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Chapter 48 Cherish well

everyone said that change is a very difficult thing, but life has changed unconsciously.

There are two pairs of slippers in the apartment, one for men and women of the same style. The toothbrushes, towels and bath towels in the bathroom are all for two. Most of him is blue or black, and most of her is bright yellow and light blue. Plaid is her favorite, including towels and slippers, are all square pattern.

When the patterns were everywhere in the apartment, Wu Helian couldn’t help but ask her, “How do you like it so much?”

She smiled, still shy and shy, and said very embarrassedly, “Daddy said that the rules are the same as life You must also be well behaved. “

During this time, Wu Helian almost returned to the apartment.

He came back very late, mostly already dark.

Gu Xiaochen would cook every day. After work, he went to the supermarket to buy ingredients, and then returned home to wash and cook a few dishes. When Wu Helian came back, refreshing home cooking was already prepared on the table. The scent of the food will make people feel warm.

Every day the dishes change, and Wu Helian’s careful actions are not ignored.

At the beginning, Gu Xiaochen always used to call him “Master Lian”. Whenever she called wrongly, she would be punished by Wu Helian’s enthusiasm. She kissed so much that she couldn’t breathe, and it didn’t matter how she asked for mercy until she swallowed her belly, and she ate no bones.

In the dark room, the scent on her body and the faint scent of shower gel shampoo always stimulate his senses and make him love her like crazy.

After several times, she also learned slowly and shouted at his name.

“Aga, what to eat at night?”

“Aga, all ironed clothes, and for you in the closet of.”

“Aga, today you have to read the game.”

He dictates to her, she always It’s a retrogression.

Gu Xiaochen is the kind of absolutely well-behaved woman who never seems to be angry, always good-tempered, always obedient and obedient. She, who should be just an underground lover, has become a maid, a housekeeper, a part-time worker … There are many professional names, but there is only one employer.

Wu Helian is sometimes suspicious. Zhou Chengze has claimed that she is his girlfriend more than once.

“Girlfriend” is not the same as “woman”, there can be many women. But there is only one girlfriend.

But she followed him like that, can that man still accept it?

And how could she be so willing to pay so much?

“Wow la —” Gu Xiaochen was washing clothes from the bathroom.

Wu Helian changed her neat clothes and even put on her shoes, but found that she couldn’t find a tie. He looked in the direction of the kitchen and asked Shen Sheng, “Where is my tie.”

“In the cupboard in my room, I forgot to put it back to you after ironing it yesterday. You look for it.” She looked out. , Hand full of bubbles.

Wu Helian walked back into her room and opened the cupboard.

He seldom goes through the cupboards. In front of him is a row of dark-colored clothes, and he asks again, “Which drawer is it in?”

“The penultimate one, if not, it is the penultimate one.” “Gu Xiaochen’s weak female voice came again.

Wu Helian first opened the penultimate drawer, and then opened the penultimate third. But none were found. Jianmei frowned, obviously annoying. Simply looking for drawers one by one, he yanked out the drawer in the corner and glanced at it, only to close the drawer.

But again, it seemed to remind him of something. Once again, the drawer opened, and the familiar pocket made his eagle eyes tighten.

“Did you find it?” Gu Xiaochen walked out of the bathroom, wiped his hands, and his face was still ridiculously foamy.

Wu Helian’s tall figure walked out of the bedroom, but he clutched those pockets in his hand. Throwing her pockets at her fiercely,

hitting the floor in front of her, Shen Sheng asked, “Why didn’t you throw it away?” Gu Xiaochen was stunned, staring at him with cold eyes. She lowered her head unaidedly, looking at the chocolate and scarves thrown on the floor by him, and suddenly her heart tightened. She squatted slowly, reaching for it.

“I seem to have said to you, I don’t like my woman holding someone else’s things.” Wu Helian walked up to her, and the black leather shoes stepped on her pockets, and also stepped on the chocolates and scarves. He looked down upon her with condescension, and his expression was cold, enough to make people chill.

Gu Xiaochen grabbed a corner of his pocket, but could not pick it up. His shoes stepped on her pockets, and she slowly raised her head and said softly, “This is someone else’s heart.”

“So.” He asked him, still raising his foot.

Gu Xiaochen lowered his head and stared at the chocolate and scarves looming in his pocket. “Take care.”

