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Chapter 74 Finally Leaving

Gu Xiaochen submitted his resignation letter on the first day of work. At this moment, she stood at the desk, waiting for Wu Haoyang’s reply. Wu Haoyang sitting on the chair, his left hand picked up the letter of resignation, suddenly do not understand some wildly at her, Jian Mei Yi Zhou, Chen Sheng said, “Gu secretary, how would like to quit?”

“Work a little bit tired. Gu Xiaochen said softly.

“You have just been on a seven-day vacation, are you tired again?” Wu Haoyang asked.

Gu Xiaochen just said “En”, and said no reason.

Wu Haoyang seemed to understand in his heart, he said slowly, “Your resignation application, I approved. But this time, you must stay in Wu family and continue to work until President He returns. You are the secretary appointed by President He, even if I had to resign, and I had to say something to him. “

” I know. Thank you, Vice President. I will work hard at this time. “Gu Xiaochen was relieved and smiled,” So who will take over the job handover. What about my job? ”

Wu Haoyang turned the pen in his hand, meaninglessly,“ You just complete the work in your hand, and someone will naturally hand over the time. ”

Going out of the deputy general office, Gu Xiaochen felt relaxed. She was firm in her footsteps, as if firming her heart. After returning to the office, she handled her work calmly. She didn’t want to have any regrets, so she worked hard to complete the final work seriously and did not allow herself to have any deviations.

However, Wu Helian was missing.

Until half a month later, he finally reappeared in Wu.

It was cloudy, the weather was not too good, and the wind was a bit bitterly cold.

The heating in the simple building is warm, but when you walk outside, it can really freeze people. During the lunch break, Shen Ruo sat opposite Gu Xiaochen. She whispered while eating, “Xiao Chen, do you really want to resign? Why? Isn’t your job good now? I’m not scaring you. How hard is it to find a job?” what.”

“Just want to rest and adjust myself.” Gu Xiaochen was eating quietly, especially quiet.

“Then you really decided?”


“Vice President agrees?”


“When won’t you come to work in the company?” Shen Ruo asked again.

Gu Xiaochen stopped moving, but there was some trance, “When Master Lian comes to the company, I will ask him for instructions and you can go.”

“Master Lian seems to have come to the company.” Shen Ruo said suspiciously, “Supervisor Zhang just now I went to the top floor to send a report to Master Lian for review and signing. “

” Then I finished my meal, I asked Master Lian. “Gu Xiaochen lowered his head and continued to eat.

“Xiaochen, even after leaving the company. We are still friends.” Shen Ruo said.

Gu Xiaochen smiled, “Of course.”

There is no sunshine, gloomy sky.

It was then discovered that the original news about him was all learned from other populations.

After being separated from Shen Ruo, Gu Xiaochen took the elevator to the top floor. It’s just that Wu Helian seems to be out for dinner, not in the company. She had to sit on the sofa in the rest room and wait.

Until about two o’clock in the afternoon, suddenly heard footsteps.

Moreover, it is not alone.

Gu Xiaochen looked up, and she saw Wu Helian, Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin walking slowly. He was still black, and there was no change from what he saw in the office that day. Jun Ruohan frost’s face, no extra expression, but indifference. When walking, he is never self-confident and will never look sideways, nor will he notice that someone is watching him.

“Secretary Gu?” Yao Yongxin Yu Guang glanced at her, shouting in surprise.

Gu Xiaochen stood up unhurriedly and said softly, “General Manager He, Deputy General Manager, Manager Yao.”

“Is there something to find President He?” Yao Yongxin didn’t know about Gu Xiaochen’s resignation, just wondering how she was waiting here.

Wu Helian’s eyes looked like empty beams of light, just swept over.

“Yes.” Gu Xiaochen smiled slightly, not humble.

“Come in and talk.” Wu Haoyang spoke at an appropriate time, and a group of people walked into the office one after another.

Several people sat on the sofa. Gu Xiaochen calmly raised his head and looked at Wu Helian. He thought how nervous he would be, but it was just that. She smiled quietly, and finally said quietly, “I am here today to resign. Thank you Mr. He for your promotion and appreciation, so I have learned a lot.”

Wu Helian was smoking a cigarette, and her indifferent handsome appearance seemed to cover With a layer of mist, it is always unclear.

