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Chapter 63 Crazy Lotus

But Wu Helian was stubborn, and when he walked out of the gold shop, Gu Xiaochen had ten more rings in his arms.

Sitting back in the car, Wu Helian asked in a deep voice, “Where did you buy that dress.”

Gu Xiaochen suddenly raised her eyebrow, “Clothes?”

“Pink suit. The ugly set.” Wu Helian spit out these two dumbly. In other words, I don’t know whether to describe the clothes or her.

Which one did the vice president buy? Gu Xiaochen was embarrassed to say so.

“Where.” Wu Helian asked in a hard voice, to get to the bottom.

Gu Xiaochen used his memory to tell the approximate location.

Wu Helian stepped on the accelerator and drove towards the front.

After some searching, I finally found the East-Venus fashion boutique. The shop clerk saw Gu Xiaochen. She was obviously impressed and said with a smile, “Miss, welcome you again. What do you want today.” The

clerk’s gaze looked at the man next to her, huh? Why wasn’t it the last time?

Wu Helian turned her head to look around, he reached out a few places, Shen Sheng said, “The ten styles, one for each color, according to her size.”

“Okay, sir, please wait.” Miss clerk immediately Turn around and a few people go to get clothes.

Gu Xiaochen stood beside him and turned his head suspiciously, “Buy me clothes?”

“Shut up.” He shouted again and continued to dominate.

But for how long, the clerk put all the clothes together and introduced with a smile, “These ten styles, each with three different colors …”

“All wrapped up.” Wu Helian interrupted the other party’s words hard and threw out the gold card again.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly fainted, and the man was completely crazy today. Seeing the clerk going to check out, she hurriedly shouted, “Wait!”

“I can’t finish wearing so many clothes.” She looked at Wu Helian and whispered.

Thirty sets of clothes, how long will it take?

Wu Helian glanced at the clerk with a glance. The innate leadership made the clerk intimidated and quickly went to check out. Gu Xiaochen was helpless and whispered in a low voice, “I can’t really wear it.”

“Then wear it for a lifetime.” He blurted out, she was surprised, he was also surprised.


The suffocating atmosphere, blinking eyes, Gu Xiaochen instantly changed the topic, “You said that the ugly is dead.”

Suddenly, Wu Helian said in a voice, “Clothes.”

Gu Xiaochen opened his eyes wide, subconsciously understood that he was saying that his clothes were ugly After all, there was some joy, something came out of my heart.

She protested weakly, “Then you still buy.”

How could this man be so strange? He said he was ugly but bought 30 sets for her?

Wu Helian just gave her a glance without saying a word.

Because there are too many clothes, the shop will deliver them the next day after reporting the address. After returning to Yinshen’s apartment, Gu Xiaochen was holding the ten jewelry bags with rings, somewhat at a loss. In fact, deep down, she instinctively didn’t want to accept any material benefits from him.

“Ahe, I …”

Gu Xiaochen was about to speak, and Wu Helian ordered quietly, “Go to the bath.”

“I don’t need a ring.” Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but mumble, grasping the ten jewelry bags with both hands, ” It is not convenient to wear it at work. “

Wu Helian sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. He smoked a cigarette. After a moment of silence, he said in a hurry, “Then let it go. When do you want to wear it again? Now go to the bath immediately. If you are so free, I would rather do another thing with you.” “

Another thing …

Gu Xiaochen was shy when he heard this. She dared not talk more and ran down into the bedroom. She carefully locked the ten rings in the drawer so they could not be lost. When the shower was over, Gu Xiaochen came out, slippers with a plaid pattern, and small floral pajamas made of pure cotton. She was as conservative as a good boy, but she was very reassuring.

“Watch TV with me.” Wu Helian patted the position next to her and motioned her to come over.

Gu Xiaochen had to walk beside him and sit down, legs together, sitting straight.

Wu Helian couldn’t help laughing, she was annoyed again, what did he laugh?

There were financial news on TV, and then a sports report. Just after taking a shower, she exuded a good fragrance, mixed with the smell of shower gel and shampoo, seemingly touching his heartstrings.

Suddenly frowning, he said

hardly , “Go back to the room and sleep.” “Oh.” Gu Xiaochen seemed to be relieved and got up quickly.