Wu Helian suddenly twisted her eyebrows, and Tieqing gave a handsome look. He didn’t say more than half a word, grabbing her hand and grabbing her whole person. Then he picked up the pocket on the ground, he didn’t want to, and carried the pocket to the window. Gu Xiaochen stared at him in a daze, confused.

What is he going to do?


window was opened.

Gu Xiaochen’s eyes widened in amazement, and hurriedly ran towards him. “Don’t!”

Too late to stop, Wu Helian directly flicked her hand and threw her pockets out of the window. On the twelfth floor, those things flickered from her eyes and fell down.

He turned silently and passed her by.

Gu Xiaochen was lying on the edge of the window, bowing his head to see something on the ground.

That was the chocolate my mother made, and that was the scarf that my mother gave her! Gu Xiaochen stepped violently, rushed out of the apartment without changing shoes.

“Gu Xiaochen!” Wu Helian shouted coldly, the displeasure and anger appeared faintly.

Gu Xiaochen stopped at the door, and she did n’t look back, but the voice came with some choked voices, “Although you do n’t like it, but for me, it ’s a very important thing. I just want to keep it as a memorial.” The

voice fell, she Ran out.

Lamborghini slowly drove out of the Yinshen mansion, and as he turned the corner, Wu Helian in the car glanced at the corner. The figure was packing up the things on the ground, and she could not see her face.


At the weekly meeting on Monday, Wu Helian gave Wu Haoyang the full power of the project of Wu’s cooperation with Huayu. This collaboration is unusual because it is the first time Wu’s has touched the oil field. In addition to eliminating competition from several companies in the same industry, a more weekend plan is also required.

It is reported that if the contract is successfully signed with the other company, Wu will use nearly 20% of the company’s huge capital as the initial investment in the project.

What is this concept? Nearly half of Wu’s liquidity has been poured!

Therefore, the person in charge of this cooperative project must be trembling, cautious and vigilant.

However, Wu Haoyang was completely the opposite. Like every previous project case, he was light-hearted, as if he didn’t care at all, and said casually, “I know, I will do my best.”

Everyone saw him with such a sigh of relief. Surprised and quite dissatisfied.

But he is Wu’s three young masters, who can say that?

“Manager Yao. You are here to help.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, glancing at Yao Yongxin.

But his attention also glanced slightly at the other person behind him, the one who was seriously recording with his head down. From this angle, she can see her beautiful neck curve. The fair skin is inherently beautiful enough to attract men’s attention.

Don’t know what happened, he even wanted to cover her skin!

“I know.” Yao Yongxin smiled.

Wu Haoyang’s handsome face radiated light and refused unnecessarily. “I don’t think it’s necessary. I can handle it myself and I don’t need Manager Yao to worry. Manager Yao, you have been busy with a few cases recently, and I won’t delay your It’s time. “

Wu Haoyang said, showing a strange and polite smile.

In front of so many people, Wu Haoyang directly refused Yao Yongxin’s assistance without giving face.

Yao Yong’s beautiful face flashed for a while, but she smiled calmly. “Since the vice president is so sure, I won’t intervene.” She looked at Wu Helian and said softly, “General He, I think the vice president has this ability.”

“That’s it, break up.” Wu Helian was silent for a moment, Shen Sheng said. He got up and left, shouting again, “Manager Yao, you come with me.”

Yao Yongxin picked up the file and walked behind Wu Helian.

Everyone also walked out of the conference room.

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but be confused, what happened to the two people who were originally good?

Yan Xudong calmly calmed down, nodded at Gu Xiaochen, and walked past her.

When all the people were gone, Wu Haoyang stood up without delay, turned his head to Mu Xiaochen of Mu Na, and said, “Shall we hurry up and organize the data? Universal secretary!”

“Oh, good.” Gu Xiaochen closed the pen , Respond quickly.

… After

returning to the office, Gu Xiaochen received a stack of documents from Assistant Assistant Yan Xudong.

The thick data has detailed records of three of the competitors.

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help being grateful and hurriedly called Yan Xudong.

The phone was connected, and Yan Xudong said happily over there, “Thank you. We are all in one company. I happen to have the information of the competing companies, but it’s just a piece of cake. But this case is tricky, especially. Pay attention to a company called Shanda. “

” Shanda? “Gu Xiaochen suspiciously read the name of this unfamiliar company.

