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Genius baby Ch.7

When Cheng Cheng shook the slogan, the box was still very kind of packed luggage, because she did not doubt that the only underworld of Yue Du really blew her laboratory, and maybe she Following that duck man, he might be in a good mood one day and would be willing to discuss with her about Cheng Yu’s attribution.

However, she really didn’t expect it to be the case now, let’s not talk about the overall black style room, she didn’t like it at all, let alone the big and ambiguous big bed, the most crucial question is why there are so many rooms and she He was about to squeeze with this man.

Facing Cheng Cheng, who looked more like a pufferfish with his cheeks, Yue Duyi’s mood was very good: “I like to hold something to sleep.”

That’s about me! molar!

Well, under Yue Du’s high-pressure eyes, she climbed into bed very innocently, and then saw him start to take off her clothes. Cheng Cheng asked paralyzed: “Why do you need to take off clothes when you sleep?”

“I like to be naked. Sleep.” Yue Duyi explained this way.

What do you like to do when you sleep naked, you just take off your clothes, why do you want to take off with me! Think about the fragmentation of your baby laboratory being blown up, forget it, just take it off. Look at the strong and powerful pectoral muscles. It looks so good. She shouldn’t suffer too much.

Grabbing the hand that unconsciously teased in front of her chest, Yue Du’s voice opened with a sexy hoarse: “The woman teases me is responsible.”

Cheng Cheng realized her behavior, she just thought in her head I thought, I really touched it, but it feels so good. I was hugged in my arms, I couldn’t see the expression of the man above my head, I coughed awkwardly, trying to change the topic: “How did this scar come from?” The round shape looks like a gunshot wound.

“At the age of eighteen, I was injured in a mission, but the other party did not get much cheaper.” That shot almost killed his life, and at that time, he and the new young master of the residual wolf gang. Liang Zi for the rest of his life.

“It’s a pity.” Cheng Cheng sighed, why didn’t the man aim a little.


“I mean it’s a pity that you didn’t kill that person with a single shot.” Cheng Cheng bought a good girl: “It hurts a lot?” It hurts at the same time. Why didn’t you save you by the rescue?

Yue Du closed his eyes and liked the temperature in his arms. The tone was still faint, but there was no trace of indifference: “Forget.”

Cheng Cheng’s ability to see the wind is really unprecedented, although he is nervous Yue Duyi is in a good mood at the moment: “Whether we can talk about Cheng Yu’s problem.”

There was no sound above the head for a long time, and Cheng Cheng looked up with difficulty. Seeing that the man with closed eyes was obviously asleep, that quiet It seems that the thunder will not move, Cheng Cheng lip, or the triad boss, sleep so dead, and murdered do not know.

However, this man is not ordinary and good-looking. Most of Cheng Yu’s facial features have inherited his advantages. The beautiful man is in front, and Cheng Cheng can’t help but want to throw it away, but this kind of thought is just like thinking about it. Then, thinking of the Great Compassion Mantra in his heart, he found a comfortable posture in Yue Du’s arms, and Cheng Cheng fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, she always felt that a puppy was licking on her face, and it tickled her, and then she dreamed that she really pounced on a man, and then eat and wipe it away. Anyway, dreaming should not be responsible, so think , Cheng Cheng is even more unscrupulous.

I woke up in the morning and my body was sore. The light in the room was very dim. The dark Cheng Cheng could not tell whether it was morning or night. Don’t ask Cheng Cheng about her biological clock. She is a person who forgets time at work, sometimes in order to catch up with the experiment The progress can be distorted for a few days and nights, and after that, you can sleep dimly for two days and nights without eating. When I heard the phone ringing, I heard the hot roar on the phone when I picked up the phone: “Dead Cheng Cheng did the experiment again in the laboratory and forgot the time? I tm pressed the doorbell for a long time at the door. No one opened the door and came out. The

old lady opened the door!” Cheng Cheng moved his phone away from his ear, and Bemy’s decibels were getting higher and higher: “Bei, I can’t open this door! There are ladies… a little lady.”

“The old lady met you two in your life . The lady can’t get up! What does it mean that the door can’t be opened? When the old lady enters, you will blow up your laboratory!”

She should introduce Pui to Yaba male to see how well they understand each other. Who’s in the lab is

calling her: “I’m not at home now.” “Not at home?” Bemy apparently lowered her tone at the end of the phone: “In the research institute?”


“Cheng Cheng, you have a fever today .” “

Cheng Cheng has a black line: “No.”

“You are a science mad who is catching up with someone like Beijing Ape except for the laboratory and the research institute. The freak freak who doesn’t even go out will even be home! I must I heard it wrong. I must have been too tired for the past two days to have auditory hallucinations.”

Hearing the endless muttering on the phone , I felt very innocent. How could she be so exaggerated, For a long time, Bemy finally nagged: “Then where are you now?”

Cheng Cheng got up and drank: “Here, his father.”

“Children…children…father father! That British guy? He Suddenly discovered that his unconscious seed popped out of such a big child? Did he say that he would return to the custody of the child? Don’t promise Cheng Cheng.” After

drinking the water, Cheng Cheng walked to the bathroom wrapped in the quilt, Bemy’s ear was like a machine gun, and she didn’t let her insert a half sentence to explain. Just when she wanted to remind Bemy’s child about his father, the mottled marks on the neck really reminded her that last night The terrible to real dream is actually true: “Ah!!!”

Bemy heard the scream and stopped nagging: “Cheng Cheng! Cheng Cheng! What happened!” The

phone landed, no Taking into account Bami’s anxious call, Cheng Cheng’s head was already ashamed to death, she really fell, really fell, well, their children are so old, there should be nothing to be ashamed, look at the neck Strawberries, cover their faces, shed tears.

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