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Chapter 91 Urgent Desire

The sun at two in the afternoon is already slightly warm.

Gu Xiaochen, who was sitting in the car, went to another company with his manager Cai Hua to discuss the matter, and gave a detailed investment analysis of the other company. Holding the notebook and some important documents in her hand, she turned her head and looked out the window. The dazzling sunlight forced her to squint, unable to open her eyes.

But what Yan Xu Dongfang said was still hovering in the ear.

“I had expected such a day, or I should say that he was free.”

What is free ? she does not know.

Gu Xiaochen pursed her lips and vaguely saw the blurred reflection of the car window, which was her own reflection. It’s just that in addition to being lonely, those eyes also have expectations. Longing to know more things, those things that are not known are just things that a few people know, about him.

For the first time, I so desperately wanted to know.

Gu Xiaochen closed his eyes and touched the notebook with a small hand, but his fingers were slightly cool.

The car slowly turned to the crossroads ahead, ahead of which was the company building in question.

Cai Hua and his party went upstairs at the reception of the other party’s assistant and came to the conference room. This is not a large-scale negotiation, only investment analysis and evaluation. The two sat in the meeting room, quietly waiting for the other party to come. After sitting quietly for about ten minutes, the door of the conference hall was gently knocked and pushed open.

“Hello, this is Cai Hua, the manager of the investment banking department of the Commercial Bank.” Cai Hua stood up and shook hands with the other party to greet him. Gu Xiaochen stood behind her and smiled.

“You’re welcome, please sit down.” The person in charge of the other party also smiled politely.

Both parties sat down at the conference table, and Cai Hua glanced at Gu Xiaochen, who immediately distributed the documents to everyone present. Cai Hualiang’s female voice sounded in the conference hall, and there was a loud voice, “For your company’s investment analysis, our commercial bank has conducted detailed inspections and measurements in this week, and now has a specific analysis report.

“Hello everyone.” Gu Xiaochen took over Cai Hua and Shen Jing said, “The document in front of you is the investment analysis report. The collection of analytical information and the classification of analytical data are all clear. According to field visits, it is in recent years that the leader in the electronics industry Zhou, who has developed rapidly, accounts for 36% of Hong Kong ’s total electronics industry … “

” As we all know, the forecast time span is relatively long, the guidance for short-term investors is relatively weak, and the forecast accuracy is relatively low. And we need to know whether short-term investment can achieve the expected return, which is the key. “The

person in charge of the other party put his hands around his chest and opened his mouth straightforwardly.

In the next second, the two sides launched a series of discussions on their respective flaws.

Until the sunset gradually went west, the sun was no longer so bright, this “mouth battle” finally ended.

“Manager Cai, we have to discuss this analysis report. The specific results will be answered in a few days. I hope to cooperate successfully.” The person in charge said, extending his hand.

“Our Shangyin also hopes the same.” Cai Hua took the other hand and nodded.

A group of people went out of the conference hall and delivered it to the elevator.

Walking in the corridor, I saw a few people walking slowly at the end of the front.

Gu Xiaochen walked behind Cai Hua and raised his head. The tall men were well-dressed and well-dressed. The headed man, a pair of silver-rimmed glasses, reveals a cold and cold light in the Rujas, a noble and elegant temperament, a tall and thin body, which is not weak and can not help but wind, but has a sense of immortality. The whole person jumped out at once and could not be ignored.

And this person … is Zhou Chengze, the president of Zhou.

Zhou Chengze’s eyes were looking straight ahead, his expression did not fluctuate, as if he had seen her, and it seemed that he had not seen.

“Mr. Zhou!” The person in charge smiled flatly, obviously not daring to neglect.

Zhou Chengze calmly “en graciously”, two people passed by in this corridor, like a stranger. At that moment, a cold wind blew across his cheeks, his breath gradually drew near, rubbed his nose, and so gradually went away, toward the other side.

Gu Xiaochen lowered his head in silence.

“Let’s go.” Someone screamed with a smile, and began to move forward.

Two sets of people back the opposite direction, then turned his cloister, he said Chen Sheng Zhou Ze city, “Commercial Bank securities companies doing business with you?”