“Resign? Xiaochen, do you want to resign?” Yao Yongxin was taken aback.

“Well. The vice president has approved my resignation application.” Gu Xiaochen looked to Yao Yongxin, his clear eyes without haze.

“General Manager?” Yao Yong thought about what happened to her, so she resigned. But it is not easy to ask, after all, there are two other people here. It can be seen that her expression is determined, and this stubborn and stubborn girl is not as persuasive as expected.

Wu Helian smoked a cigarette, and the white smoke she exhaled blocked the sight of each other. Silent for a while, his sexy thin lips lightened, and the words he spoke were indifferent, “Gu Secretary, I hope you will also develop well after you leave the company.” As

if he had expected him to say so, Gu Xiaochen responded with a smile, “Thanks Mr. He. Then I will go out first. “She stood up, nodded toward the three, and turned and walked out of the office.

Wu Helian lowered her eyes to smoke, and no one found that the fingers of his left hand used too much force, and the cigarettes had gravures.

When Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin returned to the department, Gu Xiaochen submitted all processed and unprocessed documents to Wu Haoyang. Yao Yongxin sent her downstairs and stopped in the ground floor lobby. Gu Xiaochen said, “Sister Yongxin, just send it here. I forgot to say to Shen Ruo, you say hello to her for me.”

“Call us when you’re free and welcome anytime.” Yao Yongxin said sincerely.

“Well. Bye.” Gu Xiaochen’s heart warmed slightly.


With a satchel across his shoulder, Gu Xiaochen walked out of Wu’s holding the box. A cold wind hit her, but she straightened her thin back.

That figure disappeared into the sea.

A few days after leaving Wu, Gu Xiaochen had a leisurely life.

No need to get up early in the morning, she will sleep till nine o’clock. After eating, she would go for a walk downstairs and go to the supermarket. Watching an afternoon TV, holding some fruits or snacks.

Zhou Chengze made several calls, but she only answered one.

On the phone, he said, “I

‘ve been a little busy recently. Take care of yourself.” Gu Xiaochen held the phone silently for a long time without saying anything, but just hung up the phone.

Huddled on the sofa, lazily watching the movie shown on TV.

The movie is “Big Journey to the West” and she has seen it no less than ten times. The first time I saw it, it was just funny and fun. The second time I saw it, I suddenly realized that it was about love. The third time I saw it, it was a tragedy in a comedy coat.

Only later, I always remembered what Zixia said before he died.

“My favorite person is a world-famous hero. One day he will marry me on the seven-colored cloud. I guessed the beginning, but I can’t guess the ending …”

This Saturday, Yao Yongxin and Shen Ruo invited her to dinner.

The three women got together and time passed quickly. They asked her what she had planned recently, and she smiled, just saying that she would rest for a few days before seeing the situation. Finding a job is indeed a problem, after all, you ca n’t be so lazy.

So after a week of rest, Gu Xiaochen started looking for a new job.

A bunch of recruited newspapers and magazines were spread on the coffee table, and she buried her head in circles that she could do. Before working for Wu Shi for a period of time, this kind of experience and experience is also a special asset for myself. After submitting the cover letter, she successfully received interview invitations from several companies.

Go to the interview, and wait for news at home.

If it were n’t for nothing to sort things at home, Gu Xiaochen almost forgot the dream.

The moment she opened the cupboard, she saw the clothes and the crystal shoes, still shining and dazzling. These were bought by her. Gu Xiaochen looked at those things in a daze, but she was annoyed. She should return them to him.

Silently sighed, just put all these clothes and crystal shoes away. Take off the ring you put on your finger and put it in it. Also, the key to the apartment …

Thinking about the day, if there is a chance, return it to him.

At six o’clock in the evening, Gu Xiaochen was eating. But the phone rang and a call came in. Gu Xiaochen also held chopsticks in his hand and ran to get the phone. She grabbed her phone and looked at the name on the screen, which surprised her. The chopsticks also fell from their hands, and they fell on the ground with a bang.

The three words “Wu Helian” lit up on the screen and penetrated her eyes.

Gu Xiaochen was a little flustered, not knowing whether to take it or not.

But the bell rang again and again, disturbing her thoughts. When panicking, the ringtone stopped suddenly. Displayed as a missed call.

