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Chapter 78 I will not change positions

Shenzhen is close to Hong Kong, and the traffic is naturally very convenient.

The car drove steadily all the way, sitting in the car. The male colleague in front had been talking about the development situation of Shenzhen in recent years. He talked with the manager Zhu Zhiqing from time to time. Obviously, he had done some preparation work in advance, so he was prepared.

“Shenzhen is developing extremely fast, the sixth phase of the Global Financial Center Index is announced, and Shenzhen ranks 14th among the 75 global financial center cities in that phase, which shows that Shenzhen is a treasure.” Xiao Liu turned back from time to time and said with a smile.

“Xiao Liu, you are right. Shenzhen is indeed a treasure. So this financial meeting was particularly explained. Through contact with domestic financial institutions and securities companies, I also hope to expand the domestic market.” Zhu Zhiqing nodded, a few The words pointed out the real intention of this meeting, which also increased the burden on them.

Gu Xiaochen looked at the front, just listening quietly.

“Gu Assistant, did you sit in the car for too long, so it was uncomfortable?” Zhu Zhiqing asked.

Gu Xiaochen smiled, she was indeed a little uncomfortable, “One point.”

“Assistant Gu, you are about to arrive, you open the window to blow the wind.” Xiao Liuwang said to Gu Xiaochen with concern.

“Xiao Liu, give Assistant Gu a bottle of mineral water.” Zhu Zhiqing told Shen Sheng that Xiao Liu immediately took the water and handed it to Gu Xiaochen.

She thanked her and took it. “It’s really embarrassing. I’m in trouble.” After

arriving at the booked hotel, the three put down their things and went to their rooms to rest.

On the first day of the business trip, instead of going to the meeting place, they strolled around the bustling city of Shenzhen. Gu Xiaochen is so big that she rarely goes out of Hong Kong. Apart from her previous business trips to Japan and her trip to Paris, France, she hasn’t traveled much.

This time only as an extra tour.

Wait until the next afternoon, she followed Zhu Zhiqing to the financial meeting center.

The dark green mirror-like high-level building stands in front of the building and looks up. The building in front of it is like standing in the sky, showing a triangle shape. Of course, this is a visual error.

“Gu Assistant.” Xiao Liu shouted ahead, and Gu Xiaochen hurriedly answered.

The three of them were about to enter the building, but behind them were several black RVs approaching with mighty force, and lined up to stop by the roadside. Such a show is too shocking and eye-catching.

Gu Xiaochen looked back as well, only to see someone in the car in front came down, and opened the rear door for the car in the middle.

Then a long figure huddled out.

Slim tailored suits, pure black like his black hair, with a silver-gray shirt, covered with a layer of gold in the sun. Ruthless face contours, firm lines, a strand of hair falling down his forehead, as if he would not be succumbed to anything by anyone, so unrestrained.

Gu Xiaochen stood still and did not know if he was too unlucky.

How can I see him everywhere?

Think about it this time, but this is a financial meeting. Why would a financial giant like him not attend?

Zhu Zhiqing did not directly contact Wu Helian. He went to Wu Shi to negotiate, and later other managers came to sign the agreement. But he recognized him, after all, he is also a celebrity with more news coverage.

Zhu Zhiqing greeted him with a smile and walked while holding his business card. He said flatly, “General Manager. Hello. I am Zhu Zhiqing of Commercial Bank Securities.”

Wu Helian nodded slightly, and the assistant on the side took his business card. His attitude is indifferent, there is no change from the usual, and the pressure is invisible, as if he should be so unattainable. The tall body passed by Gu Xiaochen slowly, only one meter away from her, and just passed by.

It seems that the three words “stranger” he interpreted more perfectly.

“Let’s go.” Zhu Zhiqing tingled, and the three immediately ran into the building.

Hundreds of companies were invited to attend the financial meeting this time, and Shangyin is only a drop in the ocean. However, Wu Helian was regarded as a “special guest” and arranged a special seat to sit at the forefront. Sitting beside him were several other special guests, celebrities in the financial world.

Behind the black crow’s seat, Gu Xiaochen sat in a corner, and no one could be found at a glance.

“Here we warmly welcome Mr. Wu Helian, President of Hong Kong Wu’s Company!” The ceremonial Hong Liang’s male voice sounded and everyone applauded.

“Good afternoon, everybody.” The low and thick male voice sounded like a breeze.