“It is said that the CEO of this company is cunning and treacherous, and several of his men are also virtuous with him, and they are notoriously insidious in the circle. So you should pay special attention to it.”

Shanda Company? Gu Xiaochen nodded and said, “I know.”

“Okay, then you are busy first. There is something I need to help, just speak. Don’t be polite.”

“Thank you, Manager.”

“Did you not treat me as a friend?”

” No. “

” If you don’t, don’t be so polite. Well, hang up. “

” Bye. “

Hang up the phone, Gu Xiaochen looked down at the documents in his hand and felt the heavy pressure that he had never had before. She couldn’t care about the others and immediately looked at the competing companies. The previous project case was assisted by Yao Yongxin, so the task was completed easily.

Although there was no Yao Yongxin this time, she could not fail.

It took a whole morning. At lunch time, Gu Xiaochen was still working.

Wu Haoyang walked slowly through the secretary’s office, inadvertently turned his head and glanced at the hard-working figure in the office. He raised his hands and looked at his watch, stopped and turned to walk to the door of the office.

He opened the door and asked

Shen Sheng, “Why didn’t I prepare lunch for me today?” Gu Xiaochen looked blank, saw Wu Haoyang, and immediately stood up. She glanced at the time of the computer and was surprised that it was getting closer now. “Sorry, Vice President, I will prepare

now .” “What time is it now? Do you want me to starve to death?” Wu Haoyang shouted unpleasantly. “Forget it, you go to the restaurant with me! It’s troublesome!”

“Go to the restaurant?” Gu Xiaochen froze for a while, would he also go to the restaurant?

“Do you want me to take the dinner plate? What is your secretary going to do?” Wu Haoyang shouted, already impatient.

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly put down his work and followed him to the restaurant.

Wu’s restaurant also has a distinction. Ordinary employees eat in the employee’s restaurant. This is where Gu Xiaochen always went. But like managers and supervisors, you have to go to another special restaurant.

The two restaurants are on the same floor, separated by left and right.

The staff restaurant is simple and simple, while the other restaurant is much more upscale. Whether it is decoration, or style. There are even people playing the piano in the corner of the restaurant, which is almost the same as the high-end restaurant.

Gu Xiaochen was surprised when he first came to this restaurant.

“You go to find a place.” Wu Haoyang Shen Sheng ordered, but he walked to the food area.

“Vice President, I’ll take things.” Gu Xiaochen just thought it wasn’t so good and simply caught up.

“Let you go to find a location, let you go.” Wu Haoyang frowned, Gu Xiaochen had no choice but to leave.

The managers and supervisors of various departments in the restaurant are dining, and everyone’s eyes from time to time glance at Gu Xiaochen’s location. Gu Xiaochen also noticed their attention and lowered his head a little awkwardly. According to the truth, she is just a secretary, and she really shouldn’t be here.

Wu Haoyang brought two plates full of food to her, handed her one, and said roughly, “Eat.” He said, picking up the cutlery and eating himself, no longer Take care of her.

Gu Xiaochen was neither eating nor eating, and yelled softly, “Vice President.”

“Don’t talk while eating, you don’t know the rules?” Wu Haoyang shouted sharply, staring up at her, and let her close her eyes Sounded.

Gu Xiaochen was gone, so he had to take the tableware to eat in silence.

At this time, the two figures walked side by side into the restaurant.

The comers are Yan Xudong and Yao Yongxin.

Yan Xudong glanced sharply at the two people in the corner, naturally grabbed Yao Yongxin’s shoulder and led her to Wu Haoyang’s table. Yan Xudong deliberately ignored Wu Haoyang’s gloomy expression and smiled, “It’s such a coincidence, let’s eat together.”

He opened the chair and said to Yao Yongxin again, “I’m going to get something.”

Yao Yongxin just started to speak, Yan Xu Dong pressed her shoulders hard and asked her to sit down. Yao Yongxin stalemate, but had to sit down. Yan Xudong smiled at Gu Xiaochen and turned to get something. But after a while, he took the dinner plate back and sat down in another empty seat.

Four sides of the glass table, four people just sit on each side.

