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Chapter 55 Inexplicable thoughts

Wake up in the morning, strange hotel, strange room.

The curtains in the room were pulled, and the sun shone through the curtains.

Gu Xiaochen turned to look at the other bed next to it, and Shen Ruo was still asleep. She must have had a hard time drinking so much last night. Gu Xiaochen didn’t wake up Shen Ruo, so he quietly got up and washed himself. After looking at the time, it was almost ten o’clock. She walked out of the hotel silently and bought it back early.

“Shen Ruo, wake up. It’s time to get up.” Gu Xiaochen walked to the bed and shouted softly.

Shen Ruo groaned, frowned and opened his eyes. The next day when she was drunk, she always had a terrible headache. She turned over annoyedly and shouted.

“I bought it for you earlier, you get up and eat a little.” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly poured a cup of hot water for her and handed her the cup.

Shen Ruoban stood up, took the water glass in her hand, and grunted and drank half of the glass. Then he said, “It was really a disappointment since last night, but thankfully somebody later saved the hero! Have fun!” Seems to think of something, She asked curiously, “Xiaochen, are you and that Mr. Xu an old friend?”

Last night was too noisy, only carnival, and did not have time to ask.

For that Mr. Xu, Shen Ruo was really confused.

Gu Xiaochen took the water cup in her hands and put it down, introducing in a few sentences, “It’s just the people I met at work.”

Shen Ruo didn’t continue to ask more, just “Oh”. She stretched out, lifted the quilt out of bed, and walked into the bathroom. Suddenly he looked out again, holding his toothbrush and brushing his teeth, and his voice was ambiguous. “Xiao Chen, that Mr. Xu is very different from you.”

“Yesterday we played games, everyone took turns to fight wine, and as a result your wine It was all pushed by him. And he also said that he was helping himself! “Shen Ruo retracted his head again, and there was a clatter of water in the bath room.

The next second, Shen Ruo walked out of the bathroom after washing his face.

“That’s what you thought about, nothing.” Gu Xiaochen was opening the packed food and taking out the porridge and snacks.

Although saying so, Gu Xiaochen also thought of Xu Zhiming’s move yesterday.

Those caring behaviors made Gu Xiaochen feel a little embarrassed. After all, there was not much acquaintance between them, just a short meeting. Although meeting was a friend, it was not a friend at all. Coupled with Huayu’s oil case, Gu Xiaochen thought of Yan Xudong’s words.

But should n’t the man who stood up like that be a bad guy?

Shen Ruo sat down on the chair, picked up a bowl of porridge and drank it. He made a decisive assessment, “Xiao Chen, don’t miss a good man by your side. But I still think it’s better to say that the manager is better.”

“You don’t want Just worry about me, and think about it for yourself. “Gu Xiaochen sat next to her, drinking porridge without a bite.” I didn’t see you looking for a boyfriend. “

” Me? “Shen Ruoyan The porridge in his mouth, his eyes obsessed, “That’s because I have a lover in my dream.”

Gu Xiaochen heard her say this, and the whole person was startled.

She knows who Shen Ruo’s dream lover is. The man who can not be ignored, Wu Helian.

“Although I know this is just a dream, it’s totally impossible.” Shen Ruo shrugged, the tone was flirty, and his expression seemed to be indifferent, but there was a hint of hope bursting out of his eyes, “But … A dream is better than no dream!”

Shen Ruo’s laughter came from his ears, Gu Xiaochen was slightly trance.

After being separated from Gu Xiaochen and Shen Ruo, he returned to Yinshen Mansion by car alone.

Taking the key to open the door, she slowly opened the door to a gap.

At this time, a thought suddenly flashed in my mind. A thought that makes me feel inexplicable. Will he come back suddenly like he did that day.

The door was fully opened, and Gu Xiaochen stood at the entrance.

The empty apartment was still deserted, and there was no change when she left on Saturday. Obviously, no one has returned. She closed the door with her backhand and lowered her head. She saw another pair of men’s slippers next to the women’s slippers. Fine lattice pattern.

Gu Xiaochen changed his slippers, put down his shoulder bag, and charged the phone to turn it on.

The hand holding the phone vibrated, showing as a missed call and a text message.

That is a strange number. I don’t know who called it. Gu Xiaochen didn’t pay much attention, thinking that if there is any urgent matter, he will definitely call again. I’m afraid it’s the scammers who will deduct a lot of calls when they are connected.