As soon as she stood up, Wu Helian snapped her wrist. She turned her head in amazement, he dragged her towards himself, and then supported her with a big palm, kissing her lips directly. Gu Xiaochen opened his eyes wide and met a pair of deep eyes.

Gradually, she was no longer so nervous.

“Sleep.” He scratched her delicate face with his fingers, his breath burning.

Gu Xiaochen said “En” and ran down into the bedroom.

Throughout the weekend, Gu Xiaochen stayed in the apartment as usual. Miraculously, Wu Helian did not go out. Thinking about it for the second time, this turned out to be the first time the two of them had spent the weekend together. Three meals a day, life is the same every day. But in the boring days, there are some differences.

The East-Venus fashion store finally delivered the thirty sets of clothes.

Gu Xiaochen looked at the large suitcases in the living room and did not know how to place these expensive clothes. She was having a headache, and he walked out of the bath room calmly. Wu Helian swept the suitcase on the ground and said casually, “The apartment seems to be too small.”

So? Gu Xiaochen was holding a set of clothes and was going to tidy up. When he heard him say this, he stopped suddenly.

Wu Helian grabbed her hand, picked up the key on the coffee table, and took her out of the apartment.


Wu Helian took her to the apartment next door and opened the door directly with the key in her hand. Snap, the door opened. He leaned against the door and smiled, “make a cloakroom for you.”

Three-bedroom apartment with two halls, a house of more than 100 square meters, make her a cloakroom?

Gu Xiaochen instantly stayed like a fossil.

Gu Xiaochen never knew that the other apartment next door was actually owned by Wu Helian. Moreover, the keys of the apartment are the same? Gu Xiaochen looked at the empty apartment. It was so deserted that she felt a bit chilly. The smell in the air was like no one had lived for a long time. It seemed that he never came to this apartment.

Wu Helian grabbed her hand and put the key in her palm. “You can do it yourself.”

“Ahe, this apartment is too big.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, it was really embarrassing.

Wu Helian glanced at the empty apartment and turned back to the next room. His voice came from the front, indifferently, very low, “Then buy stuffed stuff.”

And his tall and upright figure suddenly made her feel a little touched, and the loneliness came from the bottom of my heart.

Gu Xiaochen lightly clenched into a fist, also holding the key. Has he been living alone?

It was difficult to sort out and arrange the clothes, and found out that it was five o’clock in the afternoon. It’s almost time to calculate, Gu Xiaochen plans to go to the supermarket to buy some food. Putting on a coat, she turned to look at Wu Helian who was sitting on the sofa watching the shootout movie, and asked softly, “Ah, what do you want to eat today?”

Wu Helian glanced at her and spit out two words, ” Casually. “

Casually? Gu Xiaochen felt that this was the most difficult choice.

The door closed, and Wu Helian’s figure was like a sculpture. That Junyi’s dazzling face had a hint of warmth.

Gu Xiaochen bought fresh chicken tail shrimp and planned to make shrimp. Back at the apartment, she lifted the pocket in her hand slightly and asked with open eyes, “Ahe, I bought shrimp. Do you like to eat it?” With

her expectation, Wu Helian said “en”.

Gu Xiaochen was delighted and ran into the kitchen to wash the fresh shrimp. Suddenly, the phone ringed in a hurry. She dried her hands and took out her phone from her pocket to answer. The call came from Yu Mei. She told Gu Xiaochen to return to Hong Kong tomorrow, and she did not forget to remind her to let her cook something delicious for her.

Gu Xiaochen was very happy and wanted to see Yu Mei for so long, so he agreed.

“Come back tomorrow? Is it still the big bones soup?”

“Dear Di, or you are the best for me. Don’t think about me, see you tomorrow.” Yu Mei made a few funny words, and then hung up the phone.

Guxiao Chen still immersed in the joy, but let the male voice sounded suddenly back to God, “high school female students?”

“Well.” Guxiao Chen holding the phone back, thinking back over the rose, and she might live together. But now … what should I do? Suddenly found out that they are just a contract. But she actually forgets many times? This apartment looks like … a home?

“She looks for you?” Wu Helian asked.

“Yu Mei rarely came back. She used to live in my house before.” Gu Xiaochen said frankly and paused before asking, “Can you …”

“Can’t.” Wu Helian sternly refused.

Gu Xiaochen bit his lips subconsciously, begging, “Just a few days.”

