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Chapter 79 Hold him tightly

the luxurious private room of PUB, the lights are chaotic, but the original noisy music is replaced by light music.

“I chose a bottle of red wine, I don’t know if you like it or not.” Wen Jingtong wore a sexy V-neck dress with a slim body, wrapped in a graceful figure curve. Her long hair was straight and bright, and her phoenix eyes narrowed slightly.

Wu Helian sat on the sofa, took off the suit and set it aside, the sleeves of the shirt pulled around a few times, bohemian. He smoked in one hand, and his position was lazy and casual. His eyes narrowed slightly, his mouth was touched with a meaningless radian, inadvertently showing his masculinity, and his vitality was infinite.

“Have a drink.” Although he was silent, Wen Jingtong was not angry, but instead smiled.

She is a well-known communicator in the circle, and there are more men to smile for her, and she is regarded as a “goddess” by men in private. Wen Jingtong mixes like fish and water in Pengcheng, but he has been waiting for his favorite man to appear.

Wen Jingtong handed the wine glass to him and smiled gorgeously.

The man in front is good.

Wu Helian took the wine glass, but took it in her hand and swayed it. The red liquid swirled along the wall of the glass. He looked at Wen Jingtong, seemingly smiling, his indifferent temperament became more and more charming.

“Don’t you drink it?” Wen Jingtong murmured and sat down beside him. She smiled sideways, and her soft, boneless hand took the wine glass in his hand. Suddenly, he drank his head up and drank the wine, which also contained red wine, so he leaned towards him, and poured the wine into his mouth with his mouth, and said

hoarsely , “How does it taste …” Wu Helian was still unmoved. The laugh was more

diffuse, and he said three words, “please me.” Wen Jingtong put down the glass and reached into his shirt to caress his strong chest. Red lips leaned towards his neck and began to kiss his neck. Her kiss moved down, her fingers unbuttoning the shirt. Traces of red lips also printed on his body.

“Boom-” The door of the private room was suddenly knocked, and a shout came, “Master Lian!”

That was Wu Helian’s subordinate.

Wen Jingtong stopped and fell silent in his arms.

“Come in.” Wu Helian did not push her away, nor did she hug her.

The subordinate immediately walked into the private room, hesitant to speak.

“I’m going to make up.” Wen Jingtong said, getting up and leaving in a funny way.

After she left, the subordinates blamed themselves, “Master Lian, it was my dereliction of duty. I just went to the bathroom, and when I came back, I found Miss Gu was gone.”

“Go and find.” The smoke between fingers was still burning, he took out his phone and pressed the number. The first call was dialed, waiting for the call to be connected. It was hard to get through, and she only asked “Where are you”, but she hung up.

Hearing a blind beep from the end of the phone, his anger rose sharply.

He threw the phone at the glass coffee table, and the smoke grew stronger.

Stalemate for a minute, picked up the phone again and dialed in the past.

Never had a phone call made him so angry, Wu Helian squeezed his phone. Waiting for a long time before being connected, only heard the sound of pattering rain, but could not hear her voice.

“Where are you.” Chest was very upset, he asked warmly.

The sound of rain still pours, the voice on the other end of the phone is too soft to tremble so helplessly, “I’m so scared …”

There are only three words, Wu Helian suddenly got up from the sofa. After a bit of teeth, but still forced to calm down, he asked, “Tell me! Where are you!”

“I don’t know … I don’t know … Someone chased me … Someone chased me …” She hesitated Said anxiously, the voice choked. She talked on and off, unable to tell the story completely, only made people feel more worried and anxious.

“Is it near here?” Wu Helian asked in a deep voice.

“I’m in the alley … I’m lost …”

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll come to you. Find a place to hide, don’t make a noise. I will definitely find you.” Wu Helian frowned and calmed down on the phone, “I’ll come to you now. Don’t make a noise “He didn’t even dare to call the phone, so he rushed out of the private room.

“Mr. He?” Wen Jingtong happened to turn back and saw him running out of the private room, she shouted suspiciously.

Wu Helian ignored it, as if she hadn’t seen her at all and took a big step away.