There is also a text message.

Gu Xiaochen pressed the read button. But the number displayed was still unknown to her.

The text says: Merry Christmas. The signature is Yan Xudong.

Gu Xiaochen stared at the three-character signature, which was both amazement and surprise. She stored the number on her mobile phone and immediately pressed the key to return a message.

Merry Christmas. The information so replied.

But looking at the phone screen showing that the information was sent, Gu Xiaochen felt a little lost.

On Sunday afternoon, how should the days go?

Gu Xiaochen, who had nothing to do with it, decided to clean up the room well. She washed all the sheets, bed sheets, pillowcases of pillows, including some towels, bath towels, and his pajamas. After spending the whole afternoon, she walked to the balcony with a large pot of clothes to dry.

After having been busy for a long time, Gu Xiaochen looked at the clothes that were drying, and then he just laid back.

The wind was blowing slowly, she smelled a faint scent of washing powder.

Suddenly, a faint ringtone came from the living room.

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly turned and ran to her. She grabbed her phone and looked at it again, which was an unfamiliar number that had not been answered before. Hesitantly connected, Gu Xiaochen gave a hello.

Over the phone, the man ’s powerful voice rang, “Miss Gu, I ’m Xu Zhiming …”

“Mr. Xu.”

“I do n’t know if Miss Gu will have time tomorrow noon?”


“I want to ask Miss Gu to eat, by the way Drink afternoon tea. ”

Based on his rescue at the bar, Gu Xiaochen should also thank him, so he whispered,“ Mr. Xu, I am afraid I have no time at noon. But … ”

every day is new in Gu Xiaochen ’s eyes Start.

She came to the company to work as usual, and when Wu Haoyang came to the company, she immediately rushed a cup of coffee and knocked on the door of the deputy general office. She walked into the office and reported to him the main schedule for the week. Of course, the most critical thing is the progress of Huayu’s oil project.

“Vice President, after the team confirmed that the initial copy of the oil project can be finalized on Wednesday.”

“I see.” Wu Haoyang frowned, an impatient expression. He took a sip of the coffee and glanced up at her fair face. The shadow under the eyelid was so deep. He was somewhat casual, but his tone was as sharp as usual. “

Gu Xiaochen took the file and said softly,” No. Just didn’t sleep well. “

” Someone left, so didn’t sleep well? “Wu Haoyang put down his coffee cup with a deep meaning and stabbed her directly.

Gu Xiaochen pursed his lips without saying a word, and his thin figure stood upright.

“Secretary Gu, this is the second time I clearly told you not to dream of a sparrow becoming a phoenix.” Wu Haoyang narrowed his eyes, his deep eyes looked like sharp blades, and his words were sharp and sharp, but his voice was low , Revealing a trace of concern, “He will never fall in love with you.” It

was the words at the time, complete and accurate.

It was surprisingly calm, her heart was so calm at this moment.

Gu Xiaochen looked at Wu Haoyang in front of him, a pale smile on his pale face, too faint, so pale that he could hardly see it, “Vice President, I always have self-knowledge. Like me, I do n’t have a good figure or a good appearance. To the girl who can’t be more ordinary … “She paused, her mouth slightly

raised ,” I won’t go to expect anything. ” She secretly added a deadline. forever and always.

“Then I will go to work first.” Gu Xiaochen smiled at him slightly, and turned away.

Wu Haoyang watched her back, and at the moment she opened the door, she shouted at her, “Gu Secretary.” Gu

Xiaochen stopped and looked back at him.

Wu Haoyang’s handsome face was so calm, the sun shining through his body, a circle of light around him. She waited quietly, and spoke quietly after a long while, breaking the long silence, “ordinary is nothing wrong. Some people want to be ordinary, but there is no way.”

Gu Xiaochen’s heart lake moved slightly, it seemed to understand his words, it seemed that he did not understand .

“Go out.” He drank.

Gu Xiaochen nodded and walked out of the office.

The door closed gently, Wu Haoyang looked down at the cup of coffee. The air was curled up, and the air was filled with the aroma of coffee.

Every Monday of the week, it is customary to have a weekly meeting in the morning.

However, because Wu Helian had not returned, the Zhou Hui had to postpone. But until 3 pm, Gu Xiaochen received a direct call from Secretary Xia, “Secretary Gu, please tell the vice president, Zhou will start in ten minutes.”

“Okay, I know.” Gu Xiaochen responded.

