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Genius baby Chapter 12

It was a boring day again. Today the weather was very good. Cheng Cheng thought about coming to Italy and did not have a good time to shop. When he changed clothes and said hello to Louis, he only said that he would be equipped with a driver. The driver took it to make Cheng Cheng, who thought he had to spend a lot of time talking, feel a little happy.

Although I had a driver after a day of shopping, my legs were still a bit tired. I found a bookstore and walked in. The best way for her to relax is to read a book. There are not many people in the bookstore and it is very quiet. Cheng Cheng, who read the book, forgot about the time. It had been an hour for her to regain her mind. The driver and the elder brother were embarrassed to wait for a long time, and walked to the cash register with the book in hand.

“Miss, a total of

134 yuan .” After a long time, the wallet was full of RMB: “Is it possible to swipe your card?”


Taking out the card in the wallet and passing it, bored glanced at the man next to him. , Luo Hu wearing sunglasses, wearing a black trench coat, makes people feel strange, feeling someone is watching him, the man turned his eyes to Cheng Cheng, the cold eyes made Cheng Cheng shudder, and quickly withdrew look.

“Miss, your book.”

“Sir, your book.”

At the same time, Cheng Cheng turned around and put his head down and put it back in his wallet. When he didn’t pay attention, he collided with the person next to him. The leather bag fell to the ground.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Cheng Cheng apologized, and the other side frowned, the fierce light flashed in the cold eyes, and at that moment Cheng Cheng’s hair was all erected.

The man’s body was about to move, and a cold voice came from the earpiece: “Kaga.”

The man named Kaga picked up the leather bag on the ground and walked out of the bookstore without looking at Cheng Cheng.

“Have you got something?” The man who spoke was an exceptionally beautiful man. He lifted the corners of his elegant mouth, his pale eyebrows and staring eyes were as beautiful as he came out of the painting, and his waist-length hair was casual There was no trace of femininity behind her, and she added a bit of holiness and holiness.

Kaga handed the cowhide bag to him, the pale slender hands seemed to see the blood flowing, opened the bag, and took out a “Research and Application of Bacterial Organism” from the bag. Kaga bowed his head, the tone was still cold, but his body shivered uncontrollably: “The subordinate knows the wrong, please ask the master to punish.” The

man rubbed his eyebrows and threw the book aside: “Which part is wrong?”

plus He thought about it for a while: “I just collided with a woman in the store, and the goods should be dropped at that time.” Seeing Cheng Cheng walk out of the bookstore and drill into the car parked in front of them: “Young Master, the woman in front “The

man glanced at Kaga and smiled slightly: “Keep up with the car in front.”

Watching the man close his eyes and take a nap, the tight muscles on Kaga’s back slackened, only feeling a sweat.

The car drove all the way forward, no destination, saw a small church, Cheng Cheng let the driver stop, the Italian church is famous, but this one has a grand appearance unlike other churches, it looks really ordinary. Cheng Cheng walked in unconsciously, the sunlight shining down through the glazed windows on the roof, the whole church was quiet and sacred, Cheng Cheng drew a cross on his chest, closed his eyes and prayed for a while, then left Enter the confession room next to him: “Father William.”

“Well?” The voice on the opposite side was quiet but very nice, so that the ethereal voice was worthy of the angel of God.

“I’m confused about my life now.” The

man vaguely saw the woman on the opposite side, and he felt familiar from just now. Thinking of the information on the table a few days ago, the man woke up with a faint smile, which was like a birth. The white lotus, sacred and beautiful: “What makes you so confused?”

Cheng Cheng Shen Jing is in his own troubles: “I don’t know, I obviously hate a person, why I didn’t leave… Father William… Love What is it…”

The girl at that end gradually closed her eyes, and the man walked over to pick her up and got into the car from the back door.

Connaught Italian Chapter.

The conference hall was quiet. Everyone was breathless and didn’t dare to take a breath, leaving Mr. Lewis injured in the front and letting Xie Sili direct the private airport behind. They were all unavoidable. Although there is not much expression on his face, but the lack of expression makes them feel terrified. His eyes are constantly asking for help from Master Bai, who knows who the water is during the day, and the people below have little contact with him. The impression is only staying gentle. In the face of the gentleman of modesty, Qingya has some sympathy for these hosts, and it will only be more miserable to ask the white fox for death.

“Can no one explain it to me?” Yue Du only swept the crowd. The meaning in the words was already obvious. If no one could explain, they would be punished together.

“Young Master, call.” Lao Chen came hurriedly with his hand. Yue Du frowned slightly when he saw him enter the door. Lao Chen followed him for many years, and he wouldn’t be so rash if there were no important things. Broke in.

Seeing the young master answering the phone, the host underneath was relieved, no matter what the bad thing was on the end of the phone, at least at this moment there was no need to face the high voltage sight of the young master. As soon as they relaxed, they heard Yue Duyi’s opening: “All the principals above the host return to the base to retrain for a month!”

Yue Du, who threw away the words, left in a hurry, his face was abnormally ugly, and the hosts were too late Guessing what happened to the young master who did not change the color of Mount Taishan is so abnormal. Hearing the punishment, they all wailed in their hearts and returned to the base to train for a month? No one wants to try that kind of hell-style training anymore, without any thoughts or jokes, all of them are gone.

“What’s going on?”

“Ms. Cheng Cheng said that she wanted to go out this morning, but the person who entered the church didn’t come out.” The driver of the car lowered his head, and a drop of sweat on his forehead ran down the temple.

“Did something happen during the period?”

“No, but I went to the bookstore and bought a book.” The driver handed the leather bag to Yuedu.

Opening the paper bag, Yue Duyi’s frowned eyebrows were not loosened. He opened the book, and two test tubes were lying in the hollowed-out book. Seeing the contents inside made him send out a terrifying chill all over his body. Starting to fall back to the base today.”

“Yes.” The driver who retrieved his life secretly rejoiced.

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