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Genius baby pretty wife Ch1

The first sunlight in the morning was taken into the room through the heavy curtains, and he had perfect bronze skin. The flaccid muscle breathed low on his skin, and his messy hair covered half of his face, while the other half was exposed. Zhang Perfect’s amazing, straight nose and sexy lips make many women crazy. The closed eyes suddenly open, and the dark eyes are as deep and charming as the sea, even if drowned in that deep Tan, also willingly.

Yue Duyi got up from the bed with a low curse, and the sheets covering him fell off. He picked up the hair that was already messed up, and picked up the cold sound of the mobile phone on the ground like the winter snow and ice: “Qingya, I don’t want to think I heard the name Wan Ye in Southeast Asia.” Tmd dared to give him medicine. “In addition, the woman gave

me more money yesterday.” The phone was hung up with a “snap”. Qingya was gloating and the young master was really angry However, Wan Ye is also really bold, even dare to design the young master, thinking that his daughter can climb the young master’s bed once and for all, it is ridiculous: “Wei Qi, the young master of the woman gave more money yesterday.

” Yesterday the woman was not killed in a car accident on the way to the hotel.” He also just received the news.

“Really?” Although Qingya is strange, this is a trivial matter, so there is nothing to investigate. Seeing the figure of the young master walking out of the hotel, Qingya got off and opened the door.

The car drove away.

The night before.

This is a decadent night, the night is tempting people under the cover of black. The barking music and the rhythm of the shaking figure in the bar fill the eardrums, and the ubiquitous noise and noisy space are full of ambiguous smells.

In such an environment, two baby-faced women suddenly entered the bar and whispered while walking forward.

“Cheng Cheng, did you really decide to do this?” Bemy still felt wrong and pulled the girl’s clothes called Cheng Cheng.

“Bei, I have decided.” Cheng Cheng has an apple face, watery eyes, delicate nose, and short hair with ears clean and neat, one meter and sixty five figure, the slender pair wrapped in low jeans Legs have attracted many men’s ideas.

“Okay, okay, don’t say it, find it quickly.” Cheng Cheng pulled Bemy and went forward.

Two men came head-on, and the man in the black suit said to the other taller man, “Young Master, Grandpa is in the front bakery.”

The man in the black shirt nodded silently on his cold face, and his excellent face caused a lot of boldness. The woman frequently throws out the glamorous invitation, but he is unmoved, striding toward the box pointed by the man.

For a moment, fate met at this moment, freezed, and passed by.

“Cheng Cheng, you want your child to have many methods, you don’t have to choose this method.” Bemy persuaded persistently.

“Bei–” Cheng Cheng looked at her seriously, “Men are all unreliable animals. In one second, eachother can abandon his wife and children and run away with other women. I only want children. I don’t want a man. Rest assured, I’ve observed that the British man lived in the hotel 1006 upstairs. I have checked his information. His life experience is very simple, and the people are not bad. Will go back, there is no trouble, he likes to have a drink at this bar under the hotel after work, I have bought someone to help me dispense medicine.”

“You get off -” Bemy almost screamed, even Cheng Cheng even Covered his mouth.

“Don’t call it so loud!” Cheng Cheng looked around and made sure it didn’t attract people’s attention. “Don’t be so loud, just rest a little bit, OK, I’m gone, you go back first.”

Cheng Cheng sucked in deeply In one breath, in fact, there was still some tension in her heart. She looked at the room number casually, then she bowed her head and took a deep breath repeatedly, took out her matching master key, inserted it into the keyhole, rotated it, and clicked, the door opened and closed, The “6” on the door was shaking left and right, while “1006” was diagonally opposite.

She walked into the dark room carefully, only to check the surroundings. The person had been suppressed on the door by a powerful and overbearing force. Before her response, the other party’s lips had been pressed.

“You, what do you want to do!” Although he has a bold idea, Cheng Cheng is an unmanned little woman after all, and the sudden situation makes her unable to react, punching and kicking against the coming person nervously, just because of strength The disparity cannot shake each other. Suddenly thinking of his purpose of coming this time, he stopped his vain struggle and began to let the other party rub the circle.

A quarter of an hour passed-

“Oh! I’m sore to death, no one told me it would be so painful!”

Half an hour passed-

“It’s comfortable, continue.”

An hour passed-

“I’m exhausted , You are free.”

Two hours have passed-

are the men who have been prescribed drugs so fierce? I won’t die next time.

In the middle of the night, Cheng Cheng, who had fallen asleep, suddenly stood up from the bed, and there was a backache. She whispered a whisper, and estimated the time at this time, damn, how did she sleep so dead, she quickly put on her clothes and escaped Ran out of the hotel.

Ten months later, in the ward of Tongxin Hospital-

“Cheng Cheng, are you sure your son’s father is British?” Bemy repeatedly looked at the very cute little boy on the bed, cute and cute, but why didn’t you see it at all It looks like a mixed race.

“His family is authentic British.” Cheng Cheng took a bite of the apple, so sweet.

“But why does your son look like this.” The most pier hair is not golden eyes or blue.

