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Chapter 85 He will also be jealous

Yukata is slightly open, revealing his strong chest. There were also drops of water dripping from his body, which dribbled slightly along the hair on the floor. He looked indifferently at the two stalemates at the entrance, without saying a word. Suddenly lifted the corner of the mouth, azine with a touch of faint arc, the whole person is so sexy that he can’t speak, Feng Shen is beautiful, and the English is pressing.

Zhou Yaru looked at the man who suddenly came out of the bathroom and was completely dumbfounded.

At this moment, she was completely unresponsive.

Because she never thought that there would be a man in this apartment. I never thought that this man would be … Wu Helian? Moreover, is he still wearing a bathrobe? Obviously they have been living together! This result is too surprising, enough to make people stunned and unable to recover.

Zhou Yaru looked at Wu Helian stupidly, opened his mouth, wanted to say something, but did not make a sound.

In addition to Zhou Yaru, there are another silly people.

Gu Xiaochen stood next to Zhou Yaru, his eyes fluttering for a moment, looking blankly at Wu Helian.

Her mind suddenly went blank, and she didn’t know what to say at the moment. What should she explain? What should she do?

“You …” Zhou Yaru finally spit out a word and took a deep breath. “He He?”

Wu Helian seemed to not know Zhou Yaru. His expression was calm and calm, and he smiled strangely at her, very charming. His eyes glanced at Zhou Yaru and looked at Gu Xiaochen, who was in a state of anxiety. He asked in a deep voice, “Chenchen, your friend?”

Zhou Yaru was taken aback by the words.

She felt like she was being humiliated, and he was obviously intentional.

Zhou Yaru remembered that at the previous banquet, Gu Xiaochen had been ugly because of her companion, and also remembered what Wu Helian said. Her words could not be relieved. She grasped the handle of the bag tightly, suppressed her anger, and gritted her teeth, said, “Gu Xiaochen! I didn’t expect you to be such a casual girl!”

“Who do you say casually?” Wu Helian asked coldly before Gu Xiaochen said.

Zhou Yaru looked to Wu Helian, but was shocked by his hazy handsome face. His eyes were like sharp arrows, as if to penetrate, he lit a cigarette, smoked a cigarette, unhurried said, “can you eat rice, then can not talk nonsense. Understand?”

That rambling The tone, cold and handsome, inadvertently revealed deterrence.

Zhou Yaru’s body trembled, but she felt grievances. She stared angrily at Gu Xiaochen, and the sullen breath could not be vented. Then she shifted and scolded, “Gu Xiaochen! I read you wrong! My brother also read wrong! How can you deserve my brother! I want to tell my brother, I have to tell Aunt Fen! “

” Please, please. “Wu Helian spit out two words, a” send off “attitude.

Zhou Yaru stomped his foot indignantly and immediately grabbed the door.

“Miss Zhou!” Gu Xiaochen shouted anxiously, her expression more and more flustered, she was shocked by the word “Aunt Fen”. How could she let her mother know, and what should she explain, her mother … she hurriedly chased Zhou Yaru and chased them out, the two pulled in the aisle.

Wu Helian’s eyes narrowed, and she walked forward a few steps.

He stood at the door, looking at the two people who were entangled in the aisle.

Zhou Yaru kept pressing the elevator buttons, waiting impatiently for the elevator to come up.

“No, not what you think! You listen to me!” Gu Xiaochen pulled her wrist, but she was

thrown away by her disgust . “Don’t touch me!” Gu Xiaochen clasped his hands into fists and begged constantly, ” Yaru, do n’t tell her! Would you not tell her? It ’s not like that between me and him … ”

Her expression was so disturbed that she could n’t, so sad.

“Gu Xiaochen, you live with a man yourself, but now I am embarrassed? I must say!” Zhou Yaru blushed with a beautiful face, interrupted her, and shouted. At this time the elevator came up, she walked into the elevator at once, Gu Xiaochen also took steps to chase in, but Zhou Yaru pushed her hard out of the elevator, “Don’t follow me! Are you upset?”

“Yaru! Yaru …” Her strength was so great that Gu Xiaochen was pushed back by her.

Behind him, someone suddenly flashed to protect her and hugged her into her arms.

