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Chapter 65 Cinderella’s Journey (1)

“OK! It is a perfect hundred points with a small shawl and a handbag!” Yu Mei snapped her fingers, thinking for a moment, and suddenly turned around excitedly, “I will get it for you “”

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, completely unaccustomed to such a self.

But the person in the mirror is clearly her.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly remembered what Gu Qing once said, so true, “Chen Chen, who really loves a person will not care about that person’s appearance. No matter whether she looks ugly, she is still beautiful, or ordinary. But she is there In people’s eyes, it is the most beautiful. “

Gu Xiaochen was convinced that this was the case, but gradually grew out of it. Because those only exist in fairy tales. I have seen more people’s divisions, and I feel exhausted without ever experiencing it firsthand. Since myopia, the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of the nose have not been removed since childhood.

Moreover, Lin Fen did not allow her to take off her glasses, hoping that she would focus on her studies so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

After a long time, she has been used to it for many years.

“Dang Dang Dang!”

Yu Mei twisted into the room, holding the gold glitter handbag in one hand and the white furry shawl in the other. She put the handbag in Gu Xiaochen’s hands, put on her shawl again, and then put on a shape, could not help screaming out loud, “Dear Di, it’s so beautiful! It’s so beautiful that I made my sister so excited! It’s almost time, Cinderella will leave now! “

Gu Xiaochen was very surprised,” I haven’t eaten yet! “

” It’s just not to eat. It’s such a close-fitting dress, it’s not good to have a small belly after eating. “Yu Mei’s hands He akimbo and told her in the experience of the person who came, “You just need to drink a bottle of milk. I’ll get it for you.”

Memei …” Gu Xiaochen couldn’t stop it at all, and Yu Mei turned to the living room again. She glanced down at herself, and she didn’t feel right. Yu Guang glanced at the glasses that she had just thrown on her bed, and she quickly picked them up and put them in her handbag.

“Milk is here. Drink it with a straw. There are your invitations and gifts. I also called for the car and waited 15 minutes later downstairs.” Yu Mei carefully inserted the straw into the milk, together with the gift plug In her hand, I do n’t forget Ding-zao ’s instructions, “Remember to perform well, be sure to smile.”

Suddenly a series of bells rang, and Yu Mei said softly, “I ’ll answer the phone, and you ’ll drink milk.” The gorgeous glamorous dress stood blankly in place.

Yu Mei’s intermittent female voice came from the ear, Gu Xiaochen looked at herself in the mirror again. White melon seed face, delicate nose, pink lips. And this dress is really beautiful, too beautiful to be true. And … and it doesn’t belong to her.

Gu Xiaochen took off his clothes resolutely and took off an entire dream.

When Yu Mei hung up the phone and turned back, seeing Gu Xiaochen’s dress, she was stunned, “You, you, you …”

How come back?

Gu Xiaochen was only wearing a petticoat and was putting the dress into the gift box, and the makeup on his face was also hurriedly unloaded.

“Are you deliberately mad at me?” Yu Mei almost fainted.

Gu Xiaochen put his hands behind his back, his eyes clear, his eyes full of regret.

Yu Mei knows that her temper is not hers, and she will not go to extravagance. Just leaning weakly against the edge of the door, said softly, “But you can’t always wear your usual clothes. Go with my white skirt. You are thinner than me and should be better. If you mess with me again, I

Roll your face with you. ” Gu Xiaochen put on Yu Mei’s elegant white dress with thin shoulder straps and a straight skirt that looked downright. Only under Yu Mei’s insistence, she still wore those high heels.

“Cinderella, good luck.” Yu Mei took her to the car and bent to look at her smiling in the car.

Gu Xiaochen said “En”, the car moved slowly, and Yu Mei’s figure gradually went away. In the gift box next to her is the dress, which she wants to return to Zhou Chengze. She took the glasses out of her handbag and put them on, she was still her.

But there is still an idea in my heart.

As Gu Qing said, if you really love someone, you will not care about that person’s appearance.

Although, this idea is so ridiculous.


Zhou Yaru’s birthday banquet is in a five-star luxury hotel.

It was dark before eight o’clock. There are countless cars parked inside and outside the hotel. From afar, you can see the bright lights flashing in the hotel. A black car drove in slowly. After the car stopped, the driver got out and opened the rear door.

A humble figure emerged, and hesitantly walked to the hotel in the night.

From the entrance of the hall, a red carpet was spread all the way, which was like a catwalk.

Is it too exaggerated? Gu Xiaochen was somewhat discouraged.

