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Chapter 62 Women’s Jealousy

sun is shining down, and the haze on everyone’s face seems to have been wiped away, faintly disappearing. It turned out to be a heavy burden, with responsibility and pride shouldered at the same time. At this time, maybe not to prove to others, but to prove to themselves that they can do better and make better copy than before.

Everyone immediately took their places and immediately devoted themselves to work.

“Xiao Wang, you immediately output a copy of the last data.”


“A Juan, I need to check the data. I need an accurate error value.”

“I see.”

Gu Xiaochen looked at the busy employee and saw The confident smile regained on their faces, suddenly, their hearts warmed up.

During this period of Asahi’s strengths, the team members cultivated a full tacit understanding and also cultivated a good teamwork spirit. These dozens of people are together, from the initial frictions and barriers, to today’s complementary and mutual assistance, an elite team has been formed. No matter whether there is the next cooperation opportunity, but no doubt, each of them has grown up.

Due to the tight schedule, all these three days require overtime.

In addition to the time problem, it is necessary to repair and perfect the previous copy and point out your own problem. This is an extremely complicated and cumbersome thing. This is like writing a manuscript. You can’t find the error yourself, but when others look at it, you will find many typos.

In order to ensure that the copy is more excellent than before, so reverse thinking.

That night, Gu Xiaochen even slept in the company with a group of people, and did not go home directly.

The staff almost reached the level of wasteful sleep and forgetting food, just to be successful.

At noon, Wu Haoyang ordered people to buy enough food. Everyone eats and forgets to work.

Gu Xiaochen buried his head in a pile of documents, concentrating seriously.

Someone handed the bento to her, and Gu Xiaochen looked up and saw a female employee.

“Secretary Gu, have something to eat.” The female clerk said with a smile.

“I’ll finish processing here first, and I’ll eat it later.” Gu Xiaochen took the lunch box and thanked with a smile.

After finishing the data report in hand, Gu Xiaochen hurried back to his office for storage and backup. She dared not take it lightly, so she stored the data in three copies. One copy was handed over to Wu Haoyang, one was kept by himself, and the other was stored in the company’s private system.

“Secretary Gu, follow me to the top floor.” Wu Haoyang suddenly appeared at the door and ordered Shen Sheng.

in the office on the top floor, a few points have been gathered.

Gu Xiaochen saw Yao Yongxin, Yan Xudong, and the silent Wu Helian. He looked at the front indifferently, without glancing at her. She followed Wu Haoyang to sit on the sofa, but she also realized what must have happened. So the atmosphere is so stifling.

Wu Haoyang sat down and asked, “Has that inner ghost been found?”

“It’s just suspicion now, but there is no real evidence. But …” Yao Yongxin’s always bright and beautiful Li Rong stared, and said softly, “But with me The feeling must be her. “

” Feel? “Wu Haoyang sneered.

Yao Yongxin just frowned slightly when he didn’t give face often.

“Speak. Who the hell is that?” Wu Haoyang urged.

Yao Yongxin’s thoughts recalled that day, Ning Sheng said, “It should be Wednesday of the previous two weeks, when I was busy with several investment periods, so I often went out. At about six o’clock, I returned to the company. When I entered the investment When I was in the department, I saw Secretary Xia coming out of the investment department. She held several documents in her hand, and I thought she was here to distribute the documents. We also greeted each other. But the investment department employees were all off work. Including the deputy general manager, and Secretary Gu ’s office is empty. “

Gu Xiaochen thought of that day, and Zhou Chengze sent Zhou Yaru an invitation letter to her that day. She went downstairs to get it, so she didn’t pay as much attention.

Realizing her careless mistakes, she tightened her clothes.

“I really think she is very strange, although she behaves as usual. But that feeling is wrong, obviously she is very nervous.” Yao Yongxin said truthfully.

“I doubt her from this point alone, your feeling is really not ordinary.” Wu Haoyang sneered coldly.

Yan Xudong went on to say, “I have sent someone to secretly follow Xu Zhiming, the manager of Shanda ’s Huayu Petroleum project, these days he has no dealings with Xia Yuan. However, he often goes to a restaurant, and every time It ’s the same private room. So I went to the restaurant to investigate. ”

“ I took pictures of the company ’s five female employees and asked the restaurant ’s Waiter to recognize them. Waiter recognized a photo from the five people at once and said he I have indeed seen her. It is Secretary Xia. “Yan Xudong took five photos from his pocket, including Gu Xiaochen and Xia Yuan.