Gu Xiaochen was seriously making relevant records of the meeting, holding the pen in her hand, she never looked up. She didn’t raise her head until his speech was about to end. But his eyes looked like she was looking in her direction, and like looking elsewhere, she lowered her head calmly.

The three-hour financial meeting finally ended, as the crowd left.

The VIP channel in front is not so crowded. Wu Helian walks side by side with a woman who wears exquisite elegance. The woman talks and laughs, and is gentle.

Afterwards, I went to the restaurant where the building was prepared. Xiao Liu whispered next to her, “She is the first lady of Pengcheng, Wen Jingtong, and she is very famous in the circle. It is said that ten men and nine of them have to kneel down on her Under the pomegranate skirt. There is another who ca n’t kneel because he has no legs. “

Xiao Liu’s words made Zhu Zhiqing laugh, and the flesh on his face shook.

Gu Xiaochen sat quietly and said nothing.

The dinner was opened. Wu Helian’s table was in the center of the hall, and Gu Xiaochen sat with Zhu Zhiqing on the left. There is a hot dish, but the chopsticks have not been used yet. Someone came to Zhu Zhiqing and said slowly, “Manager Zhu, we, Mr. He, let Ms. Gu change the position.” When he

heard “He,” Zhu Zhiqing naturally dared not object, “Okay, no problem. Assistant Gu, you go Right. “

“Manager …” Gu Xiaochen looked embarrassed and annoyed. Zhu Zhiqing, who looked to the side, the look on his face made her feel a little different from the color, and definitely thought she had something to do with him.

“Miss Gu.” The man urged.

Gu Xiaochen gritted his teeth, “Sorry, please tell Mr. He, I won’t change positions.”

“This …” The man suddenly supported me, not knowing what to do.

But seeing Gu Xiaochen’s tough attitude, he had to go back to Wu Helian and whispered back, “General Manager, Miss Gu said she wouldn’t change positions.”

Wu Helian’s gaze swept coldly to a certain direction, and she sat back to him , Can’t see her face. With a glance, the subordinate immediately retreated. Someone beside him was holding a wine glass to touch him, Wen Jingtong a beautiful face exuded charming charm under the light, “He, President, I respect you a cup.”

Wu Helian raised her lips and smiled slightly, clinking with her, dark eyes hidden deep.

Gu Xiaochen sat on the spot, only feeling like sitting on a needle felt, and could not stay for a minute and a second. After waiting for a while, she saw the man leaving the banquet hall silently, and she was relieved. Fortunately, Wu Helian’s subordinates did not come over again to ask her to change positions. What bothered him was what he wanted to do.

Zhu Zhiqing remained silent, as if nothing had happened, Shen Sheng said, “Assistant Gu, President He asked you to change positions. You have changed. You will learn to be smarter about this kind of thing in the future.”

“Manager, I … … “Gu Xiaochen wanted to explain, but he didn’t know how to explain. The relationship between them, she can’t say anything at all, but it feels darker and darker. Half of the words had to swallow back, looking at the food on the table but no appetite.

Xiao Liugang came back from the bathroom and saw her not

moving chopsticks. He was puzzled and asked, “Gu Assistant, why don’t you eat?” “I’m eating.” Gu Xiaochen smiled and caught a peanut in his mouth with chopsticks.

Occasionally, you can hear the laughter of women from the center, and the sound of men coaxing. The same is true of their table. The well-dressed men on the conference table all showed their instincts when they arrived at the wine table. Zhu Zhiqing drank high, but some people kept toasting.

Xiao Liu had to accompany him to stop the wine. Gu Xiaochen quickly asked the waiter for a glass of water. “Mr. Zhu, please

drink a glass of water.” “Water … Drink water …” Zhu Zhiqing drank flushed, all covered with alcohol.

His rough voice made Gu Xiaochen frown, and for a moment, she felt that the voice was somewhat familiar, which made her think of the pervert. Looking back, Zhu Zhiqing drank the water and went to fight with the managers and supervisors. She shook her head only when she was nervous and confused.

Finally, Liu Liu helped Zhu Zhiqing out of the restaurant.

“I tell you, Xiaochen, Xiao Liu, there is a knowledge about drinking. The only thing that can be tolerated on the wine table is the true ability …” Zhu Zhiqing said nonsense, and the whole person was sloppy. He was fat, and Xiao Liu was thin and unable to help. “Gu Assistant, please help me quickly.”