“Miss, your invitation.” The waiter looked at her with a deep voice.

Gu Xiaochen raised his head and smiled back apologetically, said softly, “Sorry. This is an invitation.”

“Miss, please here.”

Gu Xiaochen entered the hall hesitantly, and a low male voice sounded far away from the side, “Gu Xiaochen.”

Listen At the shout, Gu Xiaochen stopped. She turned her head to see Zhou Chengze standing at the end of the corridor, his dark silver suit outlined a tall, slender body, noble and elegant. He was walking towards her, and his eyes were sharp and hidden in the night light.

This man appeared from the beginning, like a knight in the ancient century, and now looks more like it.

Zhou Chengze walked in front of her and glanced at the gift box she was

holding . He didn’t say much, “Come with me.” “Where?” Gu Xiaochen asked quietly, and always brought a few when facing him Split spines.

Zhou Chengze’s eyes were cold, but there was a trace of anger, “Don’t want to see Aunt Fen?”

When he heard him say this, Gu Xiaochen immediately stopped and followed him towards the end of the corridor. Avoid the guests in the lobby and go up the side elevator.

As soon as the elevator door closed, Zhou Chengze asked coldly, “Why don’t you wear it? Don’t like it?”

Gu Xiaochen said humbly. “Thank you Mr. Zhou for his kindness, but I can’t accept it.”

Zhou Chengze’s handsome appearance appeared a little hazy and stopped talking. . Gu Xiaochen stood quietly beside him, just holding the gift box in his hands. The elevator stopped and Zhou Chengze walked out. Gu Xiaochen followed him. After walking to a certain suite, the door was opened with a magnetic card.

Zhou Chengze walked in, and Gu Xiaochen also walked in.

NuoDa’s suites are very luxurious and magnificent, just like their Zhou’s villa. Gu Xiaochen stood at the door of the room and scanned the surroundings but found no figure of Lin Fen. She was a little curious and puzzled and asked, “I’m not bringing me to see my mother …” She paused and changed her mouth, “Mrs. Zhou.”

Zhou Chengze sat down on the sofa and stared at her, “Aunt Fen is your mother.” “

Gu Xiaochen’s heart tightened, and I didn’t know what was going on, but I felt a little tingling. I originally thought that the thorn had been pulled out, but I didn’t expect that it would have left a mark. If I touch it gently, it still hurts. She pressed her lips together, not knowing what to say, but she didn’t forget the conditions of the year.

After a long silence, she stepped forward and placed the gift box on the coffee glass coffee table. “It’s too expensive, I can’t take it.”

“I don’t like it? What do you like?” Zhou Chengze glanced coldly at the gift box, Shen Asked.

Gu Xiaochen looked at him calmly and said indifferently, “The dress is very beautiful, I like it very much. But I can’t accept it.” It

is really beautiful. If you don’t like it, how can you try it?

Zhou Chengze’s eyes

narrowed , and Youyou asked, “The reason why you don’t accept it is because of me?” “I can’t accept it.” Gu Xiaochen intuitively hated this kind of question and answer, which would make her feel like a prisoner.

“You are not unable to accept or accept, but you do not want to accept at all.” Zhou Chengze said in a hurry, with sharp words, “You don’t just want to accept, everything is related to the Zhou family and me Zhou Chengze, you don’t want to have Any relationship. “

Zhou Chengze’s sudden analysis made the atmosphere more deadlocked.

The air seemed to condense, and Gu Xiaochen stood in front of him, his thin figure arrogant. She clenched her fists and greeted him arrogantly, without taking care of the other party, and said frankly, “Yes. I don’t want to accept anything you sent by Zhou Chengze. I don’t want to accept anything about the Zhou family.”

“This is your self-esteem?” Zhou Chengze came

lightly , with brown eyes deep and deep, “ridiculous self-esteem. There is no value.” Gu Xiaochen tranced, and heard him say, “Don’t think you are dressed like this for the banquet. I am very polite? “

Zhou Chengze’s words were as sharp as thorns and plunged into Gu Xiaochen’s heart.

Indeed, compared to the royal blue dress, the white skirt on her body looked bleak.

This is a fact.

“If Mr. Zhou thinks that I am very polite to wear this way, then I apologize to you. I’m very sorry.” Gu Xiaochen tried to calm down his mood, but his voice was still shaking.

She didn’t want to tell anyone that the Zhou family’s money for her to study for her life for so many years, she would definitely give them all back on her own. But just came out to work, which made a little money. In addition to daily expenses, all the remaining money is deposited in the bank. Not willing to buy a piece of clothing, not to buy cosmetics, not willing to waste. Which girl doesn’t love beauty, but how can she have so much money to squander?