After the phone hung up, Gu Xiaochen immediately informed Wu Haoyang. The two walked out of the deputy general office in tandem and reached the elevator entrance. At the end of the corridor, Yao Yongxin, who received the notification, also happened. The three met here, Gu Xiaochen smiled and shouted, “Manager

Yao .” Yao Yongxin smiled at her, but directly ignored Wu Haoyang’s existence.

The atmosphere was too stalemate and embarrassment, and Gu Xiaochen was aware of it.

The three sat in the elevator to the conference hall on the top floor. As soon as the elevator door opened, Yao Yong came out without looking back. Her steps were fast and big, like who she was trying to get rid of. Gu Xiaochen quietly turned his head to look at Wu Haoyang beside him, only to see him tighten his handsome face, and the haze made people feel chilly.

In the conference hall, managers and supervisors of various departments came one after another.

Yan Xudong entered with a clear posture, his eyes swept over Yao Yongxin, Wu Haoyang, and stayed on Gu Xiaochen. He smiled at her, and Gu Xiaochen smiled back. He sat down next to Yao Yongxin and whispered, “Don’t be preoccupied, be more natural.”

Yao Yongxin looked at Yan Xudong, the sadness passed by, and when he turned around, he smiled on the corner of his mouth.

Wu Haoyang’s already tense facial expression was even more suffocating.


At this time, the door of the conference hall was pushed open.

Secretary Xia came in.

“Master Lian.” Almost at the same time, everyone shouted together. In addition to Wu Haoyang, Yan Xudong, Yao Yongxin, and Gu Xiaochen sitting in the back position. Gu Xiaochen returned to God, and then whispered “Master Lian” following the ground, his voice was too weak.

Wu Helian sat down on the front seat, and the powerful aura suppressed the audience. He has nothing to do with the previous few days. The dark silver shirt with a black suit has a perfect look like a sculpture. The amber eyes are unbiased. The indifferent eyes are directed at the depths of the soul, which makes people afraid.

But clearly and slightly different, the kind of cold is worse than before.

“Start.” The magnetic male voice burst into flames, as if piercing the ice.

Gu Xiaochen held the pen in his hand and recorded the main points of the meeting from time to time. She looked up from time to time, looking at Wu Helian on the front seat. But his eyes were never biased, and he listened to everyone’s report in silence.

For nearly an hour of meeting, until the end of the meeting, Wu Helian did not glance at Gu Xiaochen.

“Today’s meeting is here. The meeting is adjourned.” He ordered that everyone seemed relieved.

Wu Helian got up and left, and Gu Xiaochen also got up with Wu Haoyang. She walked with her head down, squeezing the file in her hand, but heard a female voice in front of her, “Lian, can you go now.” The

female voice is very familiar, and Gu Xiaochen raised her head.

I saw Ilin holding Wu Helian’s arm, smiling brightly. And Wu Helian hugged her intimately, bowing her head and whispering something in her ear. The intimate attitude of the large crowd shocked the people present.

Everyone knows that Wu Helian has always disliked those female companions to spoil the company, and outsiders will never do such behavior.

But now it’s an exception?

The figures of Wu Helian and Yilin blocked the door of the conference hall, and Yan Xudong couldn’t understand it. Yao Yongxin had no expression, and Wu Haoyang’s eyes showed a trace of sarcasm. Gu Xiaochen, who stood at the end, lowered his head silently, staring at his feet and squinting, as if to pick something.

“Tired of waiting? Isn’t it to let you sleep for a while.” His voice was incredibly soft, but it was getting farther and farther away.

Wu Helian took Yilin away, leaving the confused people alone.

As a subordinate, he didn’t dare to talk too much, but when he didn’t see it, he sat down in another elevator.

Yao Yong heart sighed, apparently powerless for his anomaly.

“I asked Yongxin to ask for your number, you won’t be angry.” Gu Xiaochen’s ear violently sounded Xudong’s low voice, she slowly looked up and said softly, “How could it be.”

