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Pregnant With the Villain Uncle’s Child


Tang Xinyu transmigrate to become the worst female cannon fodder in the novel.
Scumbag fiancé derails with the hypocrite friend. The father hides his wild seeds and the only mother who loves the original owner goes crazy, and she goes bankrupt and commits suicide … Fortunately, she came through …

Tang Xinyu wears the worst female partner in the essay, the scumbag fiancé cheated on plastic girlfriends, the Phoenix father hid the wild species, the only mother who loved the original owner went crazy jumping off the building, the original owner went bankrupt and committed suicide… Fortunately, when he passed through, he had not fallen into the fire pit. Tang Xinyu squeezed a contract: “The enemy’s enemy is a friend. Each takes what he needs and agrees to get married. Learn about it?” The scumbag man in the wheelchair and his uncle were signed by “forcing the good to be a prostitute.” Tang Xinyu, who had finished wandering around after he was worth tens of billions of dollars, had never expected that it would be easy to get married but difficult to divorce.

At night, listening to the people under him weeping fancyly, the fake text finally revealed the wolf’s claws that had been hidden for a long time: “Widowhood? Huh? Want to divorce?”
Tang Xinyu wailed inwardly. Who can tell her why she tied up a book with a paper agreement. CUHK villain?
The counterattack queen who rubbed the white lotus scum on the ground one by one and the wheelchair knight who coveted his nephew and girlfriend for a long time

Pregnant With the Villain Uncle’s Child
Associated Names: 怀了反派小叔的孩子[穿书]
Drama, Josei, Romance
Genres: 098
Year: n/a
Status: 105 Completed

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