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Chapter 3 Emergency Notification

Eight o’clock in the morning, accurate working hours.

On the endless road, the staff walked into the Wu family one after another. The women on high heels have no delicate expression on their delicate faces. The men who carried the briefcases looked equally indifferent. Few people greeted each other, most of them went their own way. This world is like a forest made of steel bars.

Suddenly, the thin figure behind the crowd moved forward slowly, like a wandering soul.

Gu Xiaochen just walked into Wu’s front foot, and someone immediately patted her on the shoulder. She turned her head and saw Shen Ruo smirked at her, “Xiaochen, good morning.”

“Shen Ruo, good morning.” Gu Xiaochen hated the stifling atmosphere, and Shen Ruo’s appearance relieved her.

“Thank you so much yesterday! Did you stay up late? What time will you go back?” Shen Ruo embraced her wrist intimately, and they walked side by side to the elevator.

Gu Xiaochen raised his smile and whispered, “It’s quite early, that report is not as complicated as it was before.”

“Really?” Shen Ruo murmured suspiciously, and asked again, “But it suddenly rained yesterday. You didn’t get rain?”

“I have an umbrella. And I got into the car as soon as I left the company.” Gu Xiaochen said truthfully, suddenly thinking of what happened last night. She shook her head unconsciously, throwing away that irritability.

The two took the elevator to the working department floor, and walked into the office chatting and laughing.

Gu Xiaochen looked up and saw that his position was occupied by others, and said politely, “Miss Zhang, good morning.”

“Miss Zhang, good morning.” Although Shen Ruo wasn’t the original one, she still spoke.

Zhang Manli has been waiting for a long time, Li Rong toe up to meet them with a cold voice and asked, “Gu Xiaochen, Shen Ruo, what about the report you asked you to complete yesterday?”

“Emergency notice, Master Lian is about to visit, everyone is ready!” Gu Xiaochen just started to reply, the supervisor hurried in, Shen Sheng shouted, “All his desks are cleaned up! Also, the female staff will Put away all the messy things! “

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and suddenly recovered, and hurriedly began to pack up.

Zhang Manli couldn’t hide his excitement, and he left behind the report. She picked up her bag and ran into the bathroom to make up.

“Gosh! Master Lian is coming?” Shen Ruoxing shouted, “Xiaochen, Zhang Manli must be going to make up, let’s take time to apply makeup?”

“I won’t go, you go.” Gu Xiaochen was very self-knowledge and never dreamed of a sparrow becoming a phoenix.

“Go! Go together!”


Shen Ruohu dragged Gu Xiaochen into the bathroom, pushed the door, and froze in amazement.

Why is it full of women?

The female staff member Yu Guang, who was making up makeup in the bathroom, swept towards them, glanced at Shen Ruo, who was looking pretty good, and stayed on Gu Xiaochen for a few seconds, seeing her dress, and a ridicule in her mouth. The disdainful eyes seemed to be laughing at her overwhelming power.

The two retired almost immediately. Shen Ruo holding the makeup bag and said unwillingly, “Fortunately I know a quiet place where no one disturbs! Xiaochen, let’s go!”

“Where are you going?” Gu Xiaochen asked in surprise.

Gu Xiaochen was taken to the staircase by Shen Ruo, just about to push the door in and the phone rang. Shen Ruo answered the phone and turned to Gu Xiaochen, saying, “My cousin came to get something, and I will give her. You go in and wait for me, and I will come immediately!”

“Shen Ruo …” Gu Xiaochen wanted to refuse, but Shen Ruo had already put the cosmetic bag in her arms and turned and ran away.

Gu Xiaochen looked at her Lord’s figure and had to walk into the stairwell.

A door put an end to the hustle and bustle, which is probably the quietest place in the Wu family.

Suddenly heard a moan in the small room of the rotating chores in the stairwell, only to find that the door of the small room was not closed, there was a gap, and the vague words of the woman vaguely sounded, “You do n’t like my stay in the company … … that person can resign … “

“For you … I will do anything …”


The woman’s last claim shook Gu Xiaochen.

Gu Xiaochen wanted to leave here, hurriedly took a step back, but hit the fire extinguisher in the corner.

“Who’s outside!” The man asked hoarsely, accompanied by the woman’s exclamation.

In a panic, Gu Xiaochen pushed open the door and fled. But her glasses fell off the bridge of her nose because of violent movements. She stepped on one foot and shattered, but she could no longer take care of her glasses.

The next second, the door of the stairwell was pushed open again.

Wu Helian’s long figure flashed. He looked down and saw the broken glass lens in the corridor.

Gu Xiaochen returned to the office in a panic, immediately took out spare glasses and put them on. But one heart thumped and thumped. She covered her heart and thought that he was going to visit soon, so she lied to the supervisor and felt uncomfortable and hid in the rest room.

It didn’t take long for the entire department’s employees to welcome them.

“Master Lian is here! Welcome!” Only the male voice of the supervisor Hong Liang was heard, and everyone immediately clapped and applauded.

Wu Helian has calmly beat everyone, her eyes are hidden deep, and even her smile has a charming charm, Shen Sheng said, “Good afternoon, everyone. Wu’s success is inseparable from each of you, in the days to come And I hope you all work hard together. “

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed. “Nothing will go wrong at the press conference next week.”

“Yes! Master Lian!” Everyone suddenly suffocated.

Wu Helian’s tour will never exceed five minutes. The female staff took pains to dress up, looked forward, and ended in disappointment. As a new employee, Shen Ruo stood at the end. She kept staring at Wu Helian, hoping he would notice his burning attention. But until the end, he didn’t even sweep Yu Guang towards her.

Wu Helian walked slowly to the elevator, and the group walked sideways behind him.

The moment the elevator door closed, Gu Xiaochen happened to pass by.

Back to the office

After returning to the office, Shen Ruo saw her exclaimed, “Xiao Chen! Where have you been!”

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