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Chapter 81 The Rose Knight

“Dong Dang Dang——”

Come back from work, Gu Xiaochen knocked on someone’s apartment door. Although she has the key in her hand, she still wants to confirm whether he is in the apartment or not. If not, use the key to open the door. Otherwise, she always feels that this way of getting along is too strange. She tries to avoid direct contact with him.

After a while, no one answered or opened the door.

Gu Xiaochen then took out the key to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, I saw socks littered in the living room, shirts and trousers were thrown on the sofa, and the ashtray of the glass coffee table was filled with ashes. After drinking half of the wine, the air smelled of alcohol. In a room without windows, the complex smells are mixed together and pungent and unpleasant.

Is this the apartment for real single men?

Gu Xiaochen looked at the messy apartment, froze for a while, and immediately ran back to his attic to take the apron and tie it. Pack your socks, shirts, and trousers first, and put them in the washing machine if you can. If you ca n’t wash them, call the laundry person to pick them up. Amoy rice is put into the rice cooker and cooked, don’t forget to save time to clean the floor at this time. After cleaning the floor, the rice was almost cooked, and she took the ingredients to cook. When I am alone, I always have something to solve. It’s too much to cook, and I can’t finish it. It ’s too little to cook. Now that there is one more person, it is considered to have solved the problem.

In April, it was already dark at 7pm.

In the apartment’s kitchen, Gu Xiaochen was praising soup in an apron. Closing the glass door of the kitchen also put an end to the sound outside.

Therefore, she did not hear the sound of the key opening the door.

There was a scent of food on the face, and the dim light in the living room was not dazzling.

The warm light showed a hint of warmth.

Wu Helian stood in the doorway, looked at the already clean and tidy apartment, and turned to the kitchen. He took his steps and stood outside the kitchen.

Finally, Gu Xiaochen was relieved. Drying her hands on the apron, she was a little thirsty and wanted to drink water. Pick up the drinking glass, but it’s out of water. When I turned around, I saw that he was standing outside the kitchen, his hands coolly inserted in his trousers pockets, and his long body image was a wall standing between the floor and the ceiling.

Gu Xiaochen was startled, why is this person always silent?

“You … when did you come back.” She opened the glass door and said softly.

Wu Helian looked at her and turned around without a word. Gu Xiaochen frowned, already accustomed to his silence. She had just walked to the water dispenser to pour water, but he had already folded back with the glass. Gu Xiaochen’s footsteps suffocated, he handed the glass in front of her, instructing her to take it, Gu Xiaochen was shocked again.

“Aren’t you thirsty.” She did not answer, and Wu Helian’s deep male voice sounded.

Gu Xiaochen embarrassed “embarrassment” with embarrassment, and finally reached out to take over the glass, as if his temperature remained on the glass.

“Poo poo—” The soup pot was steaming.

“My soup.” Gu Xiaochen was too late to drink water and hurried into the kitchen.

Wu Helian looked at her in silence. Such a small figure turned out to be exceptionally tall. Her busy figure looked particularly gentle and lovely, and had a fatal appeal.

Finally, Gu Xiaochen served the meals at the dining table. Three dishes and one soup are all homemade dishes, unlike star hotels. Unlocking the apron, she was holding the apron in one hand and the packed lunch box in one hand, and stood at the entrance and said, “After cleaning, the rice is cooked.”

Wu Helian was sitting on the sofa smoking, and he said “en”. The door opened and closed, and she left. He finished smoking, then he got up and walked to the table. Picked up the spoon and drank the warm soup.

Suddenly felt a fresh salty taste, stimulating the taste buds.

“Boom!” The door was knocked again, but Wu Helian did not respond. Until someone outside the door finally couldn’t bear it, he opened the door with his key. Gu Xiaochen rushed into the apartment and ran to him. He was still drinking soup, her little face turned red, annoyed, “I put salt as sugar, too salty. Don’t drink it.”

Looking at the soup bowl in front of him again, he had already finished drinking Anymore?

“Don’t you feel salty?” Gu Xiaochen asked in surprise.

Wu Helian narrowed her eyes slightly, supported her head with one hand, and said meaninglessly, “One more bowl.”

Uh …

the corner of his lips flew up unconsciously.