Wenjing Tong Leng Leng stood, anxious to hear him shouting, “Chen Chen ……”


“baby …… …… Where do you hide oh …… I’ll be looking for you ……”

I do not know whether it is Illusion, that terrible voice has been hovering in my ears. Gu Xiaochen curled up into a ball, squatted in the corner, and covered himself with some bamboo baskets. In that dark alley, light rain kept falling down the rain line. Her hair and clothes were already wet and cold.

The phone is still in the palm of the hand, but it was cut off because of insufficient power.

Gu Xiaochen hugged himself tightly and bit his lip tightly without making any sound.

Whose footsteps were approaching, her body trembled. She dared not raise her head to look at the coming people, only to see a scene that scared herself. Cowardly, the body curled up smaller, and the thin body was hidden behind the bamboo basket, covering his mouth to prevent himself from crying.

Suddenly, the bamboo basket in front of him was pulled by someone, Gu Xiaochen screamed out, “Ah–“

Her cry was terrible, echoing in the quiet alley.

The black figure squatted in front of her, stretched out her hands, and hugged her tightly into her arms. Anxious that he was about to suffocate, he fell into a warm chest and smelled the familiar faint smell of tobacco. Gu Xiaochen seemed to grab the life-saving duckweed and hugged him tightly.

The first time he hugged him, the animal sounded like a whimper.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid.” Wu Helian caressed her, and she cried aloud, shouting his name, “Ahe …”

Wu Helian immediately took her back to her hotel.

Along the way, Gu Xiaochen just cried without saying a word. Her emotions were very agitated and she collapsed. After returning to the hotel suite, she calmed down slightly and stopped crying. But the pale face became weaker under the light, so innocent, so pitiful. She was soaked in rain and wet, her hair and clothes stuck to her thin body.

Wu Helian’s shirt was also wet by the rain, and some raindrops fell down the hair.

He took her hand and led her into the bathroom.

Shen Sheng said, “You are soaked, go take a shower first.” Gu Xiaochen bit his lip and turned his hand back when he released his hand grip. Wu Helian looked down at her, her eyes fixed on his chest, and said softly, “I’m afraid …”

“Don’t be afraid. It’s okay. I’m outside.” A string in my heart was moved, Wu Helian embraced her again In her arms, “I won’t go.”

She breathed his smell greedily, so that she didn’t seem so afraid.

After holding her for a while, Wu Helian lowered her male voice and whispered in her ear, spraying a hot breath, “Wash it together.”

Gu Xiaochen suddenly froze, the temperature of his ears rose sharply, and a face began to redden and bloodshot, like A ripe and attractive tomato. For a moment, she responded, and unconsciously broke away from his arms, the voice was too soft, and said, “I … I went to take a bath.”

Wu Helian looked at her into the bathroom, looking at The glass door closed, and he turned to the sofa, taking off his shirt wet from the rain and tossing it aside.

The glass door of the bathroom is translucent, so you can vaguely see the figure inside.

I can’t help but imagine her ketone body, something bursts, he has the idea of ​​wanting to hug her.

“Crack–” The lid of the lighter opened and he took a cigarette to light it.

The white smoke spread out in the room, and the smell of tobacco gradually increased.

I don’t know how long it took, and the sound of the water in the bathroom finally stopped.

The glass door was gently pushed open, and Gu Xiaochen walked out in a bathrobe.

“Washed?” Wu Helian looked up and saw that her wet black hair was attached to her cheek, one hand was clenched into a fist, and the other hand was holding black frame glasses. But the yukata that was too wide made her look extremely petite and delicate, like a small porcelain doll. She habitually lowered her head, and the posture seemed to be looking for something missing.


tugged on her clothes uneasyly and said hardly , “I’m going back.” “Dressed like this?” Wu Helian smoked a cigarette and frowned slightly. He stood up, bare chest, only wearing trousers, approaching her with a steady pace. Gu Xiaochen didn’t dare to look at him, feeling that he was walking towards herself, she was a little overwhelmed, and even more afraid of being alone in this way.

“Don’t go.” Wu Helian grabbed her wrist and arrogantly shouted.

Gu Xiaochen panicked, almost biting his tongue, “I want to go back.”

“Tonight, you are not allowed to go.” His overbearing is even worse.

“What are you doing …” Gu Xiaochen’s eyebrows flicked, but he grabbed her and sat on the sofa.

