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Chapter 2 Master Wu

During the noon break, Gu Xiaochen and Shen Ruo sat at the same table in the staff dining room and ate lunch slowly. The sunlight just shone and shone on Gu Xiaochen’s side face, as well as on Shen Ruo’s small face that was very excited and worshipped. After a month of in-depth, Shen Ruo finally heard the news of “Master Lian”.

“Xiao Chen, the man we saw before was Wu Helian!”

“Wu Shi Shao Dong Wu He Lian, handsome and charming and gold, Wu’s recognized diamond bachelor. Everyone called him Master Lian, he is in Wu family, but no one knows no one knows!”

“And there are two unwritten rules in Wu’s!”

Shen Ruo’s eyes were so eloquent that he only shouted with a loudspeaker.

Gu Xiaochen just bowed his head to eat, and from time to time looked up at her, listening quietly.

“The first one is, in Wu Family, Master Lian said you are wrong, then you are wrong.”

“Second, in Wu Family, don’t mess with Master Lian, otherwise there will be only one word in the end-death.”

Gu Xiaochen held his chopsticks, with no appetite.

Shen Ruo didn’t notice the strange appearance of Gu Xiaochen’s face, tinkering with the cold noodles in the dinner plate, with some regrets and some yearnings, “I also heard that Master Lian’s lovers are as many as stars in the sky, and they are too numerous to count. Do you say Master Lian will suddenly change her taste and like ordinary girls? “

Autocratic, arrogant and playboy?

Gu Xiaochen put down the chopsticks in his hand and stood up with the tray, “Shen Ruo, I still have things to do. I will go first.”

“Wait for me!” Shen Ruo hurriedly jammed his cold noodles and resolved in a hurry.

In a busy department, the employees have their own work in mind.

A female clerk suddenly walked outside the office, her high heels stomped loudly, and she felt like she was venting her anger.

Zhang Manli is a famous beauty in this department, she sits angrily on the chair.

“Yo! You came back from the president’s office so quickly?” Someone asked sarcastically.

Zhang Manli blushed with anger and was nowhere to bleed. Yu Guang glanced at the document on the table, grabbed the document violently, and shouted at Gu Xiaochen and Shen Ruo, “What are you doing! The report is not detailed enough, this issue The budget is very important. If something is wrong, it will affect the entire project evaluation! Redo it immediately! “

Zhang Manli, because of her youth and beauty, fascinated the supervisor and opened one eye to her, so she was a fake.

The newcomer is unlucky.

Throughout the afternoon, Gu Xiaochen and Shen Ruo had to redo the budget over and over again. Zhang Manli apparently wasted with both of them and tortured them repeatedly.

Until the end of work, the staff leave one after another, and finally can no longer pick out the defects.

The two breathed a sigh of relief, and Zhang Manli came out with another report. He said, “Oh, there is a copy here. I have forgotten it. I will leave it to you. I will see it in the company tomorrow morning.”

She put down the file, swayed her beautiful hips and smiled away.

“I still have something today!” Shen Ruo was already tortured, and he fell on his desk.

Gu Xiaochen patted her on the shoulder and said with a smile, “This report is handed over to me, you will go as soon as you have something.”

“Really?” Shen Ruo asked in surprise, a little embarrassed.

Gu Xiaochen nodded, “Go.”

“Xiaochen, you are so good.” Shen Ruo hugged her and hurriedly packed up and left.

She was the only one in the quiet office.

The night was getting deeper and it was pouring downpour.

In the office of several hundred towns, a tall man fell asleep on the sofa. The slender legs overlap at random, and the smoky gray shirt unbuttons the first two buttons, revealing a sturdy, lean chest. A light brown hair obscured his handsome appearance, and long and dense eyelashes were covered under his eyelids.

Suddenly, the phone on the glass coffee table vibrated and kept spinning on the desktop.

Wu Helian woke up quietly, groping her cell phone with her eyes closed, and pressed the call button.

Over the phone, the woman shouted back and forth, “Lian ~”

“Missing me? Huh?” Asked the slightly hoarse and magnetic male voice, causing the woman to giggle.

“Lian, would you like to have dinner together at night? People have also reserved a place. But they are still shooting planes, and they will be ready soon. Will you pick me up?”

“Work well, I’ll pick you up.” Wu Helian woke up a little and said casually.

“Lian, people love you the most!” The woman smiled happily, slamming at him.

Hang up the phone, Wu Helian walked into the rest room to freshen up. He changed his pleated shirt, flicked his blazer over his shoulder with one hand, and walked out of the office at a steady pace. He had a brave face and a smile on the corner of his mouth. He was a playboy among the flowers.

Undoubtedly, this man is an outstanding creation of God.

In the quiet hall on the ground floor, Gu Xiaochen walked out of the elevator with a thin shoulder bag.

“Miss, under such heavy rain, haven’t you brought an umbrella?” The security guard asked enthusiastically.

“I have an umbrella.” Gu Xiaochen took out the umbrella from the diagonal bag and smiled at the security guard. She walked a few steps forward holding the umbrella, but heard the voice of the security guard behind her, “Master Lian, I will get the umbrella for you right away, please wait!”

Another low male voice sounded faintly through the pattering rain, not knowing what he said.

Suddenly, someone shouted at her, “Lady with an oblique bag in front of you, is it convenient for you to take an umbrella and walk together?”

The lady with the bag? Are you calling her? Gu Xiaochen took a stiff back and quickened his pace.

Wu Helian is just going to pick up the car in the corner parking lot, he is too lazy to hold an umbrella. Seeing the woman holding an umbrella in front of her, she thought of a way down. But something surprising happened. This woman was walking faster and faster?

“Miss in front! Come back soon! Master Lian asks you to walk with an umbrella!” The security guard was afraid she did not know who it was and shouted again.

But she didn’t mean to stop at all, and didn’t look back.

Under Wu Helian’s stunned attention, that figure stopped Taxi, and walked away, disappearing into the rain.

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