“Should be.” The man nodded his head, ambiguous respond.

“Investment analysis and evaluation.” Zhou Chengze spit out this professional term abruptly. The eyes behind the lens are as bright as black gemstones, and he said nonchalantly, “The next three parties will discuss together. The result. “

” Okay, listen to Mr. Zhou. “

…… When he

took over the new project, Gu Xiaochen already knew that he would be involved with Zhou. Just thinking, Shang Bank is only an investment analysis and evaluation, and there will be no intersection with third parties. But I did not expect to meet him for the first time to negotiate. On the way back to the company, she no longer thinks much.

It was five o’clock and the things were sorted out. Gu Xiaochen raised his shoulder bag to get off work.

Out of the building, the sky is still very bright.

Carrying her shoulder bag, she walked towards the bus stop. As she walked slowly, she thought about whether to ask him if he had eaten, if not, why not eat together? But they just ate together yesterday. Even friends, there is no need to eat together every day.

Gu Xiaochen walked to the platform, took out his mobile phone and held it in his hand, but hesitated.

But the miracle is that, like a telepathy, the mobile phone is shaking.

His number stored the name again, and she saw the three words at a glance.

After receiving the call, Gu Xiaochen gave a soft “feed”.

There was a silence at the end of the phone, and he didn’t speak.

After stalemate for a while, Gu Xiaochen only heard the wind and car screams around him, and his low male voice suddenly sounded, indifferent tone, “Resign and follow me, how.”


Those who roared past, all at this moment It seems like the volume is lost. Gu Xiaochen didn’t care about stopping a bus in front of him. There were people getting on and off next to her, nobody asked her, and nobody paid attention to her. Until the bus started slowly, driving past her, she still did not look back.

The hand holding the phone trembles gently at this moment, but it can’t help but tremble.

Her heart was silent first, and she was beating vigorously.

He was silent on the other side of the phone. Seems to be waiting, waiting for her answer.

The mind is blank, unable to think the same. Gu Xiaochen stood blankly, looking at the bustling avenue, not knowing what to say.

“I …” After a long while, she moved her lips and pronounced monosyllables.

Before she finished speaking, he broke into a hard voice, revealing a hint of urgency, “You don’t have to answer immediately, consider a few days. That’s it.”

“Click-” His voice hasn’t dissipated, his ears have been The sound of “deep beep” came.

Gu Xiaochen turned his head to look at the empty eyes, and saw that the bus that could carry her home was coming from a short distance. The bus stopped, and she followed the crowd to get on the bus and chose a window seat. Put the phone in the shoulder bag and hold it in your arms.

Resign to follow him? What does this sentence mean?

Be his lover? Cohabitation? then what? Gu Xiaochen was confused and tangled with this sentence.

The car bumped all the way, and her heart seemed to bump all the way.

No longer go to his apartment, and no longer meet him.

And as if he had deliberately avoided it, he no longer has phone information, no phone calls, no information. People like him said that she would consider her for a few days, and she would never bother. Gu Xiaochen also clearly understood this, so she calmed down to think about the meaning of resignation.


Received a call from Haisheng Company in the morning, and rushed to negotiate again at the appointed time in the afternoon.

Over the phone, Haisheng’s assistant didn’t say much.

On the way to Haisheng, Cai Hua was in a good mood. She always smiled with a solemn face. “If the negotiation is successful, we may be busier next.”

“Well.” Gu Xiaochen nodded and smiled.

But when she rushed to Haisheng, there was another group of people besides the person in charge of Haisheng in that conference hall. Several subordinates in black suits and leading men sitting in high positions. Zhou Chengze was cold and lonely and silent. Such a high-level attitude has brought the word “arrogance” into full play.

After seeing him, Gu Xiaochen was slightly surprised.

It was just a strange and polite smile to everyone, and there was not much surprise.

“Mr. Zhou, this is Cai Hua, manager of the investment banking department of Commercial Bank Securities. Manager Cai, this is Mr. Zhou of Zhou’s company.” The heads immediately introduced each other.

Cai Hua extended her hand to Zhou Chengze and smiled, “Zhou Zhou, long admired his name. I’m glad to meet you.”

