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Chapter 90 Maybe only one centimetre

An hour in the blink of an eye, most of the food on the table was wiped out. After leaving some sushi, Gu Xiaochen picked it up with chopsticks and put it in a fast food box, and put it in the refrigerator. While walking back to the table to clean up the tableware, he said, “There are still a few sushi. You can eat if you are hungry tomorrow.”

Wu Helian sat on the sofa, her eyes fixed on the TV screen, and she silently “en”.

After washing the dishes and cleaning the table, Gu Xiaochen finally relieved his apron. Looking back at the time, I realized that it was not early. She walked out of the kitchen, looked at him on the sofa, took it out of her pocket, and groped for the key with her small hand.

That is the key to his apartment.

He had not been given back to him before, and he even had no chance of seeing him.

But now, she hesitated, not knowing whether to return it to him.

Thinking of what Yao Yongxin said on the phone, he would never return to Wu’s house. So, has he always been alone? Now he is not the president of Wu Shi, what will he usually do. Alone? Watching TV alone? Or do you smoke endlessly?

She had to tear off the advertising paper in the apartment.

Or did he actually come back to live?

Gu Xiaochen grabbed the key in his pocket tightly and said gently, “Ahe, the key to the apartment …” There was a pause, and the voice was lighter. “Otherwise, leave it with me. If I have time, I will clean it for you.” Clean it. It does n’t take much time anyway, and today you have invited me to dinner. “

He paid for these things. Can it be regarded as a courtesy?

Wu Helian smoked a cigarette, he still stared at the TV screen, said indifferently, “Follow you.”

And she did not notice, he unconsciously raised a corner of his mouth.

Gu Xiaochen released his hand, and the key was still in his pocket, so relieved, “Then I will go to bed, and you will go to bed earlier. Good night.”

Gu Xiaochen said, walking to the entrance to plan to leave.

“Thirsty.” Wu Helian spit out two words dumbly, his eyes slowly shifted from the TV screen, and finally swept at her. Such attention, seemingly loose, but so condensed, he said in a deep voice.

thirst? Gu Xiaochen walked towards the drinking fountain and poured him a cup of warm water.

Wu Helian stared at the water cup she handed,

frowning , “Don’t drink this.” Gu Xiaochen was stunned for a moment, but he was awkward, “Drink water

with flavor .” Taste … water? Gu Xiaochen held the water glass for three minutes. When she recovered, she endured the smile, almost laughing.

God, how could this man look like this?

If you want to drink apple juice, just say, what else does it taste water.

Gu Xiaochen put down the glass and hurried back to the attic to take back a few bottles of apple juice. Take a bottle on the coffee table in front of him, and put a few bottles in the refrigerator. Her eyes were full of smiles. She looked at him and said softly, “Then I will go to bed, good night.”

He said “en”, staring at the juice on the coffee table, so clear.

The blue velvet night sky was covered with stars.

Standing in front of the attic window, Gu Xiaochen was wiping her wet hair. She was staring at the stars that were so close, but so far away. Suddenly, there was an idea. Perhaps, the distance between the two stars was not as far as expected. At least with your own eyes, it is only as much as one centimeter.

Maybe ……


unknowingly May, and summer have unwittingly arrived.

At noon, the temperature in the office increased significantly. The fact that a few gay men who are more afraid of heat can’t help it, simply turned on the central air conditioning. The wind was blowing slowly, and the heat finally dissipated. It was the turn of several female colleagues who were afraid of the cold to protest with dissatisfaction, and the two groups made a mess.

“Xiao Liu! Please drink afternoon tea! Who asked you to set the temperature of the air conditioner so low! Do you want to cold-kill our weak girls who can’t help the wind?”

“That is, Xiao Liu must ask!”

Xiao Liu stood up , Raised his hands and said quietly, “OK! I’ll just invite me! A cup of milk tea!”

“Everyone applauds!” Someone yelled, and everyone applauded tacitly.

Gu Xiaochen raised his head and looked at everyone smiling. Suddenly, when the phone came in, she looked down again and saw the words “Yan Xudong” displayed on the screen. Connected the phone, she softly “feed”. As far as Xudong said on the phone, “Xiaochen, I happen to be working near your company. Let’s drink tea together for a while.”