Gu Xiaochen just breathed a sigh of relief and the bell rang again.

It’s him again!

Gu Xiaochen was annoyed and hesitatedly pressed the connect button. Put the phone to your ear and gently “feed” it.

A long-lost male voice came over the phone, with a hint of hoarseness, “Busy?”

“Well.” Gu Xiaochen responded to his words, and didn’t even know what to say. He asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Your things are still in the apartment, not taken away.” Wu Helian said indifferently.

Gu Xiaochen remembered that she did have some things left there. Looking at the time, it was a little late, and she said, “I will take it tomorrow.”

“Now.” Wu Helian said sternly, “Come and take it now.”

“But …” The phone was already waiting for her to finish talking. Hanged up by him.

Gu Xiaochen held the phone, and it was gone. She immediately changed her clothes and did not forget to bring the clothes and crystal shoes he gave her. Only when it was returned to him, so that she would worry about it later. I always feel like I owe him. Half of the meal was eaten, and a quick bite was a solution, and the door was thrown away.

Stopped a car to go to Yinshen’s apartment, the night was thick.

Gu Xiaochen went upstairs with his big bag and took out the key to open the door. He felt something was wrong. The door was opened, but the light was on in the apartment. Is he here? She froze for a while and looked slowly, but found that there was no one in the living room. Some backhand closed the door suspiciously, she could not help but stand at the entrance.

No one’s apartment, with lights on?

“Come.” Gu Xiaochen was startled when a low male voice suddenly sounded.

She turned her head in panic and saw Wu Helian walked out of the bathroom in a loose bathrobe. Obviously just after taking a shower. A black hair is slightly wet, untidy, with a handsome look like a ghost, still so stylish. He smelled of shower gel shampoo.

That’s … the shampoo and body wash she bought.

Gu Xiaochen was a little embarrassed and said “en”.

“What do you have in your hand.” He leaned against the wall and looked at her, his eyes deep.

“Several clothes, and those crystal shoes …” Gu Xiaochen Zhiwu said halfway, he said slowly, “If you don’t want it, then throw it away.”

“I’m going to pack things.” Gu Xiaochen’s hands tightened, more embarrassed, and said softly. She lowered her pockets, bowed her head, and walked past him. As she approached the bedroom, he reached out from behind and grabbed her by the wrist.

“You …” She turned back panic, and under the light, his handsome face seemed to be far and near.

Wu Helian looked down at her condescendingly, her eyes glowing. He grabbed her hand, glanced

sideways , and asked with a condensed voice, “What about the ring.” Gu Xiaochen pursed his lips and said nothing.

“Say!” He drank.

“Throw it.” She blurted out.

His eyes tightened, and he suddenly put his wrists hard, bringing her into his arms, bending down to her lips. She resisted the struggle and pushed him back, but he locked her aggressively.

Suddenly, he said with a

deep voice , “How about staying with me.” His low male voice echoed in his ears, and the familiar smell of tobacco surrounded her. For a moment, Gu Xiaochen felt that his heart suddenly rippled, as if he was thrown into the lake by a stone, so turbulent. But in the next second, he returned to calmness and calmness, as if there was no throbbing.

What did he say?

Slender fingers pinched her jaw and lifted it slightly, letting her face him.

Wu Helian’s handsome face filled her eyes. The amber eyes had a strange charm, enough to make people addicted and fell. He spoke

quietly , and asked again, “How about staying with me.” Gu Xiaochen opened clear ‘S eyes, the expression was dazed.

As if he was talking about a fantasy.

Silent for a long time, her lips micro-Young, so indifferent attitude, said softly, “I do not.”

Wuhe Lian increasingly deep eyes, fixed on her, that tone that really conceited tone to the extreme, “Give me a reason.”

Grounds ? Gu Xiaochen felt a little funny, so she chuckled and said, “There is no reason.”

“Where is not good to follow me? I can give you whatever you want!” Wu Helian raised her eyebrows, and the male voice became a little lower. She raised her hand violently and waved his hand away. The big palm that he held around her waist was tight, not letting her escape and escaping, just asking her to give an answer.

Such familiar words seemed familiar to anyone, and no one has ever said it.