Yao Yong said in a hurry, “I contacted Inspector Feng, he only told me that the case is already in sight. If the investigation is continued, the criminal will definitely be caught. Obviously, the police were chasing Xiao Chen at the time, trying to cover their eyes and ears, no In order to trace the real black hand behind the scenes. “The

two sang together one by one, and they were in perfect harmony.

Wu Haoyang’s smile was hazy, “Manager Yao is really patient, and it has a good relationship with the wind inspector.”

“Thank you Vice President for complimenting my public relations ability.” Yao Yongxin smiled at him slightly, the smile was rusty.

Gu Xiaochen finally opened his mouth and couldn’t help but ask, “Why is Xia Secretary?”

As far as she knows, Xia Yuan is a very responsible secretary. How could she betray the company? This is impossible!

Wu Haoyang sneered, Yan Xudong was silent, Yao Yong looked at Gu Xiaochen, and said softly, “The jealousy of a woman is sometimes terrible.”

Jealous? Gu Xiaochen dumbfounded, thinking of the red lips of his shirt, thinking of the smile Xia Yuan would only show in front of him …

and then suddenly understood the reason.

Wu Helian, who was silent from beginning to end, still did not speak, but just dumbly smoked.

Wu Haoyang narrowed his eyes and sneered, “It seems that Mr. He has promoted and appreciated Secretary Gu.”

Yan Xudong seemed to think of something, and Ning said, “I don’t only suspect that this time the information was leaked by me. It is suspected that she had made a ghost

twice before . ” ” Two times before? “Yao Yongxin Fox questioned.

“Hengyuan’s information was out of the package, and the bid for tender for Rongsheng’s land was not easy to fly. It is likely that she was.” Yan Xudong subconsciously thought of the past, “Lian, I think the police should also have eyebrows and can re-propose “”

Gu Xiaochen pursed his lips, not knowing what to say.

“Boom-” The door was knocked.

“Come in.”

Xia Yuan walked into the office with coffee next second. She smiled at everyone, still the perfect secretary. Whenever gazes at Wu Helian, his eyes will sparkle. Gu Xiaochen saw her attention and didn’t know what was going on. At this moment, it was an inexplicable feeling for her.

Wuhe Lian has been silent finally spoke, “Summer secretary. You leave it. As for the others, all back to you.”

Yan Xudong, who heard Wuhe Lian say, then stood up out of the office.

Xia Yuan’s always calm Li Rong was suddenly nervous. After he left, Wu Helian said quietly, with only four words, “actively resign.”

“Master Lian …” Xia Yuan murmured and the whole person was in a trance.

“I don’t want to see you again in Hong Kong.” He looked up slowly, his eyes condensing.

Xia Yuan resigned and left Wu’s company that day. The company also discussed the sudden resignation of Xia Yuan.

But no one knows the reason.

Like the evaporation of the world, without a trace.

On the Huayu side, because Wu Haoyang promised in his name, President Guo was willing to allow time.

On Friday morning, they will rush to Huayu to negotiate. On the evening of Thursday, two o’clock in the morning, the team members of the studio finally finalized the perfected and restored copywriting into a document. Everyone looked at the documents on the desk, which was the result of the hard work of everyone, and it was the wisdom that they spent their energy condensing, and it was the crystallization of the cooperation of a team.

Waiting for Friday, all morning, the team members were uneasy.

Watching the time pass by bit by bit, the clock went from “10” to “11”.

Suddenly the phone rang and everyone turned back. Someone answered the phone and listened heavily to the news on the other side of the phone. For a while, the air seemed to condense.

“Okay, I know.” The man hung up the phone, his expression still heavy.

“Xiao Zhang, what is the result?” Someone asked anxiously.

Xiao Zhang Zhiwu looked down, as if very embarrassed. Everyone’s expectation gradually fell, and it was unsuccessful to think about it. Despite the preparation, it is difficult to accept. When everyone was disappointed, Xiao Zhang suddenly laughed out loud, “Take it! Get the project!”