“Okay.” Gu Xiaochen should get off, thinking about whether he can ask Xudong about Wu. Things. Hanging up the phone, she glanced at Xiao Liu, sorry to say, “Xiao Liu, I don’t need to buy my copy.”

“Gu Assistant, is there a date?” Xiao Liu said with a smile, and everyone’s eyes turned to her instantly .

Gu Xiaochen smiled, it was considered the default.

In the cafe near the company, many employees come to have a cup of coffee and another dessert every afternoon, which is really relaxing. The sun was shining down, and the two sat on the sofa and ordered two cups of Blue Mountain Coffee. Take a sip, it is rich and mellow, and the sweet, sour and bitter taste of coffee is perfect.

“Blue Mountain Coffee is known as the most superior coffee in the world.” Yan Xudong’s low-pitched male voice came from his ears. “The Blue Mountains are located in the east of Jamaica Island. The mountains are surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. On sunny days, the sun shines directly on the azure sea, and the bright blue light of the sea is reflected on the mountain peaks, hence the name. “

” Xudong, wouldn’t your family run coffee? “Gu Xiaochen surprised him. Rich knowledge, fox questioned.

Yan Xudong shook his head and suddenly stared, said quietly, “Yesterday I saw Lian coming to pick you up, you …” He paused, his male voice lowered a bit, “Is the relationship good.”


This sudden remark made Gu Xiaochen startled.

Yan Xudong’s always-clear Junrong became a little stifled at this time. He slightly raised his eyebrows, his fingers clasped the handle of the coffee cup, and suddenly squeezed hard. He seemed to have warm eyes, but his eyes were already deep and dark, and a heart was shaking, afraid that he would hear an answer that he didn’t want to hear.

That answer, they …

“We …” Her voice came from the front with a trace of trance. Gu Xiaochen raised her lips and said calmly, “We are friends.”

Such a relationship, the relationship of friends, can also be used to describe her and him one day.

Yan Xudong’s brown eyes glowed for a moment, and then dimmed. She didn’t notice how brilliant her eyes and her smile were at this moment. He calmly and rightly, but only knew the taste, Shen Sheng said, “Lian is no longer the president of Wu Shi.”

“I have watched the news.” Gu Xiaochen’s heart tightened, she wanted to ask why, why did this happen suddenly Things, but still did not ask.

After taking a sip of coffee, the mellow liquid flowed into the body, Yan Xudong said, “I had expected such a day, or, I should say he was relieved.”

Relief? What a heavy word.

Gu Xiaochen’s calm face can no longer keep calm, watching Yan Xudong silently, expecting him to go on and tell her why. But he turned the subject and moved to other places, talking about some of them, chatting and laughing casually, but she had no intention of listening.

The afternoon sun shone on her face, and those clear eyes flashed anxiously.

“It’s not too early, you should go to work too.” Yan Xudong cried, smiling softly.

Gu Xiaochen moved his lips, as if he wanted to say something. After all, he just said “En”, “I’m leaving now. Bye.”

“Bye.” Yan Xudong greeted, looked at her with a faint smile, and got up and left. Watching her go downstairs, she turned her head and looked out the window, but after a while, her figure walked out of the cafe and walked across the road, walking steadily step by step.

He withdrew his eyes, took a sip of coffee, and glanced forward, suddenly lonely.

The cup of coffee belonged to her, she didn’t drink a few sips at all, and it was almost full.

Sometimes, not asking does not mean you do n’t want to know.

And asking does not mean that you really care.

“Beep–” The phone rang.

Yan Xudong answered the phone and heard the report from the subordinate, “Master Yan, Wu Wu and several major shareholders of Wu’s all rushed to the company to gather. Now we are holding a meeting in the conference hall on the top floor. Master Lian and Wu Sanshao , As well as Miss Yao have attended …… “

…… The

conference hall on the top floor of Wu’s building, but the atmosphere at this moment is particularly solemn.

On the side of the ring-shaped conference table were several shareholders of the Wus board of directors and four senior figures. Although he was almost sixty to seventy years old, but his spirit was shining and his majesty was not diminished. Opposite them, on the other side of the ring-shaped conference table, were sitting Wu Haoyang, Wu Helian and Yao Yongxin.