Zhou Chengze stood up and took her hand.

“Okay, let’s sit down and talk.” The person in charge interrupted and greeted both parties.

Cai Hua sat down on the side of the conference table, and Gu Xiaochen was next to her.

Surrounded by the silence, the person in charge of Haisheng played a round field, speaking detours. The topic was thrown to Shangyin. Cai Hua took the next words to continue to report on investment analysis. During this period, Gu Xiaochen interjected from time to time, making appropriate explanations. In the nearly one hour of negotiations, although all three parties were present, the Zhou’s party did not speak the first half of the word from beginning to end.

Gu Xiaochen even thought he would grab the handle, or he might be awkward.

After the analysis of the report was completed, Cai Hua looked at Zhou Chengze and smiled, “Don’t you know Mr. Zhou has any questions?”

Zhou Chengze slowly raised his eyes and looked at Cai Hua. But his eyes only stay for a few seconds, then quickly passing, glanced Guxiao Chen aside, and fell open, “Commercial Bank’s analysis and evaluation, I have no doubt. But ……”

He paused, then said, “I want to talk with Assistant Gu alone.” Gu

Xiaochen was shocked when he was named.

“No problem.” Although Cai Hua was suspicious, she still maintained her calmness.

“Okay, Manager Cai, please come with me. The CEO has explained that as long as Mr. Zhou feels no problem, he can sign the contract.” The person in charge of Haisheng said as he stood up and signaled everyone to leave. A group of people left the conference hall in turn, apparently deliberately making room.

When the person left, only Gu Xiaochen and Zhou Chengze were left in the conference hall.

Gu Xiaochen looked at him sitting opposite, calmly said, “I don’t know what Mr. Zhou asked me to talk about.”

Zhou Chengze didn’t hurry, but just took out a lighter and lit the cigarette. The sound of the lighter cover opening is very crisp, breaking the quiet atmosphere. He took a sip and swallowed white smoke. The smoke was confusing slowly in front of her eyes, but the handsome face was a little hazy, but the only pair of eyes was still sharp and sharp, staring closely at her, it seemed to be examining her.

“It turns out that one of the directors of Shangyin was him. No wonder you would come here to work.” Zhou Chengze said slowly, his low male voice was indifferent.

Hearing what he said, Gu Xiaochen didn’t speak with his lips closed.

Originally, there was nothing to say. Despite what he said, what was the hidden meaning of that layer, now she already knew.

However, they have nothing to do.

She didn’t need to explain to him, nor did she need half a word.

“If it is not related to work, then I will not delay the total time of Zhou.” Gu Xiaochen smiled faintly, and the voice fell, and she would get up.

With cigarettes in his hands, Zhou Chengze Meiyu immediately said, “I didn’t expect that you would be with him. I heard that you dumped him. Why did you break up? I’m afraid you knew the news early?”

Message ? what news? Gu Xiaochen stood up and looked at him in confusion.

“It is said that he was kicked out of Wu’s without gaining any shareholding.” Zhou Chengze said that he didn’t get sick.

No point in equity? Was kicked out of Wu Shi?

Gu Xiaochen was shocked and even more surprised.

Is n’t he the son of the Wu family? According to the truth, how could he not get even a little equity? How Wu developed under his control is unquestionable. She stared at Zhou Chengze, trying to find a trace of false ingredients, but she couldn’t find it.

Two words popped out of my mind-unbelief!

Gu Xiaochen moved his lips, but his chest was panic-stricken, “Zhou Zhou, empty mouths are useless, and some words can’t be said nonsense.”

” Nonsense ?” Zhou Chengze chuckled lightly, and a cold cold light burst out of his eyes, and the haze said, “You can ask him if I’m talking nonsense! He is no longer the president of Wu’s, even the position of a manager is not his turn! Lost Wu, lost the aura of He, he is A person who has nothing! “

” Did you break up with him? Isn’t it because of this! You wanted to climb the branch, but found that you didn’t find the right target! “

Faced with his cold accusations, Gu Xiaochen’s stunned expression gradually dissipated, and all that remained was calm.

“It’s finished? Then I can go. Bye.” She still kept her final calmness, not letting herself be provoked by his words.

