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Genius baby Chapter 14

Connaught’s medical room, Cheng Cheng was doing various examinations. When all the inspection reports were put in front of Yue Duyi, he was terribly silent. Cheng Cheng’s examination report showed that everything was normal except for fever. Yueyue looked at the water during the day and smiled innocently during the day: “Young Master, this result is usually only in two cases. One is to check the instrument except for problems, but this possibility is only 0.1%, and the other is Cheng. There is no danger for Miss Cheng for the time being, and the specific situation will only be known when she wakes up.”

Cheng Cheng, who was held in her arms the next day, woke up early in the morning. She blinked her eyes and bit her fingers to observe the strange environment. , Gradually, the eyes as cute as elk are filled with grievances, and the tears in the blinking eyelashes will fall. But I heard a cold voice from the top of her head: “Don’t cry!”

She looked up subconsciously and saw a long and beautiful man, but he was so fierce, the tears that had just been swallowed back by curiosity poured into his eyes again. Crying, crying, “Who are you, what are you doing so fiercely to others!”

Yue Du’s eyes dimmed, and she couldn’t help but let her voice down when she saw her wronged: “Do you know where this is?”

Cheng Cheng shook his head.

“Remember my name?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you know your own name?”

Cheng Cheng thought for a while, or shook his head.

“Yue Duyi, your name is Cheng Cheng.”

Cheng Cheng pointed to Yue Duyi: “Yue Duyi?” Then he pointed to himself, “Cheng Cheng?”

“Yue Duyi, Cheng Cheng.”

“Yue Duyi One, Cheng Cheng.”

“The only one, Cheng Cheng.” Like finding a fun game, Cheng Cheng repeated his actions.


Cheng Cheng grinned so happy, he heard his name called so sweetly, sweeping away the gloom just now, Cheng Cheng’s smile was also infected with Yue Du, unconsciously raised the corner of his mouth.


Yue Du wore clothes together, handed Cheng Cheng to her, and waited for him to wear Cheng Cheng but still fighting with his trousers, Yue Du took over, dressed her pants, and buttoned up her shirt Buttons.

“The only one is a good person. Cheng Cheng decided to like you.” Cheng Cheng announced loudly that he had solved the buttons he couldn’t hold for a long time for him.

Yue Duyi looked up deeply at Cheng Cheng, Cheng Cheng tilted his head, his eyes were clear, and learned to look at his face intently. Then she kissed the white lips and kissed her unexpectedly. The movement of Baoli and Baoqi was stunned.

“Like.” Cheng Chengtian smiled sweetly.

Yue Du touched her hair together and said, “Very well.” After

wearing it, Yue Yue summoned the day water, Qing Ya and Xuan Yi, Cheng Cheng lying on the recliner, looking at the strange man Check it for herself, and look at Yueyue unconsciously. After the examination is over, she can’t wait to say: “Singleness, hug.”

Yuedueyi’s dependence on the past allowed her to lean on her chest and feel safe. Cheng Cheng played with his finger, and Yue Yue signaled that the water could be said during the day.

“At present, it seems that there is nothing abnormal in the body except for some low fevers, just like what we see may be that the mind degenerates into childhood.”

“Is it okay?” Qing Ya stared at Cheng Cheng curiously, feeling Someone looked at himself, and Cheng Cheng looked up and smiled at Qingya. Qingya was sprouted by that smile, but she turned her head immediately after a single glance. Unnatural cough, which should not be the usual ruffian, “Look Time to ask Beitang what to do, and try Tianshui.” See if this private has been so dark since childhood.

During the day, water pushed her eyes and smiled and said, “With Qingya, your current ability, you don’t need to find Beitang at all.”

“What do you mean?”

“Meaning your mind is the same as the current Miss Cheng Cheng.” Xuan Yi Leng Bingbing’s opening made a good explanation.

“Young Master, they all bully me.” Qing Ya couldn’t help but complain with tears, and that funny expression made Cheng Cheng laugh.

“Cheng Cheng decided to like you.” He was so funny. Cheng Cheng once again expressed his determination loudly, and made Qing Ya blank face: “Miss Xie Cheng Cheng raised love, you still don’t like my good.” I didn’t see that the dude behind you looked wrong and wanted to eat me.

“Why doesn’t Miss Cheng Cheng like me and Xuan Yi, only Qingya?”

“No, he is not cute at all.” Cheng Cheng pointed at Xuan Yi. “You are too hypocritical to smile.”

During the day, the water was stunned. Although everyone knew it, no one dared to face the day. Shui said that he is not smiling, Cheng Cheng you are too honest, honesty is too cute, Qing Ya sighed with a stomachache, and then she lay on the sofa with her belly smiling, you have a white fox today! After being dumbfounded, the daytime water expressed his friendly gentleman style: “Thank you Miss Cheng Cheng for his compliment.”

Cheng Cheng has question marks all over her head. She clearly said bad things to the man. Why did he not get angry and thank her? Well, she looked up at Yue Duyi: “Strange man.”

“Poof!” Qingya finally got up and chuckled back on the sofa.

During the day, the forehead of the water twitched, and he took out the syringe helplessly. He wanted to give a low fever course a fever-reducing needle. Anyone knows that the course of the syringe has been violently resisted in the sole of the month. : “I don’t want an injection, don’t do an injection!”

Yue Du thought that the child’s mind was only purely afraid of pain: “Good, not painful.”

Qingya heard a black line, young master, you dare not to be so serious The expression says no to comfort people.

“The only one, Cheng Cheng don’t get an injection.” Cheng Cheng cried more and more. That way, he didn’t want to be afraid of pain anymore. Yue Du couldn’t bear to let the day water put away the syringe. “No more, Cheng Cheng. Tell me, why are you afraid of injections?”

Cheng Cheng shook her head, crying miserably.

“According to experience, it should be a bad experience, you can try hypnosis.”

“Master, the main computer was hacked.” Someone outside the door reported.

A few people immediately ran to the computer room, and Qingya saw a dark display, her cynical eyes became sharp, rubbed her fingers, and quickly hit on the keyboard, slowly showing some words on the screen, Yue unique Instructed Qingya to stop.

“Yue Duyi, are you still satisfied with my gift? Although the newly developed medicine failed, I didn’t expect such an unexpected effect. Enjoy it, Beitang Jue.”

“Qingya traced back, and all the research results of the residual wolf are in the main computer, see if you can find the recipe.” The day water quickly said quickly.

Qingya’s ten fingers started to move. After ten minutes, he frowned and stopped. Yue Du asked: “What’s wrong?”

“They know that we will track down the past, so they have strengthened their defenses. “” Just when he wanted to continue, a pair of slender, slender hands that did not belong to the man took over his job on the computer.

Cheng Cheng, who was biting a croissant a minute later, smiled sweetly at Qing Ya: “Look, okay.”

Qing Ya froze for a moment, seizing the time and knocking on the computer again, he forgot that Miss Cheng Cheng was a genius. .

“Good job.” Yue Du touched her hair, Cheng Cheng, who was praised, was a little happy, and handed him a bite of bread: “It’s delicious.”

Yue Du took a bite in his mouth, and Cheng Cheng will The rest stuffed into his mouth.

When Qingya stopped his finger, he used to raise his hand to share the joy of victory with others, but just when he was used to no one taking care of him, a soft palm was posted: “Yeah!”

“Cheng Cheng, left.”

“Oh.” Cheng Cheng withdrew his hand and looked at the blind and excited Qingya in three steps.

Someone finally responded to his pains for many years. Qingya’s excitement was beyond words.

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