… in the

printing room, the printer made a “beep-beep” sound.

Gu Xiaochen is printing the data that has been sorted out, page after page of paper, and dense numbers. She turned her head and looked out the window, suddenly thinking of the bowl of soup last night. Ordinary people must spit out such a salty soup. How could he stand it. He shook his head and held the paper to synthesize documents in page order.

“Assistant Gu, do you want to go to dinner?”

“Okay.” Gu Xiaochen turned around and locked the file in the drawer. He went out of the investment bank with his colleagues.

Sitting down in the elevator, I saw a group of people and a group of women in front of me.


“There is a handsome guy outside! Have you seen it?”

“Of course I did. He is really handsome . The most important thing is, why did he even hold a bunch of roses. Yes Who ’s not her boyfriend? I do n’t know which woman is so lucky to find such a handsome guy. ”

“ I really want to meet him. ”

“ How about asking him for a phone number? ”

“ Hey— ”

The woman in the back row was excited Gossip, the expression is regrettable.

Gu Xiaochen walked quietly by the crowd, and he couldn’t help but wonder. She turned her head and saw a handsome man standing in the middle of the crowd. He was in a smart suit and held a bouquet of roses in his hands, so he stood prominently in the hall. The smile on his face was particularly dazzling, and the whole person was so excited.

The man glanced over the crowd, met her, and suddenly walked, walking straight across the crowd towards her.

Gu Xiaochen froze and looked at him like a knight walking towards her step by step.

“Hi.” He came to her and smiled softly.

The light in the hall was very good, the sunlight shining down through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, sprinkled on his body, and even his hair was stained with a touch of gold. He was bathed in golden light, and his tall, thin body bent slightly, matching her height, not to make her too stressed, and the subtle movements also showed a gentle side.

Yan Xudong’s eyes were deep, with light shining, his thin lips

lightly opened , and he said hello softly, “Hi.” “Hi.” Gu Xiaochen stood stunned for a moment, even unable to react.

Yan Xudong, who has been away for more than three months, suddenly appeared in front of her?

With a smile on the surprised face, Gu Xiaochen smiled shyly, “I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“I really haven’t seen you for a long time.” Yan Xudong ridiculed and stuffed the big bunch of roses in her arms. Gu Xiaochen was not expecting that the bouquet had arrived in her hand. She looked at him in surprise, but he smiled and said, “Meet the gift. Do you like it.”

“I like it, but …” Gu Xiaochen was very embarrassed, which rose? Has it been sent casually?

“Just like it. Would you like to go to dinner? I invite you to dinner.” Yan Xudong said heartily, interrupting her. He hugged her shoulders with a thorn, as he did before. He didn’t care about the attention of so many people around him, he talked to her and took her out of the building.

“Assistant Gu …” The colleague shouted.

Gu Xiaochen realized that there were colleagues and whispered, “Wait. I said to my colleagues.”

“Go.” Yan Xudong let go of his hand and stood at the spot watching her walk towards her colleague. Gu Xiaochen ran back to his colleague and said something, the expression was obviously apologizing and he couldn’t eat with them. She didn’t notice that his eyes didn’t change for a moment, and kept staring at her, so focused.

Gu Xiaochen said goodbye to his colleagues and walked back to Yan Xudong. “Okay.” The

two walked out of the building side by side, and the bright and dripping roses were particularly eye-catching. The crowd froze and watched them leave, whispering. Those colleagues are even more envious of the words, don’t look at the assistant who is usually silent, but her “boyfriend” is really shocking.

At a restaurant not far from Shangyin Company, the two people sat face to face at the dining table on the second floor.

Ordered a few dishes and chatted while eating. This feeling is particularly comfortable. Gu Xiaochen relaxed as a whole and her smile became brighter and brighter. Yan Xudong looked up at her from time to time, locked her smile, poured a glass of juice for her, “how did you suddenly resign.”

“Want to change the environment.” Gu Xiaochen said casually, bowed his head, “What about you? When did you come back? “

Yan Xudong didn’t ask too much, and said slowly,” I just came back today. I met your friend Shen Ruo as soon as I arrived at the company, and I knew you had resigned. How does your new job adapt? “

Gu Xiaochen drinks After taking a bite of juice, he said shyly, “I can only say that I will try my best.”