“If you dare to go, you try.” Wu Helian threatened with a deep voice, and turned back into the bathroom, took a dry towel and folded it back to her. Gu Xiaochen sat silently on the sofa, slightly restrained. He sat down next to her, the cigarette in his hand was on his lips, and he started to wipe her hair with a towel in both hands. His movements were rude, but he was cautious.

Gu Xiaochen wanted to reach out to get the towel. She was not used to such an intimate posture. “I’m here …”

“Be good, don’t move, you know?” He drank and held her hand to prevent her from moving.

Quiet room with light rain floating outside the window.

Wu Helian dried her hair while asking, “Speak, what the hell happened.”

Mentioning that terrible thing, Gu Xiaochen was very nervous. Wu Helian clearly noticed her subtle changes, her eyes were deep, her dark hair covered her profile, and she heard her say, “Someone had been calling me in the middle of the night before, and just hung up at first. But then, that person started Say something disgusting on the phone … “

she told slowly, her clothes tight again.

“How long has that person disturbed you?” Wu Helian froze Junrong, and he couldn’t breathe.

Gu Xiaochen thought for a while, and said with a tremble, “It’s almost a month.”

“So last time you will shout perverted, but also afraid that someone will chase you?” Wu Helian was angry with her hand wiping her hair.

Gu Xiaochen’s head was lowered to his knees, and he grumbled gracefully.

“Are you a fool? Wouldn’t you call the police when you encounter such a thing?” Wu Helian shouted and threw the towel on the coffee table angrily.

Gu Xiaochen gritted his teeth, “I reported it to the police, but the police couldn’t find it.”

“Then you won’t tell me? I can make you so disturbed?” He asked angrily, and ordered again, “You The house I live in now can’t live anymore! Move out! Move back to me as soon as I go back! “

” The rent of the house is very cheap and close to the company. “

” I have no money? There are many houses near your company. Yes! “Every time she said something, he immediately refuted the past, smoked a cigarette, and said bitterly,” I let you move out and move out! “

His attitude is really angry, Gu Xiaochen frowned,” Why do I I want to tell you, it ’s your business that you have a lot of money. I wo n’t move. I … I ’m not yours. ”

There was a hint of sourness in the end.

He was smoking and was almost choked by the smoke, anxiously extinguished the smoke. Wu Helian stared at her and silently said, “Gu Xiaochen, your appetite is not small, you want a name?”

Gu Xiaochen smiled, and did not know why he smiled. She stood up and said quietly, “Thank you today.”

Seeing that she was going to leave, Wu Helian got up and hugged her from behind. Her arms were strong, and she put her head on her shoulder. Gu Xiaochen tried to break his hand, but the more he tightened, Shen Sheng said, “Smart girl, don’t ask too much.”

Smart girl …

Gu Xiaochen was suffocated for a moment, and the smile in his mouth was nothing. Get up, “I’m willing to be a fool.”

Wu Helian hugged her body, lowered her head and kissed the skin of her neck, one after another, the kiss was urgent and fierce. He seemed to have passed a current, Gu Xiaochen twisted his body uncomfortably, yelling “Don’t” against it, his kiss suddenly slowed down, but he brushed her skin gently, but the breath began to be unstable, “Chen Chen … “

” I’m going back, let me go. “Gu Xiaochen was hugged tightly by him. His big palm was so hot that he could feel it clearly even across the bathrobe.

“I said, I won’t let you go tonight.” Wu Helian’s voice was extremely low and hoarse, and her magnetic voice seemed to be inviting. Gu Xiaochen’s stubbornness is still the four words “I want to go back”, Wu Helian’s eyes narrowed, and she was directly hugged.

She was stunned, but he took her to the bedroom.

She started

kicking and beating him, shouting angrily, “What are you doing!” The door was kicked open, and Wu Helian pushed her down on the big bed. The semi-wet black hair was scattered on the sheets, and the bathrobe was loosened because of the struggle. As soon as he lowered his head, he could see her white carcass, the looming abundance under the collarbone. Her eyes glowed with water and luster, no longer clear, only dim.

Looking at each other, Gu Xiaochen saw the red lips on his neck.

That’s … the woman left.

Who was he with just now? New lover?

“You said what I want to do.” He whispered back.

I do n’t know what it ’s like to stir in my heart, Gu Xiaochen turned his head negatively, “Apart from this, is there nothing else in your mind!”