Gu Xiaochen raised his head slowly, only to see Wu Helian’s cold, hard face calm and tense. He glanced coldly at Zhou Yaru and whispered, “Go!”

“You let me go!” Gu Xiaochen tried to break his hand and wanted to chase.

But the elevator doors closed slowly, and Zhou Yaru’s figure disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“Yaru!” Gu Xiaochen shouted and broke free of his hand. She rushed to the elevator and flapped the elevator door. Thinking of Lin Fen, she would run up the stairs to chase after turning her teeth.

Wu Helian blocked her in front of her, grasped her wrist with her big hand, and ignored her cry to resist, she directly carried her to her shoulder and walked back to the apartment. She thumped his back with her hand, and he was unmoved, carrying her and striding into the bedroom, he rudely dropped her on the bed.

“What are you doing!” Gu Xiaochen shouted fiercely, never as intensely as ever.

Wu Helian pressed her to her with both hands on both sides of her body. The anger was forbearing. He gazed and asked, “Do you feel embarrassed to live with me? She is going to tell Zhou Chengze and let her speak! Except for the name

Fen , what can I not give you? ” ” You don’t understand at all! “Gu Xiaochen shouted angrily, tears filling his eyes.

Her eyes were moist, so sad, making him even more irritable.

Wu Helian’s chest was stuffy. He gritted his teeth and asked, “You don’t tell me how to understand?”

“You don’t know what you said!” She blurted out, his condensed eyes suddenly fluttered, a little lonely. She pushed her tears back into her eyes, stubbornly not wanting to cry in front of him. But in a blink of an eye, tears fell down, endlessly.

He hugged her tightly at once, but the tone was domineering but helpless, “No more thinking of him! No more crying for him!”

Suddenly found that he would be jealous.

Jealous of that man-Zhou Chengze.

With such a roar, Gu Xiaochen cried even more fiercely. Tears, like pearls with broken threads, kept falling. He could only tighten his arms and hug her tightly in his arms. Her tears fell into his neck. The hot temperature burned his skin and made him feel a little pain.

At this time, he didn’t even dare to wipe her tears, just to see her sad eyes.

That would overwhelm him.

Wu Helian cuddles her carefully, trying not to hurt her, Shen Sheng said, “Stay beside me, Chen Chen.”

His faint smell of tobacco is so good.

He has a warm, broad chest and a feeling of peace of mind.

His low, slightly hoarse male voice hovered indifferently in his ears.

Gu Xiaochen’s tears flowed down his neck, sobbing and crying, and the cry was sobbing. For a moment, she moved and wanted to hug him, just like hugging a home. But her little hand reached out hesitantly, but he dared not hug him.

She knew that after the hug, she would never be able to recover, and there was no way back.

The flowers on the cliff … She still stopped, and she hung her hands down.

Gu Xiaochen swallowed sour, shed tears, and whispered softly, “You let me go … let me go …”

“Chenchen?” Wu Helian shouted her name dullly, as if to soften her determination.

But she bit her lip and still repeated the sentence, “You let me go …”

The sullen chest could not dissipate, Wu Helian’s eyes were red with anger, his gloomy voice shouted, “Gu Xiaochen, you really thought I was gone Can’t you? “

Gu Xiaochen was suffocated by his words. He suddenly looked up and gazed at her crying swollen eyes. She held her small face fiercely and kissed her lips heavily. His tongue drove straight in and twitched in the mouth, making her whimpering uncomfortably, as if she was about to suffocate. His big hand unbuttoned her dress and bowed her head to kiss her neck.

One kiss after another, biting her skin, only when she was a vent toy.

His kiss was too violent, Gu Xiaochen twisted his body to dodge. But she did not know that such a twist would only make this “war” intensify.

“You are too much to measure!” He growled sullenly, and the whole person was arrogantly horrified.

“His–” The apron that was tied to him was torn, and his big palm leaned towards her shirt.

And she suddenly spoke, helplessly whispering that title, “Ahe …”

Wu Helian suddenly stopped her hand, only to see that she was trembling under her. She was so small, so small, so small that she felt pitiful. How can such a weak woman make him want to bully and want to possess, regardless of everything to have a crazy possession. His hands propped him up, looking down at her under him.

Sudden silence, like dead silence.