The four largest shareholders are Li Lao, Zhao Lao, He Lao, and Qian Lao, sitting in order according to how many shares they hold.

Wu Helian and Wu Haoyang will naturally attend as members of the Wu family. Because Wu Haoyang is now Wu’s president, he ranks before Wu Helian.

As for Yao Yongxin, since his father was one of Wu’s elders, he also held Wu’s equity. After his father died of illness, all his equity was inherited by his only daughter, Yao Yongxin. Yao Yongxin went to Australia to live with his divorced mother for two years in junior high school.

Suddenly, the door of the conference hall was pushed open.

Two subordinates stood at the door, and Wu Jizong, the helm of the Wu family, walked in majesticly. More than 40% of Wu’s equity is in the hands of Wu Jizong. He is not only the head of the Wu family, but also the chairman of Wu’s family. Although he has not managed the company for many years, the executive power is still in his hands.

“Chairman!” Several people stood up at the same time, shouting in unison.

“Sit down,” Wu Jizong said in a deep voice, and someone immediately stepped forward to take off his suit jacket for him. He sat down in the front seat in front of the conference table, his hands were lying flat on the arm of the chair, and he was so imposing as a mountain, with a serious face, he could see the domineering that year.

The irrelevant people all retreated, and the conference hall door was closed.

Wu Jizong looked at the crowd and said slowly, “Today, I asked several of you to come to tell you a message.” The

crowd listened silently, and no one made a sound.

At this time, if a needle falls, you can hear it clearly.

“I have entrusted lawyer Gao. After half a year, all the equity in my hands will be transferred to Haoyang. The next chairman of the board is Wu Haoyang.” Wu Jizong’s male voice resounded throughout the conference hall and circled like A thunder sound exploded in my mind.

The four elders naturally do not have too many opinions, but they still have some criticisms about the position of CEO.

Wu Haoyang’s casual expression, Yao Yongxin lowered his head.

Wu Helian, who was sitting between the two, was expressionless. He seemed to just come to watch. All this had nothing to do with him.

“Brother Zong! Wu San took over as the chairman of the board, which is understandable. We all agree. However, Wu has been under management of Wu Er all these years, and the results are obvious to all. We want to know whether Wu San can be qualified as president. , Leading Wu’s development better? “

Li Lao spoke, and the other three immediately echoed.

Wu Jizong glanced at Wu Helian, Shen Sheng said, “He Lian, tell a few uncles, Haoyang will not work.”

It was the sunny afternoon that Wu Helian spoke unhurriedly, “Hao Yang is fully capable of this.”

He raised the corner of his mouth, smiling so calmly, but so chic and natural.

It was total relaxation, as if there was no more stress, completely … relieved.

“Okay! That’s good …” The four elders finally nodded at ease, but Wu Haoyang suddenly said, “This is not necessary.”

Wu Haoyang’s words made everyone surprised at the exit. His attitude was arrogant, he said amazing words, and he was so indifferent. “You are so confident in me, I can’t guarantee it. Maybe Wu’s reach me, and it will worsen in less than half a year, and the performance may not even fall. “There was a

sudden uproar and no longer peaceful.

The eyes of the four elders looked at him, but he was hesitant, and he did not fully recognize Wu Haoyang, which made him even less confident.

Wu Jizong was displeased, but still calm. He glanced at Yao Yongxin with a glance, and nodded slightly at her.

Yao Yong Wu Jizong heart received the attention, opening a timely manner, “Uncle Li, Zhao Bobo, Uncle, uncle money.”

She cries one by one honorific, Wanyou Li warm, generous, “Yang total into the company for less than six months, but he The engineering and project cases that he took over have been completed very well every time. This is a result that

everyone in the company sees. ” ” Everyone has a different attitude towards doing things, and the air mouth guarantees that they will be able to do it, and it may not necessarily be true. But The worst result may be what Yang Zong just said. When Wu arrived at Yang Zong, he may worsen in less than half a year, and his performance plummeted. However, there is also a possibility that Wu’s prosperity and create greater glories “

” Believe it or not, it depends on the individual, and whether you give it or not depends on the individual. As a manager of the financial investment department and as one of Wu’s shareholders, I am willing to give Mr. Yang a chance, and I am more willing to accept new attempts and welcome the new era. Coming! “

” Uncles, don’t know if you would give this opportunity? “

Yao Yongxin’s powerful female voice sounded quietly and finally attached to a perfect smile.