“Come here.” Wu Helian shouted in a deep voice.

Gu Xiaochen put the mobile phone back in his clothes and lowered his head to walk in front of him. “Ahe, it’s really good for a few days.”

“Kiss me. Let you go.” Wu Helian stared at her and said with rumbling.

Gu Xiaochen looked up in disbelief, and his handsome face filled her sight. The white face was glowing with good-looking blush, and those eyes were shining, and the lights looked like jewels, which made Wu Helian stunned.

“Ahe …” She was very embarrassed.

“Hurry up. Otherwise, I’m going to regret it.” Wu Helian frowned, and Shen Sheng urged her.

“I won’t.” Gu Xiaochen blurted out, angrily trying to die. She has never taken the initiative to kiss anyone, growing up, nor talking to boys. With a few exceptions. Such a thing as “kissing” was simply difficult for her.

Wu Helian’s bright eyes flashed through a deep, but he began to count down slowly. “5, 4, 3, 2 …”

Gu Xiaochen was panicked for every number said. Until he said the last number, she immediately leaned over and her soft lips reflected his thin lips. He didn’t smoke, but he also smelled of tobacco on his lips, the habitual smell.

With only a

soft kiss, she stood upright immediately, her shy face was particularly good-looking, “Okay.” That charming look made Wu Helian obsessed for a moment, and he said indifferently, “No.”

She frowned, how could he be fooled To this extent?

“I don’t care.” Gu Xiaochen murmured, “Anyway … you promised anyway.”

Wu Helian got up horribly, Gu Xiaochen was startled, she stepped back, and he picked her up directly.

“Ahe, what are you doing?”

“Ahe, let me go down.”

“Ahe, I haven’t cooked yet.” On the

large bed, he laid her gently. The heavy body pressed upwards, unbuttoned her clothes, and touched her already familiar body with a big palm, and the dense kiss immediately fell on her. Itchy, numb, soft, and … accompanied by an inexplicable throb, she was pulled to heaven.

When he was swinging around holding her waist, she could not bear to call his name unbearably, “Ahe …”

“Good boy.” He responded petulantly, kissing her lips. “I know you want me too.”

“I didn’t …” Too late to refute, he overwhelmed her words.

The whole world suddenly turned into nothingness, only his body temperature and voice felt so clearly in the dark. Gu Xiaochen hugged him hesitantly, his thin arms, he could not fully embrace him, only buried his head in his chest. Until he gasped heavily on her body, she was also breathing up and down.

“Are you comfortable.” He asked in her ear, making her blush.

Simply did not turn on the light, he could not see the blush on her face.

“Clean up things, I will send you back.” He said suddenly, Gu Xiaochen was stunned.

Nearly eight o’clock that night, Wu Helian drove to the residential area.

Gu Xiaochen carried a bag of clothes and carried a shoulder bag on his shoulder and got out of the car.


getting out of the car, she stooped slightly and said softly, “Be careful on the road.” Wu Helian turned her head and glanced at her. The crystal-clear face was a little blurred under the moonlight, but it was so clearly reflected in her eyes. His thin lips moved slightly, as if to say something. But in the end it was just “en”, stepped on the door and walked away.

The rear lights of the car flashed red, slowly disappearing in front of him.

Gu Xiaochen withdrew his eyes and turned towards the residential area.

An apartment where no one has lived for a while seems to have never returned after a few years. Her home did not change at all from when she left, except for the strange smell of dust in the air. Thinking that tomorrow is Sunday, Yu Mei will fly to Hong Kong. Immediately packed up the apartment, tired and sweating.

I wiped the floor, wiped the table and chairs, and changed the clean sheets and quilts, so I sat on the sofa to rest.

On the phone of Fang Cai, Gu Xiaochen agreed that Yu Mei would pick up the phone tomorrow.

At nine o’clock in the morning, she specifically set an alarm clock to prevent her from being late.

After taking a shower, Gu Xiaochen looked at the time and it was almost eleven. Back in his own room, lying on the bed that had been sleeping for more than ten years, closing his eyes and realizing he couldn’t sleep a bit. Looking halfway with his eyes open, his thoughts drifted somewhere.

Did he fall asleep at eleven at night? Is it still smoking?

