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Genius baby Chapter 9

“Cheng Cheng! Cheng Cheng!” Cheng Yu kicked the door open, sweating and showing off the new computer the professor bought him: “Look, this is the latest, there are only 500 in the world.”

“Are you having fun at Ocean Park today?” Cheng Cheng glanced at his son and wiped off his sweat.

Cheng Yu nodded vigorously, his eyes still could not be turned from the screen, Cheng Cheng felt a little guilty, no matter how precocious Chen Cheng was still a child, she still liked to play, and she did not have much time to accompany him, and her parents lived far.

“Cheng Cheng, are you going to Italy?”

“Well, you heard that.”

“I wanted to go, but Daddy didn’t take me there.” Cheng Yu grinned.

“It’s normal not to take you, you have to go to kindergarten.”

“Why don’t I go to kindergarten, the children are so naive, not that they popped out of the stone, or got out of the lotus flower , How do I explain to them that they are derived from fertilized eggs. And the teacher is also very naive, in addition to pinching the face of my puppet all day long, and also talking about things without scientific basis, the house painted by Xiaoqiang is crooked That would definitely fall down. She also praised Xiaoqiang’s very good painting, very imaginative, hey, really genius is easy to be lonely.” Cheng Yu sighed, Cheng Cheng laughed at Cheng Yu’s head funny.

“Genius, the children’s imagination is very important, in order to have the courage to think inventions.”

“Yes yes, Cheng Cheng went to Italy to take care of yourself Oh, remember to eat, best to go out with a few bodyguards.” “Do

not worry , I won’t be okay.”

“Of course it won’t be okay to cover you with a daddy, I’m afraid you will get lost! ” “Got

it, wordy!” White Yu Chengyu, a little adult, gave a white glance.

“Hey, sure enough, the intention of the genius is ununderstood.”

“Can my genius little man trouble you to move your pp.”

“It’s my honor to serve the lady!” Cheng Yu flashed sideways, making Cheng Cheng laugh again, but the next words almost made her a mother vomit blood. He disagreed. In Cheng Cheng’s underwear, “Cheng Cheng, you can no longer wear such plain underwear.”

“Why?” She has always been like this.

“It’s different now. How do you seduce my daddy with these clothes?”

“Why should I seduce him!”

Cheng Yu’s face was a little frustrated: “Do you not like Daddy, mom?”

was asked a strange question. Cheng Cheng thought about how to explain such a complicated question to his children: “How long did I know your father, do you like it or not?”

Cheng Yu’s eyes lit up: “That means it has been a long time I will like it.”

Looking at what Cheng Yu looked forward to, Cheng Cheng couldn’t bear to refuse: “Maybe.”

“Mommy we pull the hook, you must try hard to like Daddy, okay.”

Cheng Cheng looked complicatedly Cheng Yu: “Xiaoyu, do you like your daddy very much?”

“Like, super like it!” Cheng Yu firmly affirmed.

Looking at such Cheng Yu, Cheng Cheng is a little bit reluctant, how strong and sensible, still eager to have a daddy: “Um, mommy hooks with you, will definitely try to fall in love with your dad.”

“Mommy, You have to work hard to make Daddy fall in love with you.” Cheng Yu reminded.

For the sake of his baby son, Cheng Cheng did not think about the difficulty of implementation, and promised vigorously.

On the plane, Cheng Cheng began to regret. Why didn’t she agree to Cheng Yu without imagining her brain, to seduce Duckmaster? Let her seduce bacteria faster.

“What are you thinking?”

Yue Du’s low voice rang in his ears, Cheng Cheng was still caught in his own thoughts, and he replied without thinking: “How to seduce you.”

Yue Du breathed and suffocated, and the dark black pupils converged. Cheng Cheng suddenly realized that he seemed to say something embarrassing. He looked up and smiled awkwardly: “Oh, that… If I let you not hear it, You will agree with what I said, right?”

Yue Du wrinkled slightly, but suddenly released, leaning forward leaning on the seat: “There is a rule on the road that one promises to speak for money. Otherwise I cut my tongue to feed the shark.”

Cheng Cheng instantly covered his mouth: “My tongue is too small to feed it enough to eat… And, I’m not in your way, why should I keep that kind of rules.”

” Which way is that Miss Cheng Cheng?” Qing Ya asked funny.

Cheng Cheng thought about it for a long time and asked Qing Ya: “Which way do you think I am?”

Qing Ya snuck away while hiding. Cheng Cheng looked around and smiled at the corner of the spout during the day. With a hint of smile, Xuan Yi closed his eyes and saw nothing, laugh, all laughed at you, Cheng Cheng roared angrily: “Anyway, it is not an underworld! If you are so moral, you will not swallow the goods of your peers.”

One For a moment, Qing Ya stopped laughing, Xuan Yi suddenly opened her closed eyes, and the smile on Yue Du’s eyes disappeared. Only the daytime water still had a harmless smile on the animal, but Cheng Cheng, who smiled but smiled, had a little hair in her heart. I regret telling a big truth.

Everyone knows that she is referring to the whole thing. During the day, water pushed her glasses: “Ms. Cheng Cheng thinks that if someone secretly swallows your hands and feet and swallows you a lot of business, you should be tolerant and call it morality. Did someone kill you? Brother, if you don’t hear it, you call it morality. Is it someone who assassinated you twice or twice, and you have to back down to call it morality? Did someone cut you and almost killed you? ?”

She glanced secretly at Yue Du, and his expressionless face could see nothing. During the day, Shui knew it would be better to click on it. It was useless to say more, and the atmosphere subsided again. Cheng Cheng felt that she would not resist in the future. It is even more embarrassing to resist yourself. I wanted to be a little further away from the moon. I thought of the baby son’s explanation “Mommy, you must try to make your father fall in love with you.” . . Work hard. . . Hey. . . .

Move the buttocks closer and ask softly: “Jiandong really almost killed you?”

“No one can kill me except Beitang Jue in this world.” Yue Duyi said faintly, Cheng Cheng felt sad. In my heart, I looked back sadly at the day water, I hate you! When I first heard that he had almost lost his life, he unconsciously took it out, and that kind of feeling made her feel a little panicked.

“Who is Beitang Jue?”

“The young lord of the residual wolf gang, the grievances of the residual wolf gang and Nuo have long been settled, and the professor said that Liang Zi was amplified by the young lord’s mother and spread into the young master’s hands. Make up for the grudges.”

“Qingya, you have more words.” Yue Du glanced at the grinning Qingya.

“Of course, of course, in fact, help the disabled wolf now little master also should thank the little master’s mother, if she had accidentally play remnant of the former and less of their Lord, he could not succeed so quickly to help disabled wolf.”

A Inadvertently disabling people. . . Ha ha. . . Ah. . . Mommy, you have to work hard to make Daddy fall in love with you. . . The son’s account was lingering in the ear again. For his son, even if his mother was a tiger, she had to get on, even if he was his mother, he couldn’t get him. So, Cheng Cheng made up his mind: “Your mother can be well. Visit the heroine of the female middle

school .” Thinking of her mother, Yue Duyi released a strong cold, and she froze away. Cheng Cheng quickly stepped back and asked the daytime water around him: “Does he and his mother disagree? He doesn’t like his mother?”

“Oh, on the contrary, the young master likes his mother very much, just… hey, you still ask less Lord,”

he said half without a word, ask him! Seeing him as if he was willing to tell others, Cheng Cheng was curious about what kind of woman his mother was. Looking at Yue Duzhi is so beautiful, his mother must be at least a very beautiful and charming woman. Leng Ya, who was far away in another time and space, smiled if she knew that someone praised her so much.

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