The four shareholders chose silence and seemed to be thinking seriously.

After glancing at each other, Li said roundly, “Well, we are not old antiques, and we are not willing to give newcomers a chance. Wu San’s ability and achievements are still very promising! Besides, Wu Er is beside Help, of course, we can rest assured! “

” Wu Er, this vice president’s position, are you bent on top? “He Lao asked immediately.

The topic turned to Wu Helian, and everyone’s eyes also turned to him. The sunlight shone through the floor-to-ceiling windows and enveloped his whole body, covered with a layer of pale golden luster, which made him look a little hazy, but also more handsome, those black eyes were bright and bright.

Wu Helian gave a smile, a word, so calm, “I quit Wu.”

Suddenly, everyone was stunned again.

Quit Wu’s? Didn’t get a little bit of shares, not even the position of vice president? Just get rid of it like this? Is it angry? Trying to find the anger that he deliberately concealed, but could not find the slightest trace. But how can ordinary people be so calm?

What a magnanimity and measure!

Wu Helian’s indifferent eyes swept the people one by one, but she didn’t stay with anyone. In the eyes of everyone, he rose slowly, and walked away calmly. Dark hair covered his dark eyes, without any hesitation. He walked in a calm and clear air, and opened the door of the conference hall. His distant figure was like the god of Odin in Nordic mythology, so shocked.

Si Lao was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say at all.

Wu Jizong Tieqing had an old face, was extremely stubborn, and simply said nothing.

“After the meeting!” After a long while, Wu Jizong spit out two words.

When Wu Jizong left, the elders also retired.

In the meeting hall, only Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin were left in a moment. Yao Yongxin stood up and was about to leave. She was about to turn around, but Wu Haoyang grabbed her wrist at once. Yao Yongxin’s originally calm Li Rong Dun panicked. He turned back and had no time to react. He was dragged down by his excessive force and fell into his arms. His breath hit her instantly, preventing her from thinking clearly.

“Mr. Yang!” Yao Yongxin still kept his reason and shouted the official title.

Wu Haoyang’s dark palm protruded towards her, arbitrarily clasping her jaw, but with almost crushing force. Yao Yong’s eyes narrowed in distress, and her slightly long short hair clung to her otherwise gorgeous face. She was so stubborn and stubborn to resist him and stubbornly shouted, “Let go!”

“You !” What is it? “Wu Haoyang asked with a contemplative eye, and imprisoned her.

Yao Yongxin stunned and waved his hand away, “I don’t know what you are saying.”

“I don’t know?” Wu Haoyang smiled uninhibitedly, his eyebrows wrinkled, and the spiteful words said, “Speak, the old man gave you in the end What good is it, you talked to me like this! Or did he give you my second brother? So you are so willing? “

There was something blocked in his chest. Yao Yong was upset and gritted his teeth.” Yang always laughed! “

” Yeah , I am joking! However, I kindly remind you that in his heart, you will never compare to her! You should also be sober and sober, not unrealistic! “Wu Haoyang sarcastically said vaguely, only She was upset when she saw her eyes in a state of melancholy.

Yao Yongxin suddenly felt lonely, her heels slammed on the ground, and she stood up. When his hands were loose, she rushed forward a few steps in an embarrassed manner, and took care of her slightly messy clothes. She didn’t look back and said softly, “Hao Yang, you are not young, you should …”

“A woman who is three months and seven days older than me, are you qualified to teach me?” Wu Haoyang’s cold male voice sounded , Yao Yongxin straightened his back and smiled vividly towards him. “Is it in his heart or in your Wu Haoyang’s heart?”

He suddenly said nothing and stopped talking.

Yao Yongxin smiled slightly, opened the door, and walked away.

This emotional game has been defeated before it even started.

Yao Yongxin, you are indeed unqualified, not even qualified to lose.

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