Staring at her seemingly safe and soft white face, it was actually stubborn to the extreme. Zhou Chengze smoked a cigarette, his eyes were tight, the male voice fell a little, and said sarcastically, “Why? You should n’t want to go back

Come to him! ” Gu Xiaochen got up slowly, straightened his back, and greeted Zhou Chengze.

She was so thin, but at this moment she burst out with a strong aura, she looked at him with a smile, such a calm tone, she said objectively and rationally, “Without equity, what can it stand for. Even if he leaves Wu’s, he can still Have your own world. “

A man like him is destined to be ordinary. Know from the beginning.

There was a hint of maintenance admiration between her words, and Zhou Chengze clearly noticed. Fingers pressed slightly, and the cigarette was simply strangled in the ashtray. Her smile was too peaceful, so peaceful that he was upset. But this smile did not bloom because of him.

I don’t know if the taste is rolling in my heart, Zhou Chengze’s eyes narrowed.

Gu Xiaochen said strangely and said “goodbye”, turned around with a smile, and walked towards the door of the conference hall.

“You want to come back to him?” Zhou Chengze’s cold male voice came from behind. His eyes were like two beams of light also shooting at her at the same time, clearly warning and taunting, but some temptation, “even if he has nothing, everything I have to come over again. “

Gu Xiaochen’s back stiffened, his small hands clenched gently into fists.

She didn’t look back. At this time, she seemed to have made the same decision.

Suddenly understood what he meant.

When you come here again, do n’t you need friends who can support each other?

The corners of her lips rose slightly, and her smile was as unbelievable as the sky behind the clouds.

Zhou Chengze waited quietly for her answer, but seemed to be waiting for a verdict. He stared at her back. At the moment, he was so struggling. Not only did she want to hear her resolutely veto, but there was a hint of an answer that she hoped for. He didn’t know what he was thinking, he was so contradictory.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t say anything more, looked back at him, showing a bright smile, and said abruptly, “Thank you Mr. Zhou.”

Zhou Chengze was amazed for a moment, his eyes full of surprise.

She even said thank you …

Gu Xiaochen withdrew her gaze, held the door handle with both hands, and opened the door.

A fresh breeze blew across, and she walked away calmly.

Thanks for his wake up, she finally made a decision.

Manager Cai Hua has successfully signed the agreement, Gu Xiaochen walked to the rest room to meet her, and then the two left Haisheng Company. To discuss Zhou Chengze’s special name separately, Cai Hua did not say much. It is also expected that they may know each other.

Gu Xiaochen also kept silent without giving any explanation.

Walking out of the office building of Haisheng Company, a car was parked in the road ahead, and it was just before they sent them to the company car. Cai Cheng, raising his hand glanced wrist watch, whispered, “now more than four, care assistant, I let you off work. Anyway, back to the company have been off work.” “Thank

you, the manager.”

“Do you want Hitchhiking? “Cai Hua asked kindly.

“No, it’s not a good way.” Gu Xiaochen shook his head and waved with her to say goodbye to Haisheng. Looking at the car carrying Cai Hua away, she took out her phone and pressed the string of numbers firmly. The phone was connected. In a few short words, she immediately stopped a car.

The revolving door of Haisheng’s building happened to be a pedestrian.

Zhou Chengze walked toward the front, glanced at the figure who had got into the car, and suddenly he suffocated.

As soon as the door closed, the taxi drove forward and disappeared at the end of the avenue.

As the sun goes down, the sky is gorgeous, and the sunset is full of sky.

The waiter led Gu Xiaochen towards a field in the western suburbs golf course and sat in the car. Gu Xiaochen looked up and saw his long figure bathing in the light of the sunset. , That perfect posture accurately hits the ball, traverses the air, and forms a parabola.

The car stopped on the trail, and Gu Xiaochen got out of the car and walked towards him step by step.

Wu Helian sideways slowly, throwing with one hand, handsomely put the club on the shoulder, looked up at her.

One meter away from him, Gu Xiaochen stopped, and when her eyes met, she smiled shyly and slightly nervous. She was about to speak, but Wu Helian said quietly, “America, would you like to go.”

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