If this is ridiculous self-esteem, but what about him.

“This is a birthday gift for Miss Zhou. Please pass it on.” Gu Xiaochen endured sourness and took out an exquisite little gift from his handbag. After letting go, she said “goodbye” and turned to leave.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t look back and walked fast. Her hand was about to touch the door handle, but someone behind her grasped her wrist and prevented her from leaving. Gu Xiaochen shouted “let go”, but Zhou Chengze held her tightly. At this moment his eyes were shining, angry and helpless.

In the end, Zhou Chengze just said in a deep voice, “You are my female partner tonight.”

Be his female partner? Gu Xiaochen was stunned by his words and responded in an instant. He refused coldly. “Sorry, Mr. Zhou, such a rude person like me is not qualified to be your female companion.” She tried to throw his hand away, frowning annoyedly. , “Mr. Zhou, please let go.”

Zhou Chengze just stared at her, which made Gu Xiaochen panic for a while.

He lowered his head, getting closer and closer to her. Gu Xiaochen was forced to push him away in shock, and his hand was slightly loosened, and he stepped back and fixed it.

Gu Xiaochen froze, then Xiumei hurriedly opened the door.

When she left, she heard Zhou Chengze’s low male voice coming from behind, “Do not be my female companion, then stay. Aunt Fen is in the next room, she would like to see you.”

Gu Xiaochen, who walked out of the suite, hesitated. She didn’t want to stay, but wanted to see Lin Fen again. I didn’t know what to do. It happened that the door of the next room was opened.

A beautiful figure emerged from the room, it was Zhou Yaru. She wore a beautiful white princess dress, exquisite workmanship, the details of the skirt folds like waves. She had curly brown hair and a princess crown on top of her hair, and the diamonds on the crown shone brightly. Behind her was carrying a skirt for her. She was like a princess in a castle and was about to go on a tour.

Zhou Yaru turned his head to see Gu Xiaochen, looking suspiciously, “What are you doing here?”

“I …” Gu Xiaochen shoved, and said softly, “I’m looking for Mrs. Zhou.” Zhou

Yaru wanted to say something but saw another suite The door opened. Her eyes crossed Gu Xiaochen and shouted with a smile, “Brother.”

Gu Xiaochen’s back stiffened, and Zhou Chengze stood not far behind her, shouting in a deep voice, “Yaru. I have something to talk to you.”

Zhou Yaru said “Oh”, when he walked by Gu Xiaochen, he did not forget to glance at her.

“Take this lady to see his wife.” Zhou Chengze ordered towards the maid.

“Yes, young master.” The maid

responded , “Miss, please.” Gu Xiaochen took his steps and walked into the next room. Zhou Chengze then withdrew his gaze, turned around and took the door.


Lin Fen, a lady-woman’s fuchsia dress, lifted up to see Gu Xiaochen and stood up happily. “

Xiaochen, here I am .” In another suite, Zhou Yaru’s beautiful eyes swept across the surroundings and asked gently , “Brother, what are you talking to me about?” While

talking, she glanced at the big and small gift boxes on the coffee table, and suddenly she was delighted when it was Zhou Chengze’s birthday present. She stepped on high heels and ran a few strides, “Brother, you are going to give me a gift!”

“Yaru …” Zhou Chengze just started to shout, but it was too late to stop.

Zhou Yaru has opened the lid of the big gift box, whispering in surprise, holding the dress and looking at the left and screaming, “This dress is the latest in France this year, and it is still a limited edition. It ’s a pity I did n’t buy it before, brother, how do you know I want it? “

” It’s a beautiful sapphire blue, I like it very much. Will it look good on me? “Zhou Yaru held the dress on the body and suddenly frowned and complained. , “Brother, the size seems to be wrong! Why did you make the wrong size!”

Zhou Chengze walked to her and reached for her dress and put it back in the gift box. Then she said quietly, “This is not for you.”

Not for she was?

Zhou Yaru was suddenly shocked, “Not a gift for me? Who is it for?”

Facing her doubts, Zhou Chengze was silent. And his silence made Zhou Yaru think of a person, but in a flash, that person suddenly jumped out of his head.

Zhou Yaru sat angrily on the sofa and protested with dissatisfaction, “This dress must have been given to Gu Xiaochen, isn’t it.”

Zhou Chengze looked across the dress and looked up at her, “Don’t be a child’s temper.”