“If it is you, then it must be fine.” Yan Xudong narrowed his eyes, and there was a deep love hidden in that smile.

The afternoon sun is so warm and not too hot, nor too cold. After eating, the two strolled out of the restaurant and Yan Xudong sent Gu Xiaochen back to the company. In front of the company building, Yan Xudong stopped, “Ying Xin went abroad for a few days and came back in about two days. When she comes back, let’s get together again.”

“Good.” Gu Xiaochen took a sip Promised, “Then I’ll go in.”

Yan Xudong said “en”, and watched her turn. When she walked a few steps, he couldn’t help shouting, “Xiaochen!”

“What?” Gu Xiaochen turned back to look at him, but he kept talking, still smiling softly, “My phone number hasn’t changed, it’s still that. Call me when I’m free.”

She nodded and smiled, then left.

Going home that day, Gu Xiaochen held this big bouquet of roses in his arms.

She smelled the scent of roses and felt in a good mood.

In fact, she grew so big, she really didn’t receive any roses. In high school, there were early lovers in the school, and it was popular to send roses every Valentine’s Day. After attending college, love is no longer banned, and it’s just right. But she was so busy with her studies that she didn’t care about it at all, even though she felt lonely on Valentine’s Day.

I didn’t expect to receive the first bouquet of roses today.

Although, this is just a gift for meeting.

Gu Xiaochen was still very happy.

When the elevator reached the top floor, she took the bouquet and went to the attic to put things down. But she just walked up the stairs and the door of an apartment opened. A long figure leaned against the door and glanced at the thin figure walking up the stairs. His eyes were fixed on the bouquet of roses. His eyes were tight, and the handsome face suddenly became hazy.

The next day, the office of the investment banking department was flooded with roses. As soon as I walked into the office, I looked around with roses, and the oncoming roses made me stupid. This makes people mistakenly think that this is not an office, but a flower shop that only sells roses.

And these roses are all for one person.

“Taking care assistant, your roses knight good and generous ah! This is how much money it!”

“But what do such a show off, for fear others do not know it!”

Some people laugh, some people naturally sarcastic.

Gu Xiaochen was overwhelmed with a headache. She was hesitant to take out her mobile phone and wanted to call Yan Xudong, asking if he sent it. At this time, the phone at the desk sounded a “beep–” sound. The phone number is displayed inside the company. Gu Xiaochen answered the phone and heard a man ’s low, magnetic voice coming into his ear, and he

suddenly said , “How?” “What?” Wu Helian? Did this man call her on the company phone?

“Flower.” He spit out a word.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly realized that the flowers were all from him. She held the microphone and gritted her teeth. She took a deep breath and said calmly, “I hate roses most.”

Pap-hang up the phone!

At the same time, a man was sitting in the office on the top floor with a smile. He raised his hand and smashed the phone directly!

The weather is warm and sunny, this afternoon time is suitable for drinking afternoon tea. Mrs. Wu Jiyuehua is walking with some other ladies in the front garden to drink tea. There is a tall figure in front of him. His indifferent handsome face is like a thick fog that has n’t been spread for thousands of years.

Wu Helian stopped and nodded slightly at the crowd, saying hello.

When he walked by, several ladies laughed and joked, “This is Lian Er Shao? Not in a few years, I look more handsome. By the way, I have a cousin, 20 this year. Beautiful. The most important thing is a gentle personality. It ’s best to marry her as a wife. “

” I have people here too … “

Ji Yuehua just smiled and didn’t say much.

In the magnificent villa hall, the butler said respectfully, “The second master, the master is in the study.”

Wu Helian walked upstairs and walked quietly toward the study.

In the study, Wu Jizong was practicing calligraphy with a pipe in his mouth. He was wearing a soot shirt and a thin plaid vest jacket. The sleeves were pleated, and the ink was splashing on the rice paper. Hearing someone ringing and not looking up,

Shen Sheng shouted, “Come in.” Wu Helian pushed the door in, silent for a long while, and finally said, “What’s the matter with me.”