Wu Helian smiled, but his smile was a bit lonely, and you spit out two words, “Maybe.”

Gu Xiaochen suddenly inexplicable, but he pressed on her, blowing a burning gas in her ear, jokingly said, “I saw You, I can hardly think of anything else. I was thinking all over … “He paused, kissed her face, and said slowly,” How to love you. “


Gu Xiaochen was so embarrassed he just wanted to bury himself Then, had to close his eyes to escape. Just when she thought what he would do, her weight was light. She opened her eyes in confusion and saw him with a bare chest and a tall, fit figure. He pulled the quilt over to cover her and smiled and said, “You look at me so what to do, if you want to continue, I’m happy to accompany.”

He was teasing her! He deliberately!

Despite being dull like her in matters of men and women, Gu Xiaochen understood.

“Sleep.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, and looked down to see her nervously pinching the rim, opened her eyes, and recovered the clarity. It was almost impossible to control himself. Slender fingers lifted the bangs scattered around her forehead, leaning involuntarily and kissing her smooth forehead.

It looked like ripples, and she closed her eyes in a flash.

Then he heard his footsteps go away, walked out of the bedroom, the door was closed.


At nearly five in the morning, Gu Xiaochen woke up.

Unfamiliar cities and rooms always make her unable to sleep. Lifting the quilt, she gently opened the door. Looking around, I saw him sleeping on the sofa outside. He actually slept on the sofa? She stood at the door in surprise, her steps stopped slightly. How can a person as big as him sleep on such a small sofa.

The quilt fell to the ground. He slept sideways and wrapped around his chest.

Isn’t he cold?

Gu Xiaochen held his breath and walked carefully to him. She dropped her hand to pick up the quilt on the ground and wanted to cover him. But he bowed his head and glanced at his neck. The red lip mark glimpsed last night was gone, washed away by water, leaving no trace. She covered the quilt on him, glanced at him, and got up and walked into the bathroom.

Last night’s clothes were left overnight, they were all dried by the heating in the room, and they were crumpled.

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly sorted himself out and packed up and left quietly.

And he is still asleep.

After returning to the hotel where he stayed, Gu Xiaochen hurriedly changed into clean clothes. Waited for a while, until about eight o’clock, the phone in the room rang. Gu Xiaochen picked it up, and Xiao Liu asked over the phone, “Assistant Gu, are you up? Organize things, we will leave soon.”

“I’m up now, and things are sorted out.”

“That Let’s gather in the lobby. “

” Okay. “

Hang up the phone, Gu Xiaochen carried the suitcase downstairs. She waited for a while in the lobby on the ground floor, and Xiao Liu and Zhu Zhiqing came one after the other. She stood up and Xiao Liu immediately took her suitcase and put it in the car. Zhu Zhiqing said with a smile, “We go to the restaurant to eat something.”

Having eaten at the restaurant, the three of them sat back in the car.

“Assistant Gu, you walked too early yesterday and missed the back.” Xiao Liu said excitedly.

Thinking of last night, Gu Xiaochen’s face was pale for a moment, and he said softly, “I was a little tired yesterday.”

“Women are no more than men’s physical energy.” Zhu Zhiqing said.

Gu Xiaochen just smiled and turned to look out the window.

The car drove away slowly from the hotel and rushed back to Hong Kong. Coincidentally, after passing by the wonton shop along the road, her eyes narrowed slightly.

After a light rain overnight, the morning sunlight was dazzling.

In a hotel suite, the man sleeping on the sofa woke up quietly. As soon as he moved, the quilt slipped off his body again and half fell to the ground. Wu Helian opened her sleepy eyes and slowly stood up on the sofa. He squeezed his eyebrows, so that he was slightly awake.

He turned his head and looked, but saw the bedroom door ajar.

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed.

Wu Helian rushed to the bedroom, seeing that there was no one in the room, and there was not even her breath in the air. She had nowhere to go. He walked towards the big bed, reached for the quilt, and there was no trace of cooling, it seemed that she had been away for some time.

“Ding Dong–” Someone rang the doorbell.

Wu Helian turned to open the door, and as soon as the door opened, Wen Jingtong stood outside in a small dress, fresh and bright.

Carrying the bag in her hands, she smiled softly, “Good morning.” Wu Helian’s long body leaned against the door, her smile indifferent.

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