Cheng Cheng shrugged: “My son is not as good as me.” That’s

right, but although Cheng Cheng’s is good, the child is too beautiful.

Five years later–

The morning sun was unusually mild, the gentle wind, with a little warmth, sparrows chirped in the trees, in this high-end community, at the door of the first house, stood a beautiful boy, he was carrying a small school bag He shouted helplessly at the back room: “Cheng Cheng, I said that, I don’t want to go to kindergarten.”

Cheng Cheng couldn’t get his baby son. After wearing it himself, he walked to the door and knocked: “Call Mom Mummy, it’s not big or small.”

“Hi Hi! Mommy, do I really have to go to kindergarten?” Cheng Yu sighed helplessly when he saw Cheng Cheng nod, “Well, okay.” Although the kindergarten The children are really very childish, although the kindergarten teacher did not see how clever, all day long, it’s okay to pinch his face like an idiot, although he will be very humble and will not tell others that it is because he is long It’s so cute, but he’s seen Bob in the next class. His mum is Chinese, and his daddy is American, so he’s blond and black eyes. By the way, seeing Bob, he didn’t mean to tell. He is also a mixed-race person. He is an Englishman, but he may not have mixed it thoroughly, so he didn’t see it at all.

His mom never concealed his life, even told him when he was sensible, that his birth started from the encounter of an egg and sperm, and his unknown British dad was unaware of it. Made a small contribution. He doesn’t care. Although sometimes he envied his classmate Xiaoqiang’s dad to take him to McDonald’s at the gate of the kindergarten every day, but he had grandpa and grandma pain and Cheng Cheng.

Cheng Cheng looked at Xiao Chengyu, who seemed to be helpless as he walked out of the door, and grabbed the collar behind him: “Cheng Yu took the computer out of the schoolbag.”

Cheng Yu opened the schoolbag helplessly: “Cheng Cheng, yesterday there was An uncle left me a message on msn saying that something happened to my son, anxious to ask for 5,000 yuan, and gave me the bank card number.”

“I’m not telling you not to take care of strangers, whether online or in reality?”

“I just told him to let him wait, others will burn it for him when he has time.” And he hacked his computer accidentally.

“Okay, your school bus is here.” Cheng Cheng glanced at his watch. “Ah! It’s too late. I’ve made an appointment with your Aunt Bei at eight o’clock. You have to go to school yourself.”

“Say hello to Aunt Bei for me.” Cheng Yu shook his head and watched his mum rush to the garage with the car key. This is his mum, a genius with an IQ of two hundred. Doubt how his mom lived so big. Slowly walking on the school bus, the leader teacher squeezed his face without any surprise, he sighed helplessly, the kindergarten really didn’t mean anything at all.

The school bus drove through the luxurious building covering a few acres. Cheng Yuyuan’s eyes flashed. After school, Cheng Yu ran to the outer wall of the luxurious building with his small computer. There are countermeasures under the policy. Cheng Cheng thought he could do nothing with his computer. His fat index finger tapped on the keyboard. This time he said he would successfully invade the security system here, with a small face with a determined attachment.

The numbers jumped quickly on the computer screen, and finally fixed, the system prompts that the password is correct: “yes.” And quickly hit a few keys, Cheng Yu closed the computer, looked up at the wall much higher than his body, and then look at that A serious uncle who stood outside.

Hey! Hey! Hey! I finally climbed to the top of the tree, twisted my little ass, and prepared to land, hoo! The butt does not hurt at all.

“Little fellow, of course you don’t hurt anymore, can you get off my back?”

Cheng Yu quickly climbed down: “Hello, I’m Cheng Yu from the second class of Jinqiao Kindergarten. I’m very happy to see you.” Mommy said that children should be polite.

“Hello, I am a professor, and I am very happy to meet you.” The professor held the small hand outstretched and liked the child in front of him. This child reminded him of his uniqueness when he was a child. It looks so cute. It’s like that, he’s the one who got angry with him, and Louis is used to it. “I have sugar here, do I want to eat it?”

“Mummy said you can’t eat strangers’ things.”

“Yes.” The professor just wanted to The sugar is collected.

“But we have just introduced each other. Everyone knows it is not a stranger, and you are so sincere. It’s wrong for Mommy to let her friend down, so I can barely eat one.” Take one into your mouth and eat it.

“Xiao Chengyu, how did you come in?” There are infrared security systems on the outside wall, so it’s not easy to get in.

“I tell you, you can’t tell others. The system on this wall is too broken, and it took me a month to solve it.” In fact, compared to other security systems, this time he spent the longest time, let it be Let him do it. For the time being, he can’t develop such a perfect security system, but it is impossible now that it does not mean impossible in the future. He is an invincible super genius in the universe. How can he admit that others are better than himself. I don’t know if Lengya’s family knows what her grandson would say about what she shot. “Professor Grandpa, I’m going back, otherwise Mommy is looking for me. This is our secret. Don’t tell anyone. Pull the hook.”

“Okay, pull the hook.” The

professor’s obscure eyes looked at Cheng Yu and climbed over The wall left: “Xizawa.”


“Go check this kid.”


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