“Brother Why do you give her such a beautiful dress! She looks ugly, has a bad temper, and is not flattering at all, I hate it when I see her. “Zhou Yaru said anxiously,” After all, she won’t lead you Love. Every time I see my brother, I always don’t give face. “

Zhou Yaru wholeheartedly turned to Zhou Chengze and mentioned that the past was indignant.

“Yaru!” Zhou Chengze drank, Zhou Yaru deflated his mouth, and immediately closed his voice, “You sit here for a while, and then go to find Aunt Fen.”

“Brother! My hair also needs Aunt Fen to comb me What! “Zhou Yaru said annoyed. She knew that Zhou Chengze wanted to give the two of them time alone, but this thought made her even more uncomfortable.

“Comb it yourself, you are not a three-year-old child.” Zhou Chengze refuted the past with a word, and Zhou Yaru closed his voice again.

The next second, she couldn’t help whispering again, “But I am used to Aunt Fen combing for me.”

Since Lin Fen married Zhou’s family, Zhou Yaru gradually accepted the new mother from the initial rejection to later acquiescence. Today, four years later, Zhou Yaru and Lin Fen have got along well, and they will ask Lin Fen for anything they buy or have. If she sticks to her tightly, she is really like a mother and daughter.

Zhou Chengze saw her aggrieved expression and reassured, “Aunt Fen spent more time with you than she did.”

“You are so distressed, Gu Xiaochen, why didn’t you let her into the Zhou family at that time.” Zhou Yaru broke his finger, He didn’t think much at all and blurted out.

Zhou Cheng’s handsome appearance froze for a moment, and Zhou Yaru stared at him in confusion.

“She will enter the Zhou family.” After a long while, Zhou Chengze came this sentence.

Zhou Yaru didn’t understand the meaning of this, Zhou Chengze picked up another beautiful gift on the coffee table and handed it to her, and said, “This is her birthday gift for you.”

“Birthday gifts have to be forwarded, and there is no sincerity.” Zhou Yaru said, but he still took it.

“I’m going to entertain guests, don’t disturb Aunt Fen.” Zhou Chengze watched the time was almost running, dinged a few words, got up and walked out of the suite.

Zhou Yaru obeyed obediently, watching Zhou Chengze leave. She took a look at the little gift in her hand and glanced at the beautiful royal blue dress, getting more and more angry. I just grieved for my brother, got up suddenly, picked up the gift box and ran towards the next room.

“Miss.” The maid opened the door and shouted.

Zhou Yaru ran into the room and saw Lin Fen and Gu Xiaochen sitting on a sofa chatting, very close.

“Yaru, come here, sit here.” Lin Fen shouted.

Zhou Yaru put the gift box down and turned to Lin Fen and coquettishly said, “Aunt Fen, brother sent such a beautiful dress to Gu Xiaochen, but some people disdain and simply looked down.”

Gu Xiaochen sat quietly in Lin Fen’s seat Bian, just lips closed without saying a word.

Lin Fen heard Zhou Yaru say this and roughly understood what was going on.

She looked at the dress and said with a smile, “This dress is really beautiful, and Chengze has some good intentions. It’s just that Xiaochen hasn’t liked this kind of clothes since she was a child, and she’s not as good as Yaru. “

Zhou Yaru’s eyes turned to Gu Xiaochen, smiling triumphantly.”

“Ya Ru, let the makeup artist apply some makeup.” Lin Fen Ding said, Zhou Yaru nodded and walked to another suite dedicated to makeup.

After Zhou Yaru left, Lin Fen took away the maid. Only then took Gu Xiaochen’s hand. The gentle Lirong felt a little melancholy and said softly, “Xiaochen, my mother didn’t mean that …”

Gu Xiaochen took her hand back and shook her head, not caring at all.

“Mom, I want to eat the chocolate you made.” She said softly, changing the subject.

From small to large, Lin Fen kept telling her that girls don’t need to be so beautifully dressed, simply is the best. The appearance is too beautiful and will only cause unnecessary trouble.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t fail to change in the past, and would be envious of seeing other girls wearing beautiful skirts.

But Lin Fen strongly opposed her wearing those skirts, even black-rimmed glasses, which she personally chose.

In high school, she also mentioned to Lin Fen about contact lenses. Because wearing glasses is not very convenient, contact lenses are much more convenient. But Lin Fen refused. After college, the students around me kept breaking up in love, and treating emotions was just a game.

Gu Xiaochen’s idea of ​​change no longer exists.

Tonight, Gu Xiaochen did not forget that Lin Fen would not allow her to take off the black frame glasses.

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