Gu Xiaochen noticed that the atmosphere was not right, and she, who was originally quiet, was even quieter.

Yao Yong eats very little, and it can be said that she hardly eats much. After eating a few bites, she put down the tableware, picked up the napkin and wiped her mouth, and said with a smile, “I’m full, and I’m still busy. You eat slowly.” Xiaochen, eat more. “

” Good. “Gu Xiaochen nodded.

Yao Yongxin got up and walked out of the restaurant, Wu Haoyang was still eating.

But for how long, Wu Haoyang also put down the tableware. He glanced at Yan Xudong, and also got up and left.

In an instant, only Gu Xiaochen and Yan Xudong were left on the dining table.

Gu Xiaochen held chopsticks and looked up at the opposite Yan Xudong. He couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Mr. Yan, I know maybe I’m too busy. But is the vice president and Manager Yao in conflict?”

” You said. “Yan Xudong did not answer the question directly, but asked rhetorically.

Gu Xiaochen thought for a while and simply said, “I think they should make a conflict.”

“It’s also a contradiction.” Yan Xudong drank ice water and said slowly, “But this contradiction is not a day or two. Hope soon Point to solve. “

Gu Xiaochen frowned,” Is it so serious? “

“Some people always like to evade themselves, don’t understand their hearts, and dare not face them. This is also something that can’t be done.” Yan Xudong’s deep male voice came and laughed, “but I’m not qualified to say others Some things are simple to say, but difficult to do.

“Who dare the manager dare not face?” Gu Xiaochen asked dully.

Yan Xudong’s handsome face was particularly clear and striking in the sun, and a corner of his mouth raised a curved angle. His eyes were deep and he stared at her without blinking. At this time, Gu Xiaochen was focused on him So stunned, how suddenly felt panic, the whole person was nervous.

Suddenly, she was afraid that he would continue to speak. Inexplicably afraid.

“Let’s eat. “Yan Xudong did not respond. He said lightly.

Gu Xiaochen said” Eun “and hurriedly bowed his head. The

already condensed atmosphere was mixed with a little uncertainty and singularity.

But Gu Xiaochen noticed that Yan Xudong said no Dare to face what it is. It ’s

just not yet determined.

Two assistants who came back to the office after lunch during lunch break are discussing the gossip news of Fangcai.

“I heard that the vice president took Gu Xiaochen to the manager ’s restaurant for dinner today . What. “

” Really ah? “

Why lie to you?” It’s true! “

Isn’t the vice president looking at her?” “

” How could! Do n’t you know that the vice president is only interesting for beautiful women? “It’s

hard to say, people are animals with emotions. They have been together for a long time. Maybe they are in love for a long time?” “

You are right to say so.” “The

two were talking casually while holding their coffee. They didn’t even notice that someone was walking through the office. And their volume was not large or small, enough for people outside to hear some. The next second, Secretary Xia Yuan rang The door of the office, the two were startled and looked around.

“It’s better to work so free to chat.” Xia Yuan said coldly and turned away.

The two watched Xia Yuan leave, and he was relieved.

“Hey? You know what? Actually Xia secretary, ah, she was interesting to Master Lin. Company so many people, who have not seen her laugh. But Lin Master appeared, her brilliant smile than anyone else ……”

Sunshine It was warm, shining down through the window.

There is no heating in the office, and it looks slightly cold.

Wu Helian sat quietly on the executive chair and was listening to Secretary Xia’s report. At the end of the report, he shouted in a deep voice, “Secretary Xia, told the following that ordinary employees will not be allowed to enter the manager’s restaurant to eat in the future.”

“Yes, Master Lian.” Xia Yuan’s expression was unharmed, but his heart had already stirred.

A terrified thought came to mind, and although he did not want to admit it, he could not rule out the possibility. Is it because of her? No no no, impossible. How could he deliberately give such orders because of such an ordinary woman?

Xia Yuan walked out of the president’s office while thinking.

She returned to her office, her thoughts cluttered.

But, if it were not for her, how could he take care of that little thing?

Xia Yuan picked up the phone and went to the restaurant, said coldly, “Manager Liu, Master Lian told ordinary employees not to enter the manager’s restaurant for dinner.”

Gu Xiaochen? She squeezed the file in her hand and Li Rong was cold.

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