“The apartment doesn’t need you to clean, and you don’t need to cook your meals.” Wu Helian narrowed her eyes slightly and said with a deep voice, “In the future, stay away from me, the farther the better. Don’t let me touch you, otherwise, if you …” He paused and smiled with evil

spirits , “Don’t blame me for what I did to you.” His vision was a little blurry, and Gu Xiaochen couldn’t see his face, nor his expression. But his voice was a bit cold, like ice. She was stunned, as if her body did not seem to be her own, and she couldn’t move at all.

“Don’t go yet? Then continue to do it!” Wu Helian sarcastically said, Big Palm began to move again, but deliberately slowed down half a beat.

Gu Xiaochen’s brain suddenly became hot, and finally he had action. She panned out from under the arm he propped up and tightened her messy clothes. She ran out of the bedroom and out of the apartment. There was a turmoil in the air, the sheets were entangled together, showing a wrinkle of folds, and her imprint, leaving her fragrance.

Even … salty tears.

Wu Helian lay quietly on this big bed. After a long time, he got up and walked out of the bedroom to close the apartment door. I lit a cigarette and smoked it in my lips. He walked to the sofa in the living room, fell down, and sat down Huo Di. But the more and more suffocated, as if I can’t swallow it in one breath, I can’t send the lonely one.

He looked at the smoke burning in his fingers, and the nicotine failed.

In the attic room, Gu Xiaochen hugged himself and cried all night. Until she cried to no strength, she finally couldn’t resist fatigue and fell asleep.

The night sky was full of stars, but the dawn after dark was a little restless.

… The

golden sun shines on the earth, and the people walking in the jungle are like trapped beasts. If you lose your animal nature, you will only live with it. No counterattack, and sharp claws were smoothed. High-rise buildings, men and women in and out. In the department office of a building, the bell rang suddenly.

“Dingling Bell–“

“Hello, this is the Investment Banking Department of Commercial Bank.” The pick-up lady at the branch said with a smile.

There was a female voice over the phone that was too weak, and there was nothing. “Miss Su, I am Gu Xiaochen. Manager Cai’s mobile phone can’t be reached. You can tell Manager Cai that I’m a little unwell today, so I won’t be here. Today I ask for leave. “

” Oh, yes, Assistant Gu. “

” Thank you. “

” It’s okay, Assistant Gu, take a good rest. “

” Goodbye. “

And at this time Gu Xiaochen, she was holding her mobile phone and stood at the Zhou’s villa before. Thank you softly and hung up. She put the phone in her shoulder bag and squeezed her lips anxiously toward the Zhou family. This place she has always disliked to come to, this Zhou family she does not want to have any relationship with.

Walking across the road, Zhou Gongguan is already in sight.

She reached out and rang the doorbell, a heart could not calm. But before she could speak, someone opened the door.

The maid in the mansion looked at her and said softly, “Miss Gu, the young man has a request.”

Early in the morning, the maid in the mansion was cleaning.

The tiles in the hall were polished brightly, reflecting the figures of the two in tandem. The maid took her to the fourth floor, walked to the deepest part of the corridor, stopped in front of a room, and said respectfully, “Miss Gu, Master is waiting for you in the study.”

Gu Xiaochen said “en”, Watching the servant turn around and leave.

She knocked on the door, and heard a low and

thick male voice coming from the study, “Come in.” The door opened slowly, but the bright room smelled of strong smoke mixed in the cold air. Gu Xiaochen frowned, and then hesitantly took a step and walked in. The door was taken by the backhand. She turned her head and saw a thin figure with her back to her. He was smoking in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. The smell of smoke in the air made her understand how much smoke he smoked.

Zhou Chengze, surrounded by golden dawn, looked a little hazy and somewhat unreal. It was just that coldness, but he was so clearly aware that he was cold all over.

Zhou Chengze smoked a cigarette and spit out white smoke. He still turned his back to her, Shen Sheng said, “Explain.”

Explain? Gu Xiaochen stunned slightly, his small hand clenched into a fist, “Mrs. Zhou …”

“Aunt Fen didn’t know yet, she was abroad.” Halfway through her words, Zhou Cheng Zejing interrupted herself. He turned around sternly and finally confronted her. Those sharp eyes are as deep as the sea, and under the silver-rimmed glasses, they are shining brightly, which cannot be ignored.

With short and capable hair, he is always clean and tidy, without any deviation, and strives for perfection.