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but grabbed the phone and caught it in front of her eyes, the screen glowed with white light, and her fingers pressed the key hesitantly. I just pressed and deleted, deleted and pressed again and again, but I still had no courage to put the phone back to the bedside table. She pulled the quilt high and covered it under her eyes.

Suddenly, thinking of something, she grabbed the phone again and pressed the key quickly.

The quilt rustled for a while, and she turned over, holding her phone and closing her eyes, waiting quietly.

The silent night sky, two adjacent stars, so close.

But there are countless light years between them, but it is so far away.

Wu Helian, who sent Gu Xiaochen home, drove around the street alone, the window rose by half, and the cold wind blew his face. He turned around for two or three hours before returning to the Yinshen Mansion.

The apartment was very warm and did not turn off the central air conditioner when leaving. Turning on the light, he silently changed his shoes. Just lowering his head, he saw another pair of women’s slippers beside his slippers. His eyes narrowed, and he walked towards the wine cabinet and poured a glass of red wine.

Wu Helian drank a glass of red wine and looked sideways, only to see the phone on the coffee table flickered.

That’s his mobile phone.

Wu Helian stooped down to sit on the sofa and smoked a cigarette before picking up her cell phone to watch. Azure screen, a small line.

The message read: Ahe, I forgot to put the vegetables in the kitchen in the refrigerator. Also, smoke less. good night.

Wu Helian stared at the screen of her mobile phone and suddenly turned her head to look at the kitchen.

There were also some vegetables on the kitchen counter, which were ingredients that she had not finished cooking. For dinner tonight, she bought fresh shrimp and even peeled the shrimp shells one by one to make shrimps. The air seemed to condense the residual fragrance of the food, and his eyes were deep.

Just put down the phone and smoke.

“Passengers, flight NY739 to New York, USA will take off at 10 am, please passengers check in well in advance …” A clear female voice from the announcer sounded on the airport broadcast to remind passengers to board the plane.

In the bright hall, Gu Xiaochen stood behind the crowd and looked at the passengers coming out of the Yongdao.

Her eyes swept across strange faces, looking for Yu Mei’s traces.

Suddenly, a beautiful figure appeared in the crowd of black crows.

A large wavy curly hair, charming and charming, showing the woman’s different softness. She wore an asymmetrical coat with a large collar and a fiery red coat. She looked very sexy and enchanting, just like she felt. Her face was enchantingly beautiful, and at first glance it would make people believe that this woman must be a lover.

Yu Mei stepped on high-heeled high-heeled shoes, with a model-like figure, walking like an “S” like a snake.

In an instant, it attracted the attention of the surroundings. She didn’t care, she still raised her head high.

Yu Mei’s eyes glanced at someone, and immediately raised a charming smile, the voice was soft enough to soften the bones, “Dear Di, give me a big hug.”

Gu Xiaochen stood out from behind the crowd, regardless of the attention of others, Standing on the spot like this, let Yu Mei hug tightly. She just reached out and caressed Yu Mei with a smile, and said, “Come back. Are you tired?”

“Hungry.” Yu Mei’s voice was tired, and energetic next second, “Go! Give my sister I’ll cook! “

Gu Xiaochen nodded, hugged Yu Mei’s wrist and ran out of the airport intimately.

Before going home, the two went to buy something. Yu Mei shot generously and bought a whole car. The two returned home carrying pockets full of two hands, and were exhausted and half dead along the way. Gu Xiaochen immediately started cooking rice and soup, Yu Mei took a shower and sat cross-legged on the sofa to watch TV.

“Memei, how long do you plan to live this time?” Gu Xiaochen asked casually.

“Yo, don’t you welcome me?” Yu Mei tuned the TV channel and protested dissatisfiedly.

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly turned back, “No, no, I just …”

“Okay , I’m just kidding. Don’t be so serious.” Yu Mei’s tone was a little impatient, but she knew she was always serious. , Whether it is for people or things. Suddenly thinking of something, she asked with interest, “Hey? Xiaochen, what is your lover behind the scenes?”

Gu Xiaochen suffocated, lover behind the scenes? Wu Helian?

Seeing her not answering, Yu Mei asked cautiously, “Isn’t that the man taking the heart?”

“No. I don’t have any, where can I take the heart.” She stirred the soup with a spoon, thinking of yesterday’s message , He did not return.

Yu Mei was filled with indignation, “It is better not to, otherwise I will definitely pack him up.”

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