“So, would you buy me a villa and let me live in it. It’s not bad not to go to work, I just need to learn to dance and learn the piano. How much is it for me every month. One hundred thousand, or one hundred Ten thousand? “Gu Xiaochen took a deep breath and did not allow himself to have any mood swings for this, and he was not allowed to be angry.

“It’s up to you as much as you want.” His face was meaningless, and she asked for it.

He hugged her thin body and bowed her head to sniff the light fragrance on her body.

The scent calmed his heart and had a particularly reassuring taste.

Gu Xiaochen just smiled, that insignificant smile, she said a little in his ear, “But I don’t need those.”

Her answer made Wu Helian’s brows tight, her hands around her body violently, and there was a pain in her waist. , She secretly endured pain. But his words were so sharp, overwhelming the pain, “You are still dreaming unrealistically? For example, to be the young lady of the Zhou family? Women, don’t be too greedy!”

“You go to those women who are not greedy. They Willing to stay by your side and never leave. As long as you want. “Gu Xiaochen whispered softly, but he also agreed.

Since these days, she naturally knows the women around him. Changed one after another. Every time on vacation, change a partner. He will not give promises that will not be gentle or even considerate, only indifferent and ruthless. However, there are so many women willingly.

“It’s not too early. I’m going to pack up.” Gu Xiaochen urged Ding-Bao and moved his body, trying to break free.

Her calm female voice made him very irritable, Wu Helian tightened her arms violently and hugged her tightly. Then he suddenly let go of his hand and smiled like that, “It’s not too early.”

“This is the key to the apartment.” Gu Xiaochen panicked and hurriedly handed him the key. But he didn’t answer, she had to put the key on the cabinet. Then he turned and ran into the bedroom to sort things. In fact, there is nothing, a few clothes. She looked away and there were two pots on the balcony. Just about to get it, his tall body walked into the bedroom. When she turned her head, she saw him with evil spirits, which made her fearful.

The hazy light surrounded him, and Zhang Junrong was hidden in the darkness.

“You … don’t come over!” She shouted instinctively, realizing uneasiness.

“Good girl.” Wu Helian shouted hoarsely, closing the door with her backhand. The lighting in the living room suddenly dimmed, and the bedroom was dark. In a blink of an eye, he was like a cheetah rushing in, and the action was scary. One hand grabbed her hands over the top of her head, and her sturdy body pressed against her instantly, pressing her heavily against the wall.

Gu Xiaochen exclaimed in surprise, and in panic, his kiss was urgent and fierce, like a heavy rain pouring down on her. She cried out in fear, but was too late to kiss her lips. I had to sob and make a difficult voice, resisting, struggling, cursing, or pleading, so small and nothing, all swallowed.

“Don’t …”

“Don’t do this! Don’t!”

“I beg you …”

He bit her neck and heard her pleading, and the crazy kiss suddenly suffocated. At this moment, the emotion that seemed to be collapsing suddenly became sober and sober, and the red eyes gradually became silent. Her pale, terrified eyes were dazzling even in the dark.

Wu Helian took a step back and watched her slowly crouch against the wall in front of him.

He stared down and raised one corner of his lips, half ironically and half warned, “You are so stupid. What a woman who appeared in a man’s apartment so late. What do you think you would do. No brains. Or … act You are smart, playing tricks that you want to do, what do you want to happen? “

Gu Xiaochen’s body trembled gently, pulling on his collar. Just clenching her teeth, she rushed down to the door and rushed out of the apartment in a panic. Only the clutter of footsteps, even forgetting to close the door, the cold air outside came in, cooling the room temperature.

Wu Helian walked to the door of the bedroom and leaned against the door in silence, only looking at the direction of her departure.

The things were not taken away, and those pockets were left alone.

The potted plants on the balcony were not taken away.

The key … lying on the countertop quietly.

It was cold and quiet at seven in the winter night. Gu Xiaochen ran out of the Yinshen Mansion and ran along the road, exhaling the white air of large groups. A taxi drove in front of her, and she hurriedly stopped. The car stopped in front of her, she opened the door and drilled into it. He hurriedly said the address, and the driver turned around while driving.

There was a radio broadcast in the car, and the woman’s hoarse voice chanted repeatedly, “I have been looking for someone, even blindly happy … I have been looking for someone to convince me that happiness is true …”

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