“Ah?” Everyone’s eyes widened, the depression was swept away, and the surprise was very good.

“You brats, we actually play!”

Hilarious sound filled sounded.

Wu’s successful acquisition of Huayu’s oil project is indeed a happy event for the company. There was a celebration feast tonight, but because the people were so tired, they did n’t sleep for almost three days, so they all went home for a rest. The celebration feast is on next week.

After Wu and his party left Huayu, they hurried back to the company.

Sitting in the car, Wu Haoyang glanced at Gu Xiaochen sitting sideways. She turned her head and looked out the window, her pale face shining in the sunlight. Huayu’s project was won after twists and turns. It should have been happy. But she couldn’t see happiness in any way, but calmly as if nothing had happened.

Wu Haoyang withdrew his eyes and looked at the front. “Why?

Not happy?” “No.” Gu Xiaochen looked back at him with a very indifferent smile. “It’s just possible … I don’t fit this circle well.”

Wu Haoyang was silent for a long while, Shen Sheng Spit out two words, “Maybe.”

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Gu Xiaochen took out his phone and saw a series of strange numbers displayed on the screen. That is a fixed-line number. She hesitated for a moment, but still took it.

“Hey, anyone can.”

Over the phone, vaguely mixed broadcast the airport, then I hate cold female voice suddenly sounded, “Guxiao Chen. You remember. I’ll come back one day. You do not proud.”

Before she could speak, The phone was hung up directly, and Gu Xiaochen held the phone for a moment.

“Something?” Wu Haoyang asked her when she noticed her something was wrong.

Gu Xiaochen just clenched the machine and said softly, “It’s okay.” The

blue sky and white clouds outside the window, the sun is great, but the heart is slightly gloomy.

At 7pm, Wu Helian returned to Yinshen Apartment.

As soon as I opened the door, I smelled the scent of bone soup and her thin figure busy in the kitchen. She was wearing an apron, holding a spoon in one hand and was cooking soup. With a mobile phone in his neck, I don’t know who is calling. Wu Helian took off her blazer and walked to the kitchen door to look at her.

“I’ve been doing well recently … Um … I know …” Gu Xiaochen’s intermittent female voice came, with a happy smile, and obviously the relationship with the other party was not bad.

“That’s the time to contact. Bye.”

Hang up the phone, his calm male voice rang instantly, “Friend?”

Gu Xiaochen was suddenly taken aback, and suddenly turned his head to look at him, “Well, good friend.”

Wu Helian walked to her and opened her arms to embrace her, “Male?”

“Female.” Gu Xiaochen moved, helpless Said, “Ahe, I’m praising.”

“Who.” He didn’t care, and he continued to ask in an overbearing way.

“My high school classmate.” Gu Xiaochen made no mistake, if she did not answer him, he must continue to make trouble.

Wu Helian released her hand slightly, but still hugged her, and whispered intimately in her ear, “How many days are today?” As

soon as his words came out, Gu Xiaochen’s face burst into red, and Zhiwu said, “Not yet OK …

I’ll talk about it in a few days … ” Wu Helian leaned her head on her neck, sniffing the fragrance on her body, blowing out a hot breath, almost touching her skin, Shen Shen asked,” in a few days “

Huh ?” The hoarse voice circulated in the ear, Gu Xiaochen’s brain was confused. With a spoon in her hand, she stirred the bone soup cooked in the pot restlessly, too shy to know how to answer. Wu Helian kissed her profile, she was stunned and trembling suddenly.

“Three days.” He bit her ear and spit out the last period of patience. “Sunday evening, give it to me.”

Gu Xiaochen bit his lip without saying a word, and his ears began to turn red.

How can he, him, and him say such words so easily?

“Soup is not good?” Wu Helian did not ask the answer again. However, Gu Xiaochen knew that if he did not continue to ask questions, it did not mean that he had let her go, but that he had already determined in his heart.

She nodded, “Okay. It’s time for dinner.”


“Ahe, I want to hold soup.” Gu Xiaochen turned off the fire and moved his body to let him let go.

Wu Helian still hugged her, his hands were very strong, bypassing her body, gently hugging her, like a warm and strong fortress, “Sheng.”

Gu Xiaochen was gone, so he stretched out his hands and took two bowls to hold the soup.