Wu Jizong held the pen’s hand tightly and “slapped—” and threw the brush on the desk. He looked up at him, and this son, who had some similarities to him, was so rusty. Old eyes tightened, and his anger began to engulf, “How? I let you come back, you are so

unhappy ?” Wu Helian was silent again, Wu Jizong sat down on the sofa, holding a precious purple sand teapot in his hand Said, “

Haoyang has also been in the company for some days. How do you think of him? Is it suitable for him to take over?” Wu Helian stood in the study, and the sun hit him obliquely. That Zhang Junrong didn’t have any expression, like a mechanical opening, “fit.”

“Okay, a month later, Haoyang officially took over Wu Shi. This month, you don’t have to worry about the company’s big or small things, all Leave it to Haoyang for management. “Wu Jizong touched the purple sand teapot in his hand as if he had made such a decision long ago, and asked him so casually.

“I’m leaving now.” Wu Helian had no objection, and she turned and left.

There were no more than three sentences, and when he saw that he was leaving, Wu Jizong’s angry anger rose on his chest. He grasped the purple sand teapot in his palm and put it on the coffee table. He said sarcastically, “I don’t need to let you come back, I can just talk to you on the phone.”

Wu Helian’s footsteps stopped, leaving without a word Too.

Like every time he comes back, he will definitely go to the studio to visit Wu Miaoke. The smell of oil paint is pungent, but it won’t make Wu Helian feel uncomfortable. Leaving from the study and coming to the studio is like breathing again. Wu Miaoke is humming a brisk song while painting, and she seems to be in a good mood.

“Dong Dong.” Wu Helian clasped the door with her index finger. Wu Miaoke looked back and smiled. “

Second brother!” Wu Helian took her steps towards her, but she hurriedly blocked the drawing board with her body. He even pulled the white cloth on the side to cover the artboard. At that moment, Wu Helian’s sharp eyes captured the portrait on the drawing board. It’s just a blurry outline, but few strokes outline the lines of men.

Wu Helian saw her lily shyly, her heart suddenly clear, looked at her, smiled, and casually asked, “Are you in love?”

This flower, cared for in the greenhouse, is the old lady of the Wu family, Wu Miaoke.

Innocent girl who hasn’t touched any man for twenty years, has such a day started to like a boy?

“Second brother! You hate it!” Wu Miaoke blushed and shouted in awe.

Wu Helian smiled, and she ran to hug him and took his arm to walk intimately towards the sofa. When the two sat together, Wu Miaoke muttered, “Second brother, don’t tell dad and mom, even the third brother is not allowed to say it. I just … I and he are only friends. It’s not what the second brother thought.”

“Yes “Wu Helian ridiculed, Wu Miaoke shoved her, she finally couldn’t beat him, defeated. She hugged his arm and said shyly, “You must not tell others, otherwise you will ignore you in the future. You have to promise me.”


“He studies music and plays piano very well Okay. He is very cheerful and considerate, many girls like him, we privately call him the prince of piano … “Wu Miaoke whispered that he had everything about the boy. favorite.

Wu Helian listened to her for an entire afternoon. At the end, she just said in a deep voice, “Fools, men are bad. Not as good as you think.”

“Who said, the eldest brother is very good, the third brother is also very good. . And he … he is also very good. “Wu Miaoke protested disapprovingly ,” Of course, the second brother is the best. ” leaving the Wu family, Wu Helian drove back to the apartment. When going upstairs, I received an international call. The call came from the United States. He held the phone and heard the man speaking fluent English, but the tone was regretful. But he said nothing, the whole person was solemn, calm and handsome.

When the elevator reached the top floor, Gu Xiaochen was wearing an apron and was waiting for the elevator with a bag of garbage in his hand.

Wu Helian’s eyes swept coldly, and Gu Xiaochen’s heart shivered. How could such a look be so sad. But he suddenly reached out and dragged her into the elevator and hugged her in his arms. Struggling with fear, she called him to let go. But he was getting tighter and tighter, as if afraid of losing something.

Regardless of her resistance, he just answered the phone just before his ear, “I’m sorry, we have tried our best …”

“What do you do … I’m breathless …” Gu Xiaochen shouted in pain, but he whispered, male voice Husky, “Don’t move, let me hug you.”

That tone … There was a hint of pleading.

What’s up with him.

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