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Chapter 42 From Girl to Woman

his breath surrounded her, constantly entangled.

The greasy tongue drilled into her mouth, sweeping back and forth for a while, hooking her lips, and the tip of the tongue brushed her every tooth. She suddenly felt a shudder all over, and the buttons of her pajamas did not know when they were untied, and his big, hot palm covered her chest.

Gu Xiaochen’s feeling was so strange and shy, but his lips had kissed her neck along her face, leaving wet traces, depicting her sexy clavicle curve.

Gu Xiaochen’s hand grasped the sheet and released it violently, his hands pressed against his chest, and gave a helpless moan.

But his kiss was anxious and fierce, and both hands groped for her delicate and delicate body, and forcibly touched her whole body. Big palm moved all the way down, fingers touching the edge of the panties, we must probe her softness. With wide eyes in horror, she hurriedly reached out and grabbed his hand.

“Don’t …” Gu Xiaochen’s voice was already hoarse and he gasped quickly.

In the chaotic darkness, the breathing of the two sounded one after another. Wu Helian’s cold face was blurred and visible under the moonlight, and his eyes shone like the starlight in the night, bright and confusing. And under her, a small face could not be seen clearly, and the tension and anxiety were clearly noticed.

Black eyes like jewels, she stared at him in panic.

“Don’t forget, you are already my own.” Wu Helian took her hand and lowered her head, her wet tongue licking her neck.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, biting his lips to endure embarrassment, and … throbbing.

His hands separated her legs arbitrarily, and she flexed her bottoms flexibly, while she bit her lips tightly and spit out the words, “I’m afraid …”

Wu Helian suddenly stopped. , Feeling her trembling uncomfortably under him. But in the next second, he didn’t care about it, and it was hot and hard. She attacked her softness in one fell swoop, completely filled her body, and at the same time fiercely broke through a certain layer of obstacles, and she curled up in pain.

“You …” Wu Helian couldn’t help but stunned, her eyes widened in surprise.

How could she be a virgin?

Gu Xiaochen was so painful and unbearable that he shed tears from the corners of his eyes. Stubborn as her, as stubborn as her, just did not make any sound.

He saw her eyes, and there was water in the darkness, which affected his cold heart.

“Don’t be afraid.” He pecked her lips lightly, biting softly. Lips kissed her forehead, kissed her eyes, tasted a hint of salty taste.

His voice was unbelievably hoarse, so close to her ears. His kiss was suddenly so gentle that she was at a loss, as if it were pampering. Gu Xiaochen narrowed his eyes in pain and pressed against his chest, hearing his deep and powerful heartbeat, and then again and again.

Damn it. Wu Helian secretly cursed.

She was too dry …

“Be good, relax.” His voice grew deeper, kissing her lips softly, sucking repeatedly.

Gu Xiaochen was like a doll, he was deeply kissed by him, and he was hesitantly led by him. The body is gradually out of control, and the mind is confused, and the brain is suddenly blank, as if indulging in the abyss. Her body was empty, he stepped back, but hesitated to wander outside.

Until her body was no longer stiff, he pressed down again and slowly submerged her completely.

It was just a little discomfort, but his heart seemed to be filled by him at once.

He paused slightly, kissed her, and gallantly galloped into her deepest place again and again.

She bit her lip deadly, not letting herself make that red heart-growing moan, but underneath him became a girl … a woman.


The moonlight outside the window was bright, and shone into the floor of the room.

The sound of “click” sounded in the darkness, a cluster of fire ignited, and the smell of smoke diffused lightly.

On the big bed, Wu Helian smoked quietly.

In such a silent night, the woman beside him was tired and asleep, and her breathing was trembling.

The black hair scattered and covered his face, which was faintly vague.

Wu Helian didn’t touch her virgin, but in principle, he didn’t like to touch girls. One is too much trouble. The second is that girls are too hypocritical and too bored. But the action is undeniable. Gu Xiaochen gave him unprecedented satisfaction and impulse. The kind of crazy possession and plunder had an inexplicable pleasure.

He spit out the white smoke ring and took another sip, smashing the smoke into the ashtray.

Wu Helian lifted the quilt and stood up, opened the door and left silently.

And she still can’t wake up with personnel.

At the end of the night sky, there was the white light of dawn.