Steaming bone soup, she deliberately put a few more pieces of fresh meat in a bowl. His low male voice sounded again, but he didn’t know what he was praising. “Good fragrance.”

“Ahe!” Sheng Xiao finished the soup, Gu Xiaochen shouted again.

Wu Helian once again “Oh”, even very innocent tone.

“You’re going to wash your hands soon. I’ll also have a meal.” Gu Xiaochen grabbed his hand and tried to pull him away, but he played a rogue and mumbled, “You help me wash.”

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but stunned, his hand was indeed She let go of her, but lay on both sides of her, reaching under the tap. God, Master Wu’s lotus has to help even wash his hands? If you say it, no one really believes it. This kind of him is nothing like him in the company!

“Hurry up. My hands are sour.” She even urged roguely, urging her to move.

Gu Xiaochen had to turn on the faucet and press the hand sanitizer to wash his hands. His hand is really much larger than hers. But the fingers are nice, slender and distinct. Washing his hands for him and touching the index finger and middle finger of his left hand, there are some hard calluses.

Gu Xiaochen thought that he used to use his left hand to smoke, and wanted to come back with the marks left by smoking for so many years.

She rubbed it seriously, hoping to rub the trace away.

“Okay. You sit down at the dining table.” She took the dry towel and wiped his hands for him, as if treating a child.

Wu Helian turned around with satisfaction, and walked to the table to sit down.

The figure was very proud.

He is like a big kid. But it is a very old child.

Gu Xiaochen glanced at him helplessly and immediately set the meal on the table. After finishing the meal, she started to clean up the dishes and prepare for the dishes. Just getting up, Wu Helian grabbed her wrist and stopped her movements, Shen Sheng said, “Change clothes, I will take you out.”

Go out? Gu Xiaochen was suspicious.

Lamborghini’s black body flashed in the night, and Wu Helian drove to the busiest commercial street in Hong Kong. He parked the car in the parking area on the corner, and then opened the door to get off. Gu Xiaochen also got out of the car, but was confused as to what he had brought her here.

Normally he would only take her out for dinner, but today he had a good meal.

Wu Helian walked to her and shouted in a deep voice, “Go.” Without

looking back, he ran across the road. Gu Xiaochen had no choice but to follow her footsteps and turn her head, and she also saw a magnificent gold shop.

As Wu Helian walked into the gold shop, the clerk immediately smiled right and greeted her.

Wu Helian’s suit is very sturdy, and she has extraordinary heroism. Such a man will become the focus no matter where he appears. It’s just that the woman behind him is a little strange. Wearing plain clothes can also be said to be ordinary and ordinary. A pair of glasses was placed on the bridge of the nose, blocking the face of the sunflower.

Even though Gu Xiaochen didn’t come much before, he knew the price was expensive.

Wu Helian glanced at the bright jewelry around her, meaninglessly said, “Take all the best rings here.”

“Mr. please.” The shop assistant was pleasantly surprised, and she really met a patron.

Wu Helian took a step forward, but Gu Xiaochen stood still. He turned back violently and drank “Come here”, Gu Xiaochen hesitantly approached him.

The two sat on the sofa together, and several clerk ladies circled around them.

In an instant, there were countless rings of different styles and materials in front of them. Rubies, sapphires, diamonds, platinum … many. The ring gleamed in the light, very dazzling.

Wu Helian picked up one of the rings and asked casually, “How is it.”

“It’s beautiful.” Gu Xiaochen said truthfully and didn’t think much about it.

As soon as the words fell, Wu Helian grabbed her hand directly and put the ring into her finger. Gu Xiaochen was surprised and hurriedly said, “I … I don’t want a ring …”

“Shut up.” Wu Helian, however disregarded, took another ring and continued to wear it on her finger. From the thumb to the little finger, without exception, they never let go. He didn’t lift her lips until her hands were covered with rings. “

That’s all, it’s all necessary.” In Gu Xiaochen’s dullness, and Wu Xiaolian’s dullness in the shop assistant, Wu Helian took out the gold card.

The jewelry box beside it, except for the ruby ​​ring, was not selected.

Gu Xiaochen looked at the ring full of hands, it was really golden.

Is he crazy? Wu Helian is crazy …

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