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Genius baby Chapter 10

Italy is a country with a passionate love. There are many popular love stories here. Here gathers the world’s top fashion, full of charm of the Renaissance architecture and art, but also has a bright and pleasant scenery. And here is also a river and lake. If there is power and interest, there will be conflict and killing. There is a famous mafia here, which is entangled with power and blood, conspiracy and assassination. This is a dark world of power.

Florence is a beautiful city, in fact, it has a more exquisite and beautiful name-Emerald, which means the city of flowers, but the sky in Florence is not as green as emerald. The most typical weather here, sunshine, white clouds and blue sky.

The wind caused by the helicopter’s propellers blew her hair. As soon as I got off the plane, I saw that there were five or two black cars waiting at the airport. The leading car was leaning on a red skirt. The woman is blonde, and her chest is magnificent. In fact, Cheng Cheng feels that she is not small, especially after giving birth to Cheng Yu, her chest is more rounded and upright, but compared with the woman in front of her, she can only say that it is human It’s a non-human size than a dead man, Cheng Cheng comforted himself so much.

“Moon.” The wind spit out that red lips with that sticky voice and passed into Cheng Cheng’s ears. She couldn’t help but fight a cold war, watching Yue Du’s expressionless expression, and felt very admired. Seeing her leaning straight on Yuedu’s body, a pair of chest devices in front of him still rubbing Yuedu’s arm, Cheng Cheng decided to stay away from them.

Son, it’s not that Mom doesn’t work hard, it’s really better than others.

Seeing Cheng Cheng hiding far away, Yue Du wrinkled her beautiful eyebrows and said coldly: “Come here.”

You can’t ignore me for a moment . I didn’t see the beauty around you waiting for me. Eat me like land. Cheng Cheng felt that it was not a step forward, a man and a woman in front, a domineering lion, and a cannibalistic tiger, she was going up, she was not self-sufficient, she was not going forward, nor was the lion coming over to her It’s not the same death, so Zuo Siyou thinks not to go up.

“Moon, who is she?” The female boss of Boba charmingly stroked her hair, seemingly happy.

“It has nothing to do with you!”


“Miss Xie Sili, please allow me to take the liberty to ask the young master why you are here? If you remember correctly, this is Nuo’s private airport, outsiders are not allowed to come in.” Shui took Xie Sili’s hand in the daytime. The gentleman dropped a kiss.

“Tianshui is still your most gentleman. If I hadn’t been there for a month, I would love you as a gentleman.”

“More Miss Xie Sili’s love.” During the day Shui Jing smiled and waited for her answer.

“Where can Xie Sili want to go, who can stop it?” Xie Sili smiled like a flower, but during the day the water planned in her mind to reorganize the forces in Italy. No matter what way Xie Sili came in, it could only explain the promise. Management is lax.

“Let go.”

“Yue is still the same cold, but is it really good for me to let go? I heard that your Uncle Louis was injured, and the poison from the wound is not so easy to solve, except Beitang Jue, it’s a coincidence The only thing I have is an antidote. When it comes to the young master of the residual wolf, it is also a gentle and considerate man, but I still like you, think about it, you know how to find me.” Xie Sili couldn’t move at the thunder. Yueyi Du’s ear sighed and left with a chuckle, “Don’t think about it for too long, I’m afraid your Uncle Louis can’t hold it for too long.”

“Young Master.” The gun in Xuan Yi’s hand was ready Issued, just waiting for the order of Yue Du, but Yue Duyi raised his hand and said not to act rashly.

“That woman is still as arrogant as ever. I am the first time I saw the young master being threatened.” Qingya looked at the day water, but saw that he was desperately wiping his mouth with a white handkerchief.

Cheng Cheng feels very strange. Don’t kiss it if you don’t like it. The wiping of your mouth looks like it’s infected with bacteria.

Perhaps it is not enough to just wipe the mouth. During the day, the water glanced at Qingya: “Is there mineral water?”

Qingya handed it over: “You just like to do scenes, don’t kiss if you don’t like it. Suffer.”

“I like to suffer.” Shui smiled slightly during the day, and Qing Ya was speechless.

Yue Duyi was very dissatisfied with Cheng Cheng’s movements, and pulled her over until she was within her control again before sitting in the arranged car, but it still seemed uncomfortable: “Go directly to the mansion.”

Half an hour’s drive, Cheng Cheng had no mood to appreciate the scenery along the way. A strong air-conditioner’s non-stop releaser beside him was air-conditioned, indicating that no one should be close to her.

Until she stood at the door of the mansion, her brow twitched, mansion? What’s her name? The chicken nest is not worth mentioning, and it is barely called the bird nest. She thought that the promise was already big enough. Look here. Forget it, rich people, we can’t control how to spend love.

In the room she saw the uncle Louis. He closed his eyes and frowned, obviously uncomfortable. The weak breath made her feel his pain. Louis looked very young, unlike his uncle, but later Ya told her that Louis had been in his forties, well, that professor was called grandpa, and he looked very young, and the triads were really monsters.

At this time, during the day, the water lifted the sleeves to check Louis’ injury. He waited until he got up and

said, “What’s the situation?” “Like Xie Sili said, the gunshot wound was fine. The bullet was taken out. The key is the knife wound on the arm. Although the wound is not deep, the wound can’t heal. See is needed antidote to the job. ” “

you have no idea with? “

daytime water Qingshu breath:” is not no way, just need time, I’m afraid Mr. Lewis can not stand that long. “

look month only turned to go In the daytime, the water yelled: “Young Master.” Yuedu

turned around, and during the daytime, the water handed him several injections, and Yuedu took it and left.

“Where is he going?” Why didn’t he pull her this time, Cheng Cheng was already used to following the man everywhere.

“Go to Xie Sili.” Qingya knew. “What did you pass to the young master?”

“Xie Sili used it.” Xuan Yi, who closed his eyes during the day, returned for him.

“You you… did you just take the medicine?”

“Dare to threaten the young master, how should you give her some hardship to eat, what do you say?”

“You also saw it?” Qingya asked Xuan Yi.

I know Xuanyi just replied coldly: “Idiots can’t see them.”

Qing Ya’s heart is sad, and she smiled and didn’t speak during the day. Cheng Cheng had a black line on her face. In an instant, who could see it, asked her how she saw his medicine. . . Back: I didn’t see both eyes.

Then she made a great decision to cherish her life and stay away from the water during the day.

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