Pain … Gu Xiaochen woke up, only to feel pain all over his body, especially between his legs. This pain is strange. She opened her eyes slowly, the pale ceiling, carved with flowers. For a moment, she recovered, realizing that this was not her home.

This is … his apartment.

But what about him? Gu Xiaochen turned his head timidly, and there was no longer his figure beside the bed, empty. Reaching out and touching, I only found that there was no temperature in the cold. She lay halfway up, the quilt slipped off instantly, and her body was cold. She quickly grabbed the quilt and wrapped herself tightly.

The clothes fell messy on the ground, and there were still traces of his love on him.

Gu Xiaochen got out of bed under the quilt, she opened the door and ran to the living room to get the duffel bag. When he ran back to the bedroom, he saw the entrance, and his shoes were still there.

She turned her head suspiciously and glanced at the other room, only to see the door closed tightly.

When did he go to that room?

Suddenly, there was a sour coolness in my heart.

Gu Xiaochen bowed his head into the bedroom and changed his clothes in a hurry. Pick up the black frame glasses that were removed yesterday and put them back on. Glancing at the time, it was already eight o’clock, she was going to be late.

What should I do? Would you like to tell him?

But what should I say? Should he still sleep?

Gu Xiaochen walked out of the bedroom with his shoulder bag, frowning again. After thinking for a while, she took the note paper from her shoulder bag and immediately lowered her head to write.

Opening the door of the apartment, she turned her head and glanced at the note paper on the coffee table before finally leaving.

When Wu Helian woke up, the sky was already full. The sun was shining, and wind came from the half-open windows. He half-opened his eyes and lay on the bed for a while, before lifting the quilt and getting up. He took out his pajamas from the closet and put them on casually, and walked out of the room naked.

The deserted apartment, deserted without a person, is the same as every day.

This apartment is Wu Helian’s private apartment, even he rarely came back to live. Generally, he lives outside and lingers in the beauty of different women every day. Occasionally come back for one night, and will definitely leave the next day. Moreover, it must have been a long time to come back again.

Wu Helian turned her head to look at the next room with the door ajar.

He pushed gently, and she was no longer in the room.

She had sorted the room, her trousers were neatly folded, the pillow was pressed on it, and she was placed on the bed properly. He leaned against the door, his eyes deep. And this bed, he lingered with her last night. Silently withdrawing his gaze, he turned to the bathroom.

When I looked back, I saw a note paper attached to the glass on the coffee table in the living room.

Wu Helian walked indifferently and walked to the living room sofa to sit down.

He reached out and pulled the note paper, and got it in front of him.

I saw a beautiful line of writing on the note paper: Master Lian, I went to work.

Attribution: Gu Xiaochen.

It was still a formulaic tone, without the coquettish taste that a lover should have.

Should he be happy? She is really clever.

Wu Helian defended the corner of the note paper and suddenly raised her lips, just staring at her title. The title “Master Lian” wrinkled his stretched eyebrows.

He glued the note paper back to the glass body and got up to the bathroom.

Wu Shi Company.

It’s nine o’clock in the morning, and work on time.

Gu Xiaochen hurried to the company, almost late. Originally, the time was tight, plus the change of residence, it took time to ask for the bus. Fortunately, she still caught up. Gu Xiaochen hurried into his office and put down his shoulder bag.

Determined, she picked up the TV and ordered breakfast. Then take out the documents sorted out yesterday and prepare for the day’s work.

But for how long, the handsome figures of Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin walked slowly in front of the blinds and entered their respective offices.

Gu Xiaochen counted the time, and the breakfast takeaway was almost there. She immediately got up and walked to the corridor outside the department to wait. It so happened that she had just arrived at the elevator door and the elevator came up.

Gu Xiaochen looked at the delivery man who walked out of the elevator and whispered, “Give me something.” The

delivery man handed her the breakfast and received the money. “Goodbye.”


Gu Xiaochen smiled slightly and said, Breakfast walked back to the department. Before going to the deputy general office, she did not forget to make a cup of coffee. The department colleague saw her holding things in both hands, kindly knocked the door for her, and then opened the door for her. Gu Xiaochen held breakfast in one hand and coffee in the other, and

walked in slowly . “Vice President, your breakfast.” Wu Haoyang Junrong has not been awake yet, a little hazy.

He narrowed his eyes, leaning on the executive chair and looking at her.

