the person in his arms was so soft and petite, as if he should be born in his arms, feeling that she struggled to let her go alone, Cheng Cheng’s face was flushed because of a lack of oxygen, and he lowered his head and forgot that he just hated people.

Yue Duyi didn’t understand why he was impulsive because he didn’t want to hear something that hated him from her mouth, but he had a good idea: “Tomorrow you and Cheng Yu will move to my house.”

“No! “Cheng Cheng raised his head suddenly, his wide eyes reminded Yue Du of the elk alone, maybe raising her was a bad idea.”

“Tomorrow I will send someone to pick you up. If you don’t clean up, I will send someone to blow up your laboratory.” Yue Duyi got better and got up and left.

Thinking of his baby laboratory, Cheng Cheng went crazy: “You triad! Yaba male! It’s no use threatening me! I won’t compromise!”

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