“Good.” Gu Xiaochen hurried forward and helped Zhu Zhiqing on the other side. His big hand hugged her, and when he turned his head, the alcohol sprayed from time to time, making her feel a little uncomfortable. Helping to the door of the building, Xiao Liu went to pick up the car, leaving only Gu Xiaochen to support him.

Zhu Zhiqing’s dim eyes looked at Gu Xiaochen, locked her white face, and ridiculedly said, “Ah,

Xiaochen , have you talked about your friends?” A little farther.

Zhu Zhiqing’s laughter sounded, and suddenly whispered, “You are alone, at night …”

“Manager Zhu.” At this time, the male subordinate who came to talk just now appeared again. Several strides approached Zhu Zhiqing, and strongly reached out to support him. “Miss Gu, General Manager He said, let you take his car.”

Why is he again?

Gu Xiaochen’s brow furrowed, “No more trouble.”

“He always spoke Now, you do not Tuiju.” Zhu Zhiqing vaguely open, simply press the identity, “I command you, you take the total car celebrate.”

Liu drove from, male subordinates leaning Zhu Zhiqing got in the car.

Gu Xiaochen watched the car passing slowly in front of him, his chest sullen for a while. She didn’t want to take his car, nor did she want to get in touch with him again, and whispered to the male subordinate, “Thank you Mr. He for me, sorry, I will go first.”

“Miss Gu …” The subordinate shouted

anxiously , stopping her, “Please don’t make me embarrassed.” Gu Xiaochen didn’t want to embarrass him, but he didn’t want to stay in his car.

The two were stalemate, and the subordinate suddenly shouted, “General He.”

Gu Xiaochen stood back to back, his back stiffened.

Wu Helian walked to her in silence, without saying anything, just grabbed her little hand and dragged her to walk in the direction of parking. At first, she was still concerned about someone. She wasn’t shouting and attracting attention. When she

walked away, she scolded, “Release! President He, please let go!” The car key unlocked from a distance. Wu Helian firmly grasped her hand and forced her into the car. He even deliberately tucked her from the driver’s seat into the auxiliary seat, and then got into the car himself.

Gu Xiaochen wanted to drive and get off, but found that the door had been locked.

“You …” She turned around panicly and sighed coldly, “I don’t want you to send it.” But

he held her hand tightly, not letting her move, and the powerful palm continued to hold her shoulder and perched she was. This position will Guxiao Chen previously thought and do not want to recall the scene, eyes widened in horror, she resisted piercing roar, “Do not! Do not! Do not!”

Wuhe Lian Yi Zheng, saw her face bloody do Faded, pale and dull, those clear eyes flickered unsteadily. Clearly aware that her body was shaking, she … afraid of him?

The thought flashed through his mind quickly, making him suddenly unhappy.

She beat him indiscriminately, “I don’t want it!”

Wu Helian dragged her into her arms hard, encircling her gently with her arms, as if appeasing a frightened child, as if she would be farther away from him.

“Don’t be afraid of me.” He murmured, whispering in her ear, “I just want to wear a seatbelt for you.”

“Chenchen, don’t be afraid of me.” Wu Helian shouted hoarsely, stroking her head with a big palm, holding her Press yourself.

He shouted again and again, “Chenchen. Chenchen.”

Such a friendly name, only one person shouted. That’s Gu Qing. When horrified, Wu Helian’s low male voice gave Gu Xiaochen an illusion, like Gu Qing, whom she most relied on. The terrified heart gradually calmed down, and her breathing changed from rapid to calm, and she was no longer so panic.

“Don’t disturb me, I promise not to touch you.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, a tone of helplessness.

Gu Xiaochen’s pale face regained some blood, and he did not respond, but just stiffened. He let go of his hand and fastened her seat belt. She leaned sideways against the car door and was reluctant to speak. Holding the steering wheel, he stepped on the accelerator and drove the car out slowly.

Gu Xiaochen had no sense of direction, and because he was a strange city, he could only let him drive.

Countless small shops passed along the road, but he parked his car on the roadside.

Not far ahead is a small and elegant restaurant.

“Get off the car. Accompany me to eat something.” After the car stopped, Wu Helian reached out to unfasten her seat belt, but she unfastened the seat belt before him and deliberately avoided his care. His hands were stiff in the air, and he didn’t care much. Withdrew his hand and indifferently got off the train.

Gu Xiaochen also got out of the car and said softly, “General Manager, I am not hungry.”

“But I am hungry.” He said quietly, his eyes bright in the darkness.

How could such a conversation sound so familiar, she frowned annoyedly, “I don’t eat midnight with me.”