“That’s good. “Yan Xudong smiled and answered, but saw her look a little tired, as if he was very hit by something, he couldn’t help but asked,” Is it uncomfortable? “

Gu Xiaochen shook his head,” No. “

“Huayu’s case is really tricky, just take it slowly. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, although work is important, but it can’t affect your body. Get more rest and sleep.” If you have any questions, you can also come to ask me. I will definitely refuse to come. “

Wu Haoyang heard Yan Xudong’s words and turned his head to ridicule,” I can rest assured that I have your words. Then I will be happy. Secretary Gu Before the final decision on Wednesday, the initial copy should be handed over to Manager Yan for review. His words are my opinions. Do you understand? “

” Mr. Yan is overseas, and there are enough things overseas. And Mr. He also put Huayu ’s The case is fully handed over to the deputy general manager. The deputy general manager said before that no assistance is needed, so I believe the deputy general manager can complete the project without the assistance of others. “Yao Yongxin said publicly, not waiting for Gu Xiaochen to speak.

When the words fell, she walked into the elevator.

Wu Haoyang sneered, but walked into another elevator.

Gu Xiaochen had to go with Wu Haoyang, and Yan Xudong went to Yao Yongxin.

… when

blinking, it’s time for work again.

The phone rang. Xu Zhiming called.

Gu Xiaochen only remembered that he had an appointment with him for dinner yesterday, but it wasn’t his treat, it was her treat. The appointed place was a restaurant. She was embarrassed to let him wait too long, so she did not plan to continue working overtime. After finishing things, she called Shen Ruo. After all, Xu Zhiming helped Shen Ruo and her friends, and Shen Ruo should indeed thank him.

“Okay, I’ll be down immediately, then we’ll see you in the lobby on the ground floor.” Over the phone, Shen Ruo agreed.

Gu Xiaochen lifted the shoulder bag and took the elevator down the stairs. After meeting Shen Ruo on the ground floor, the two stopped the car and went to the agreed restaurant together.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Xu Zhiming had arrived.

The central position, the light is very good.

Xu Zhiming took off his suit jacket and the slightly rolled shirt sleeves made him feel that he was a bit casual and less rigorous than the office elite. He saw Gu Xiaochen at the first moment, but also saw Shen Ruo behind her. It seemed a little surprised and waved at them quietly.

“There.” Shen Ruo found him and whispered in Gu Xiaochen’s ear.

The two immediately approached Xu Zhiming and sat down on the sofa opposite him.

“Want to eat something. Just order.” Xu Zhiming said generously, took the menu from the waiter and placed it in front of the two of them.

“Mr. Xu, don’t be so polite, we should invite you today.” Gu Xiaochen pushed the menu back to him and said softly.

Xu Zhiming rested on the dining table with one hand and said with a smile, “Let me not be so polite, but you are still so polite. Today’s meal, when I said, please be my please. If you want to invite me to dinner, call me next time “I ca

n’t stand still,” Shen Ruo said broadly. “Okay. Then today, please, we must give us the opportunity to invite you to dinner. I will make an appointment in advance.”

“No problem.” Xu Zhiming agreed.

The dishes ordered came up one after another, and the three dine together.

Shen Ruo was more lively and extroverted, and immediately chatted with the acquaintance. During the chat, she also knew that Xu Zhiming was the manager of Shanda Company. Suddenly confused and suspicious, Wu Yu’s biggest project recently is Huayu Company, and everyone knows how important it is. Isn’t this Shanda Company a competitor of Wu’s?

“Miss Gu, why don’t you eat? Is it unpleasant?” Xu Zhiming asked in a deep voice.

Gu Xiaochen was about to speak, but the cell phone in the shoulder bag suddenly rang. She had to smile at Xu Zhiming apologetically and took out her phone. The name displayed on the screen made her stunned, and the phone almost fell from her hand.

day! How could he call her?

“I answered the phone.” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly said, got up and walked to the bathroom.

When she reached the quiet corridor, she picked up the clamoring phone call.

Before waiting for her to speak, Wu Helian’s deep male voice asked coldly over the phone, “Where is it.”

Gu Xiaochen was bored and said honestly, “I’m eating outside.”

“Which restaurant.”

Gu Xiaochen said the address again. When she thought he would continue to ask her who to eat with, but he

sternly ordered, giving no room at all, with a tough attitude, “Go back.” “Lian …” Gu Xiaochen suddenly did not know to call him “Master Lian”, or Shouting him “Ahe”, he had to close his voice, “I’ll go back after eating, it won’t be too long …”

Kacha-the other side hung up directly.

Gu Xiaochen sighed and walked back to the restaurant with a heart.

The next second, the restaurant manager apologized to the customers in the restaurant, “I’m sorry, everyone. This is a charter today. So this meal will be free of charge, in addition, in order to apologize to you, in the next three months, everyone Dining at this restaurant is still free. “

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