“Today’s breakfast is Italian mushroom soup, bacon, French bread, omelette, and fruit.” Gu Xiaochen put things on the coffee table and said slowly.

Since Gu Xiaochen became his secretary, she not only prepared food for him, but even gave him a gift for his girlfriend first, including dealing with a lot of mess on official business. His attitude towards her is not good, she doesn’t take it seriously, she still works hard every day.

Wu Haoyang even found that since these days, she has no choice in the food she prepared for him.

It seems to be afraid of his taste.

She is indeed a responsible secretary and a rare assistant.

This is a fact that Wu Haoyang does not deny.

“Vice President, please take your time.” Gu Xiaochen whispered that he would turn around and leave.

“Gu Secretary.” Wu Haoyang stopped her.

Gu Xiaochen stopped and looked back at her. Wu Haoyang was silent for a long while, and moved his lips, just about to speak, but the door of the office was knocked, and he spit out two words, “Come in.”

Yao Yongxin walked in with the document in his hand.

“Secretary Gu, early.” Yao Yongxin greeted Gu Xiaochen with a bright smile.

“Early.” Some people have such charm, exuding the warmth of sunshine. Gu Xiaochen felt that Yao Yongxin was just such a person.

Yao Yong put down the document and said softly, “Vice President, here are the specific information of the five competing companies of the Kowloon Land Investment Promotion Association. According to this information, a series of corresponding measures can be established.”

“Manager Yao, it is hard.” The document in front of me had a charming smile, “In order to thank you for your hard work, I would like to invite Manager Yao to have breakfast together.”

“Okay.” Yao Yongxin responded, saying again, “But this document is not mine. Secretary Gu has put a lot of effort into the work. Secretary Gu, the vice

president invited us to dine together, we should not be polite, let alone save him money. ” Gu Xiaochen shook his head and smiled shyly,” This is what I should do Yes, and I have eaten it already. “

Wu Haoyang raised his lips, and the words suddenly became sharp again, “Manager Yao, this secretary is not an ordinary secretary. She is …”

He paused and whispered, “Universal secretary. Everything. Can do it. “

” Universal Secretary? “Yao Yongxin said in surprise,” Gu Secretary has this trend more and more. “

Wu Haoyang just laughed, but his smile made Gu Xiaochen feel a little embarrassed. I do n’t know if it ’s an illusion, even those words seem to be telling something on purpose.

“Vice President, Manager Yao, I’m out of work.” Gu Xiaochen whispered and retreated.

At the closing moment, she heard Wu Wuyang and Yao Yongxin talking and laughing.

Universal secretary?

Including … going to bed.

Gu Xiaochen was startled, but smiled faintly, so meaningless.

Wu Helian did not come to the company this morning, and Gu Xiaochen did not see him.

In the afternoon, Gu Xiaochen learned from Yao Yongxin that Wu Helian was going on a “vacation” again. The day after she became his lover, he took other women on vacation. I didn’t know the integrity of the holiday at first. Over time, even the dull person like Gu Xiaochen understood.

She couldn’t help being glad that she didn’t have to face him again at night.

After spending the day safely, after work, Gu Xiaochen habitually walked home to the bus stop. Just stopped, she was stunned again.

What went wrong, went wrong. Gu Xiaochen secretly blamed himself, so he turned around and walked back towards the way he came.

This is an unfamiliar circuit, but she will get used to it later.

Gu Xiaochen returned to the apartment in Yinshen Mansion, only to find that he did not have the key to the apartment. She was standing in front of the apartment, and stood stupidly for a few minutes. Then he reluctantly took out his phone and found his phone number. Press the dial key, the three words “Wu Helian” are connected on the screen.

“Beep–” Waiting sound came from the phone.

Suddenly, someone connected the phone and didn’t wait for Gu Xiaochen to speak. The woman’s charming female voice came, “I’m sorry, Lian is taking a shower, so it’s not convenient to answer.”

Gu Xiaochen grabbed the phone and said in a reflective way, “I’m sorry, I’m bothered. “

Hanging up the phone, she stood in front of the apartment and didn’t know what to do.

After a long time, the phone suddenly clamored on the quiet floor, so hurried.

The phone was still in his hand, Gu Xiaochen looked down, the three words flashed on the screen again. She hurriedly pressed the connect button and took the phone to her ear.

There was a moment of silence, so embarrassing.

“Talk!” He drank and commanded in an overbearing tone.