“You are not hungry, then you don’t need to eat. Just look at me.” Wu Helian’s eyebrow said indifferently. Seeing that she was standing at the same place and refused to go, he was going to hold her hand, but she took the initiative to take her steps and walked to the little shop.

Near ten o’clock in the night, the guests in the shop were in twos and threes.

This is a dim sum shop, mainly engaged in porridge, wonton, pasta and the like.

Wu Helian trail ordered something, Gu Xiaochen bowed his head and said nothing. The waiter left with the menu and he smoked a cigarette. The smell of tobacco came over, and she heard him ridicule, “When I was with others, I didn’t see you talking so little. With me, you won’t speak.”

Gu Xiaochen pursed her lips, still. Didn’t speak.

When the food came up, she looked at it, and there were two bowls of porridge, two bowls of wonton, and some delicate side dishes on the table. Why are they both? He took one of them in front of her and said casually, “If you eat alone and have no appetite, you can eat whatever you want.”

“Miss, please try it. The ravioli in our shop is delicious.” The waiter talked at the right time, it was like who had bought the confession.

The waiter’s enthusiasm made Gu Xiaochen embarrassed. She picked up a spoon and ate a wonton. Thin skin, the filling is shrimp, one bite, the taste is very good.

Gu Xiaochen raised his head and smiled, “It’s really delicious.”

“Then eat more.” The waiter smiled happily and turned around holding the tray.

Gu Xiaochen held the spoon in his hand and glanced at him carefully. The cigarette was resting beside the ashtray, and he silently drank porridge. That look always doesn’t see good or bad, it doesn’t matter whether the food is delicious or not, it’s just for eating.

At the banquet just now, a group of people were fighting for wine. In fact, she didn’t eat anything at all.

In the end, she ate more than he did. This is really depressing.

After eating almost, he paid the bill and sent her back to the hotel where he stayed. The car had just stopped, and Gu Xiaochen turned to look at him in the car, thinking about the whole night, and only one sentence left at the end. She said nothing, “He President, please don’t do this in the future.”

“How.” He immediately asked back In a word, ask for it.

Gu Xiaochen clenched his fists lightly, and he was forced to make it clear, “Do n’t let me as President He change me to take your car or even let me eat with you.”

“I think you misunderstood something “Wu Helian looked at her sideways, and she froze a little, he said with a gaze,” I am a man. “


It was so loud that he didn’t even understand what he was saying.

Gu Xiaochen opened the car door in a panic and bowed his head into the hotel.

The arrangement for the third day is to visit several financial and trade buildings in Shenzhen. At night, I was going to a bonfire party at the beach. However, if God didn’t make beauty, it would rain all afternoon. The beach can’t go anymore, and instead pack a famous local PUB. Leaders are in the private rooms of the subordinates, and subordinates are in the private rooms of the subordinates.

At around ten o’clock, the atmosphere was high and Gu Xiaochen was a little sleepy.

She patted Xiao Liu next to her and said softly, “I’ll go back in a taxi. You play slowly.”

“Okay. Be careful.” Xiao Liu responded, rushing to punch with people. Someone called, and Xiao Liu saw it from Zhu Zhiqing, and immediately picked it up. He did not dare to ignore it. “Manager … Assistant Gu has already returned …”

Gu Xiaochen walked out of the PUB alone, the sky was raining, but the air Fresh.

No one was along the road. She walked out of the winding alley and headed towards the road, ready to take a taxi.

But when I went around, I found that I was lost.

At this time, the phone rang.

Gu Xiaochen picked up the phone and looked at it. The strange number on the screen shocked her, and she answered the phone as she hurried away.

On the other end of the phone, Wu Helian’s low voice sounded, “Where are you.”

Gu Xiaochen silently hung up the phone without saying a word.

“Baby … I’m here to see you, OK … Don’t go … I’ll come to you immediately …” The gruesome male voice suddenly sounded in the quiet alley, Gu Xiaochen was terrified. Looking around, there is no figure, but feels that the other party is staring at her, she began to run in fear.

There was a sound of footsteps, and it was not her or who.

The rain was getting bigger and bigger, and gradually wet her. Sliding under her feet, Gu Xiaochen fell to the ground in a state of embarrassment, and it sounded loudly. The phone also hit the ground, but it started to vibrate again.

Gu Xiaochen grabbed the phone and turned it on. Wu Helian questioned angrily, “Where are you.”

“I’m so scared …” She held the phone tightly without help trembling.

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