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Genius baby Chapter 13

His head was a little heavy, his body was weak and weak, and the tingling of the needle on his arm made Cheng Cheng open his eyes and bewildered to see that the liquid in the needle tube turned into a fascinating red. , Wearing a black suit pants on the lower body, a simple black shirt on the upper body, loose hair that grows to the waist tied behind him, the moment he turned around, the light of the whole body and the perfect face made Cheng Cheng feel That was a messenger who fell into darkness.

Powerless to resist: “What did you call me?” The words were weak.

“The newly developed poison has not been tested yet.” The man said, approaching Cheng Cheng to put up a pillow for her so that she could sit up easily. The look was as if the two had been friends for many years. She was given a tonic instead of poison.

This voice: “Father William?” Cheng Cheng was not sure.

“Oh, your ears are very good.” The man smiled gently, and even Cheng Cheng was dumbfounded. “But I’m not a priest William. Hello, my name is Beitang Jue.”

Bei Tang Jue? A familiar name: “Bei Tang Jue of the Gang of the Wolves?” Although she was surprised that she was powerless, she always spoke softly.

“It’s an honor to let the beautiful lady once hear my name.”

“What about Father William?”

“I think he should be very happy at the moment, because he can really walk into God’s side and be his saint.” Beitang Jue got up and poured a glass of water and asked Cheng Cheng, “Do you want to drink water?”

He understood what he said. Although he always knew that these people would never take human life seriously, he was so light-hearted to see that holy face again. However, she was no longer confused: “What did you call me?”

“Miss Cheng Cheng’s memory seems not very good, as I said just now, it is a poison to organize new research.”

“Will you die?”

“This. … Haha, I don’t know yet, maybe or not.”

“Why? Do you just kill the lives of innocent people at will?”

“Innocent?” Bei Tang Jue raised an eyebrow. “I worked hard for one year and spent more than 10 billion yuan on biological and chemical weapons. Only the last step can be completed, because you and my reagents are gone, not to mention you are The only woman in the month.”

“I haven’t seen any reagents!” She has been shopping alone all day, and she has not been in contact with strangers. To be honest, she is also in a bookstore. . . bookstore!


She didn’t mean it, even so. . . “Well, even so, Father William, he didn’t do anything wrong, how can you do this!” Cheng Cheng was very guilty, and she would not be killed because of her if she didn’t intend to enter the church.

“Put up your pitiful pity, the priest named William sold drugs on my site, this time it was just a matter of hand.” Bei Tang Jue looked at the time and then raised his mouth, “Look at the time is coming, follow you chat very happy, “

North Hall in the forehead Cheng Cheng Jue fall feathery kiss, Cheng Cheng’s head and began a dazed, confused voices heard before the coma:” I hope next time can meet again. “

month Kicked the door open with one foot, followed by the daytime water and Xuanyi, only to see the unconscious Cheng Cheng sleeping on the bed, the window of the balcony on the second floor was opened, and the breeze gently blew the white gauze. other.

Bell Bell Bell. . . The phone in the room rang, and Yue Du went to the bed and picked up the phone.

“It’s coming faster than I expected.”

Yue Du’s hand squeezed the phone tightly: “What did you do to her?”

“Oh, so nervous, what to do.”

“Don’t forget that your reagent is still with me On hand!”

“The two tubes of reagents should be given to Miss Cheng Cheng’s meeting gift, there will be a period later, yes, I forgot to tell you that there is explosives in the house, you still have thirty seconds.”

Dudu Dudu Dudu . . . .

Xuan Yi and the daytime water silently looked at Yue Duyi, who was in a very bad mood. Yue Du throwing her phone away, and Cheng Cheng, who was still unconscious, rushed outside: “There is a bomb in the house!”

Xuan Yi and Day The water was no longer hesitating at the moment, and he stepped on to protect Yueduo from running out. Yueduo calculated the time in his heart, and a violent roar sounded just behind the moment when he stepped out of the gate. Under the body. The explosion brought a blazing fire, the crackling sound of “crackling” continued to the ear, and Xuan Yi turned around with a lingering fear to see the ancient house in the fire, and Beitang Jue was really merciless. Yuedu held Cheng Cheng and turned and glanced. The fire light jumped under his eyes. The fire truck and the police car were in front of him.

“Passive, you have been surrounded!” The

three of them turned around subconsciously and saw more than two dozen police officers surrounding their way out. Twenty dozen guns were directed at them. The heading police officer said to them: “We take At the time of the report, there were criminals placing explosives and taking hostages. You have been surrounded and quickly surrendered to go back with us to assist in the investigation.”

“There is still such a thing in Beitang Jue.”

The three of them got into the police car, Cheng Cheng was taken away by them, and when they entered the police station and were locked up for a little while, some people began to question: “What’s your name, how did it appear at the scene of the incident? Did you put the bomb on you? You Why hold hostages?”

Yue Duyi tilted Erlang’s legs, crossed his hands on his knees, and gently buckled his legs: “I want to make a phone call.” The

interrogation officer nodded: “Well, you have the right to find yours Lawyer, but it’s useless. The witnesses and materials are all there.”

Yue Duyi, who was on the phone, didn’t speak. The interrogating policeman walked around the table and was already impatient, but still accompanied him Waiting, but happily gloating, the lawyer can’t do anything.

It didn’t take long for someone outside to shout, “Sir, phone.” The

interrogating officer glanced at Yue Duyi, went out suspiciously, and came back with a half bang, looked at Yue Duyi: “You can go.”

Yueduo stood together, and the tall figure stood up to make the cramped interrogation room feel crowded. The interrogation officer was forced to take a step back without even realizing it, and walked to the hall during the day. Xuan Yi had long held Cheng Cheng waiting there.

A black car was parked at the door, the door was opened, and the month was swiftly drilled in. The police officer who had been looking at the door closed his eyes. The window of the car that hadn’t had time to shake up. Officials. With a sigh in his heart, he brought back the Lord above, remembering that he shouldn’t have gone too far, fortunately he took back his life.

When the colonel saw Yue Du’s suspicious opening, “What happened, how did he get himself to the police station.”

Yue Du looked at him lightly and said, “Nothing, it was designed.” The

colonel nodded: “You’re the owner of the month, after that, you have to fight to quarrel with individual places. Don’t make trouble in my country every time. There are so many things that make me hard to do. It exploded here today, and there was a gun battle tomorrow. Anxious, thinking that it was a terrorist attack, the entire National Security Agency was worried.”

“Colonel, we know you have a solution.” The water smiled a little during the day, and the colonel’s nerves were clearly sent down.

“This time the matter is not over yet. I don’t want your men to pursue this matter.” His own grievance resolved on his own, Yue Yue said.

The colonel nodded: “Got it, I will deal with this matter.”

“We will have some movements here in the future . It is an experience to go to jail occasionally. If something happens again, it will not be very good.” The colonel would stop if he knew that he had lost water during the day.

“I will transfer the police from this principal, and it would be considered an account for Yuedang.”

Yueduo nodded: “Have you recently bought biochemical weapons from others?”

“No, you know, Yuedang, all of us Weapons are purchased directly from Nuo, and we have no plans to buy biological and chemical weapons. Why would Yuedang say that?”

“It’s all right.” Yue Du frowned.

Car stopped at the entrance of promise, Colonel destination to see, before the opening: “Alone that next month the goods …”

. “Supply of goods after Italy all Qizhe ‘

car drove off, only a month hold Cheng Cheng walked into the house.

Xuan Yi silently asked the day water, angry?

The water during the day is obvious.

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