Gu Xiaochen dumbfounded and said softly, “Master Lian, I don’t have the apartment key.”

“The key is under the carpet.” On the other end of the phone, Wu Helian’s cold male voice came, vaguely sandwiching the woman’s cry.

Gu Xiaochen’s mind immediately outlined a pair of possible pictures, and hurriedly said, “I see.” The voice fell, and she hung up. Holding the phone, why the whole person is bored. She took a step back and bent over to lift the stepped carpet.

Sure enough, there was a key under the carpet.

Gu Xiaochen picked up the key and opened the door smoothly.

The apartment was as strange as when she left in the morning. She put down her shoulder bag and faced this temporary basis, feeling too cold. Her stomach was a little hungry, and there was still a little left over from yesterday. She was too lazy to buy it. She just cooked it and ate it, and the dinner was solved.

After dinner, Gu Xiaochen walked back to the bedroom.

When the light was turned on, she picked up the quilt on the bed and set it aside, and the dry, rose-colored imprint appeared on the bed sheet.

That’s her … Gu Xiaochen’s face was reddish, and he hurriedly pulled off the sheets and took them to the bathroom for cleaning. After washing, the sheets have a clean smell of soap powder. Gu Xiaochen stood on the balcony, drying the sheets. She reached out to smooth the folds of the sheets and suddenly stopped.

It’s almost time to calculate the time.

In the middle of November, Wu successfully bid for the land in Kowloon.

As soon as Wu Haoyang and Gu Xiaochen returned to the company, Yan Xudong and Yao Yongxin, who had received good news early, were already waiting in the deputy general office.

Seeing the two of them coming back, Yao Yongxin smiled and said amusedly, “In the past half an hour, there have been repeated telephone appointments from news agencies, saying that he is going to give a special interview to Vice President Yang, and he will also be a cover character. Vice President Yang, I don’t know Can you spare your time? “

Yao Yongxin learned those reporters’ flattering voices, causing Wu Haoyang to squint.

Gu Xiaochen raised his smile, only found it interesting.

“I estimate Wu’s recent stock will rise by five percentage points, which will bring new benefits to the company. We can seize this good momentum.” Yan Xudong calmly analyzed the results and said shrewdly.

Wu Haoyang sat down with a headache and couldn’t stand shouting, “Please, can you stop working.” He raised his wrist and looked at the time, and said, “I’m so happy today, why don’t we celebrate?”


“I have no opinion.”

Yao Yongxin and Yan Xudong opened their mouths, and the three looked at Gu Xiaochen at the same time. Gu Xiaochen was glanced at them and said softly, “I’m really sorry, I have something very important tonight. I really can’t go.”

“I don’t want to go if I don’t want to go, and find an excuse.” Wu Haoyang raised an eyebrow and snorted.

“No, I didn’t want to go …” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly explained, but then hesitated, “I …” She stayed with me for a long time, just didn’t say the real reason why she couldn’t go.

“Otherwise, we will celebrate together tomorrow. How about it?” Yan Xudong Shen Sheng suggested.

Yao Yongxin nodded slightly, “Tomorrow will do, then tomorrow will be fine.”

“Simple, casual.” Wu Haoyang spit out two words lightly.

Gu Xiaochen was relieved and looked at Yan Xudong gratefully, showing a smile. Yan Xudong smiled back, his eyes signalling okay.

After work, Gu Xiaochen immediately drove to the cemetery.

Because today is my father’s death day.

Gu Xiaochen bought flowers to visit Gu Qing. Standing in front of Gu Qing ’s tombstone, she laid down the flowers and smiled gently, “Dad, do you know? The company ’s bid was successful today. I ’m doing well now, my mother … also It ’s good, do n’t worry about us. ”

“ Dad, I miss you a lot. ”Gu Xiaochen still smiled, but his eyes were red.

The cold wind blew slowly, and her lone figure seemed even more bleak.

It is difficult to get a car here. It was not until the last bus left in the cemetery that Gu Xiaochen left reluctantly. Then he turned several buses and returned to Yinshen Mansion. She took the key to open the door. As soon as she opened the door, the apartment was still dark.

Gu Xiaochen turned and closed the door, but a low, ghostly male voice rang suddenly around her. “Where did you go?”

She was obviously startled, and hurriedly pressed the switch, only to see him sitting on the living room sofa light.

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