In fact, before coming to the Zhou family, Gu Xiaochen called Lin Fen on the phone. More than once. However, the phone has been turned off and cannot be connected. Thinking about coming to Zhou’s house, she might be able to see her. Maybe she was too angry after hearing Zhou Yaru’s words, so she ignored her.

It turned out that she was abroad.

Gu Xiaochen seemed relieved. She pursed her lips and didn’t know what to say at all.

For a long time of silence, he couldn’t bear the silence first, and said again, “Are you living with him?”

Zhou Chengze’s eyes narrowed, his tone showing some suspiciousness, but he seemed to be waiting for a result. His eyes were like sharp blades at this time, locking her tightly. Gu Xiaochen dodged for a moment, then looked at him softly, “I just help him clean the room and cook, we don’t have a cohabitation.”

“The president of the Tang Wu Wu Company, where will he live? Help him clean and cook Meal? Will this explanation be too far-fetched? “Zhou Chengze’s cold voice came through the air and circled quietly.

Gu Xiaochen Xiu frowned slightly, his white face was very calm, said truthfully, “Where he loves to live has nothing to do with me. Everyone has their own choice. I will clean and cook for him, just because he helps After I was busy, I agreed in order to thank him. “

Her calm expression did not seem to be lying, but Zhou Chengze was still very concerned.

Is a normal man going to shoot a woman?

Zhou Chengze smoked a cigarette, the fingers holding the cigarette were too strong, and the cigarettes also had a gravure. In the gradually spreading smoke, he stared at her eyes, Shen Sheng asked, “He has touched you not.”

Suddenly, Gu Xiaochen’s calm face had a trace of a sudden, as if the glass porcelain was accidentally bumped, hook There was a trace that could not be erased.

Zhou Chengze instantly cut off the cigarette in his hand and angrily extinguished the ashtray. “Say! He touched you not!” The

heartbeat was aggravated. Gu Xiaochen suddenly panicked. She clenched the handle of the shoulder bag and said lightly “Mr. Zhou, I want to see Mrs. Zhou.”

“Why don’t you answer? You’re guilty? Did he touch you?” Zhou Chengze asked sharply, with a backlog of depression in his chest.

“I don’t think I need to explain more to you. Since Mrs. Zhou is not here, I will contact her again.” Gu Xiaochen responded coldly, and turned to leave.

Just when she was about to open the door of the room, someone’s hand reached out from behind her, and she pressed the back of the door to close it. Her strength was no match for him, and he was trapped between the back of the door and the chest in consternation. His breath jumped over, making her feel depressed and frightened. The body’s rejection and resistance were so straightforward.

“Why let him touch you! Why!” Zhou Chengze looked down at her and kept pressing.

Gu Xiaochen wanted to push him away, shouting anxiously, “Zhou Chengze! What do you do!”

“I knew it would happen, I didn’t need to endure, I didn’t need to wait! I should let you know directly, you can only Be my woman! “Zhou Chengze groaned angrily, hurriedly grabbed her glasses, and threw the black frame glasses aside.

The lens was smashed, Gu Xiaochen’s vision was blurred, and he was angry, like a lion.

“What is your principle! The Qing is self-cleaning? That’s really nice! It’s not on his bed!” He looked at the pure and beautiful face, and he was not surprised, some were just indignant.

The angry expression also shocked her.

“What did you use to seduce him! Is this your face?” His anger was ruffled and he couldn’t suppress it.

“Zhou Chengze …” Gu Xiaochen struggled to dodge, and when pulling, her shirt was pulled away. At a glance, Zhou Chengze saw her neck, her collarbone, her fair-skinned skin, covered with a little purple trace, and the bruise after biting.

His brain was hot, that was … traces of being loved by men.

“I didn’t expect you to be such a girl! You don’t care about yourself so much!” Jealousy, hatred, sorrow … All kinds of emotions are intertwined, Zhou Chengze held her shoulder and kissed it, kissing her loved by others skin.

“Zhou Chengze—” Gu Xiaochen shouted in horror and bleakly rang.

Zhou Chengze’s crazy plunder made her feel terrified and frightened. She thumped desperately, but he kissed and kissed, grasping her jaw with a big palm, creaking, and hesitantly asked, “Gu Xiaochen, how can I like you? “

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