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Genius baby Chapter 11

Yue unique sports car hit the Xie’s house all the way, threw it on the door and entered the Xie’s door. No one dared to come forward to stop the overbearing dominance of the world, but the butler came forward to stop: “Mr. Yue, our lady I’m currently in the shower for picking up. Please wait in the lobby.” The

bathroom door was kicked open. Xie Sili was closing her eyes and taking a bath. Her blond curly hair was held up high, and the steam from the hot steam was along her slender neck. Sliding down and down to the chest, the white foam covered the underwater style, so You Wuyue was alone but blinded, his hands in his pockets kept silent.


Xie Sili smiled: “You go down.”


Xie Sili finally got up in the bathroom, Xie Sili got up, the whole body was exposed in front of Yue Du, and she giggled in the face of the indifferent man. Then, she took a white towel around her body, then did what she liked, and climbed on the only shoulder of Yue: “I knew you would come.”


“I hate it! Beauty In our arms, should we say something beautiful, not so unsightly? How many men want to climb into my Xie Sili’s bed, why do you always disdain?” Xie Sili smiles charmingly, “But I just like you This indifferent look.”

“Antidote!” Yue Duyi’s eyes flashed a trace of impatience.

“The antidote is in my mouth, do you want it?” Xie Sili raised her eyebrows, “Come and take it yourself.”

Yue Du only pulled her hand, and the force was definitely not affordable by ordinary people, but Xie Sili still smiled Yingying: ” It’s rude, you don’t have to wait so much.”

“You think about it, and then drag it down, the poison will not cure , and then Xie’s family will be cheaper, your uncle.” Xie Sili saw that her palms were dark and whispered. : “Damn day water!”

Yue Duyi waited for her answer in silence. Xie Sili changed her pajamas with her teeth, came to the study, and took out the antidote from the safe. Yue Du took it and did not doubt it was fake. Xie Sili was arrogant but trustworthy the antidote throw her, Xie Sili sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette, then tossed hand catch on the coffee table:. “your sidekick good, I really want to ask her to thank our house,”

May the only cold Cold turned around, his eyes darkened: “I’ll just say it again, don’t move her!” When the person walked away, Xie Sili spit out a cigarette, and Bai Yan squinted her eyes: “Are you angry?”

“Miss, Xie Weiqi’s Phone.” Uncle Bai lowered his head to report.

“What’s the matter?” Xie Sili rubbed her eyebrows, feeling a little tired.

“It seems that I lost money in Las Vegas and made trouble, offended the Red Lord, and was detained.”

“Oh!” Xie Sili sneered. “His father is a master of conspiracy and calculation, but unfortunately gave birth to an indisputable one. Son, call.”

Uncle Bai handed her the phone, and heard the cry screaming over there: “Sister! Save me!”

“Hey, Miss Xie, you are sister and brother. The kid did not call his old man, but the first one is to call you. No wonder Miss Xie is a young master of the Xie family at a young age.”

Hearing what Hong Ye said, Xie Sili was not annoyed: “Hong Ye said What is the matter, in this respect, we as juniors still have to learn a lot like you. Look at the face of Xie’s family. Red Lord will make a speech this time, and I will satisfy as much as I can.”

“Good, refreshing! I I would like to thank the one-third of the family in Thailand.”

“Red Lord has to give the juniors a meal anyway.” The old guy even opened the lion, and he was not afraid to die.

“Miss Xie humble, who do not know the wolf and the promise now in addition to residual thank you in the case of the largest, one-third of the forces of change in Thailand this kid a little life worthwhile Ms. Xie had an idea.”

“Red Lord is saying Don’t give me room to maneuver. I don’t have to save the kid. After all, his dad doesn’t agree with me, everyone knows.”

“Oh, I don’t care about the Red Lord. I think the kid’s father must be reluctant to let the only son. I don’t mind paying more phone bills to call his father, but in this way, your hard-working sister will not be wasted. ?”

Old Fox! “Okay, I gave up a third of Thailand’s power.”

“Cheerfully, Miss Xie can take the contract to pick someone up.”

Dudu Dudu. . . .

Xie Sili dropped the phone on the ground, and Uncle Bai couldn’t bear it: “Miss, you don’t have to…”

Xie Sili stopped him from saying: “Don’t let your uncle know about Xie Weiqi.”


Louis’s poison was solved. Yue Du was busy but could not see anyone all day. Cheng Cheng handed over the cut apple to Louis, a little absent-minded.

“I’m thinking about being unique.” Louis’s beautiful lips lifted slightly, and Cheng Cheng blushed with a look: “Who would think of that duck tyrant, I don’t have it!”

“Duck tyrant?” Louis raised his eyebrows and thought for a moment. ,Laughed.

“Yes, he is overbearing and selfish. He only cares about his own feelings and does whatever he wants, thinking that the whole world will listen to him!” Cheng Cheng exhaled.

“Oh, the description is very appropriate.”

Maybe I feel that I have described it too much, and Cheng Cheng is a little embarrassed: “Cough… that… I mean…”

“It was not like this when I was a child “.” Louis remembered with emotion for a while when he was a child.

Cheng Cheng was curious: “What was it like when he was a kid?”

“Lively, naughty, and cute.”

“But… love…” Cheng Cheng imagined that expressionless face would never make people anyway Feeling cute, shaking his head, indicating that he cannot understand.

“Since he had the intention to take over Nuo, he began to change slowly. Actually, the professor and I didn’t plan to let him take over the Nuo things, only hope he could live happily, and he didn’t want to take care of Nuo’s things, but later Taking over Nuo is also the only one’s own idea. The child has a kind of kingly spirit since childhood.”

“Since I don’t want to, why did I do it again?”

“Because of his mother.” Thinking of Yue’er, Louis got up again. A faint smile, “Because this is where her mother loves, so he has to guard in this way.”

Not very clear, but: “His mother must be a very gentle and beautiful person.”

Cheng Cheng’s words made Louis surprised for a while. Then he giggled: “Yeah, maybe in everybody’s eyes, Yue’er is not in touch with tenderness and beauty. She is stingy, domineering, self-willed, and unreasonable, but in my heart, she has always been the most beautiful person. That was the man he once held in his palm.

“Then she now?” Cheng Cheng saw Louis with a lonely smile.

“Only she is alive and happy, so that’s enough.”

Cheng Cheng shook his head, still don’t quite understand, Louis seems to be in love with Yue unique mother, shouldn’t you want to be together for a lifetime if you love someone? Why do you still feel happy and satisfied when you are separated? Love, so complicated.

“Miss Cheng Cheng, I can see that the only one cares about you, take good care of him for me.”

“No… yes… not like this, he is because… because…it is not what you want Like that.” Care? Regardless of her wishes, what she is going to do is to care about it? Why didn’t she think that the two of them gave birth to a son in a situation where no one could figure it out, so. . . Even if he cared about her, it was because he cared about her son. As soon as Cheng Cheng looked up, Louis fell asleep like this, hey, forget it, anyway, he couldn’t explain clearly, tucked in for Louis, Cheng Cheng got up and walked out of the room.

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