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Huaxin Boss Chapter 73

It turned out that it was already over.

What is she expecting? What is she still looking forward to. What a ridiculous expectation, ridiculous Gu Xiaochen. Even the memories are ridiculous. He didn’t have the intention, why should she be serious. Suddenly heard a broken voice, her heart was so crushed by him.

The incompleteness of a place cannot be fixed.

She doesn’t need to take it seriously.

So, just as a dream.

wake up. She should go. time to go.

Gu Xiaochen’s white face was at a loss, and the look was like a child who was asked a question but could not answer it. He looked at him stupidly, but his eyes were out of focus and he was empty. For a long time, the eyes under the black-framed glasses blinked. It seemed to blink something. Her eyes were more clear and dazzling.

“Master Lian, I’m out.” Her lips slightly raised, her voice calm and gentle, very nice.

Her strange calmness made Wu Helian’s eyes narrow and watched her turn. He shouted sharply, “Wait!”

Gu Xiaochen turned around and calmly smiled at him. And the arc of her mouth, the bright look, the dazzling eyes, and the senseless attitude … actually made him feel so unhappy. But he just stared at her as if to engrave her into his mind.

In the silent office, his indifferent man sounded, long and empty, still the words, “Go out.”

“Yes.” Gu Xiaochen responded, and finally turned away.

Hearing the sound of the door being closed, Wu Helian sat alone in Noda ’s office and smoked silently. After smoking a cigarette, he smothered his cigarette butt in the ashtray. Holding a pen to sign documents, Meiyu wrinkled unconsciously.

Back in the investment department, Gu Xiaochen sent the documents to Wu Haoyang.

“Vice President, this document has been signed by President He.” Gu Xiaochen walked to him and said softly.

Wu Haoyang was boringly playing mini-games on his computer. He didn’t look at it, and said

casually , “Let’s put it down.” Gu Xiaochen smiled, placed the document on the table in front of Wu Haoyang, and said the New Year’s greetings.

“Vice President, Happy New Year.”

Wu Haoyang turned his head suddenly and looked at her, but he saw her smiling extremely sweetly. That smile is obviously a joyful smile, but why does it make him feel … sad? When the hand holding the mouse was released, both hands were arbitrarily held on the chest, and the sharp words spoke.

“Smiles are so ugly, I just met President He, shouldn’t I be happy? I haven’t seen you for so long! I know, you must be so happy …” Wu Haoyang said half of her words, but her smile was More and more sweet, and more and more … sad.

That kind of brave smile will definitely make people unbearable.

“You can also leave when you pack up. Happy New Year.” Wu Haoyang immediately accepted Fang Cai’s words and urged impatiently.

Gu Xiaochen said “Eun”, still a smile.

Until she entered the office, her legs were weak and she fell on the office chair. He didn’t want to let himself think about it, so he started packing. There are indeed a lot of things to pack up, files to put in the cabinet, and the data on hand to be copied into the computer for backup …

her fingers are on the keyboard, and her eyes are a little blurred.

At five in the afternoon, Gu Xiaochen walked out of the Wu’s Building quietly with the crowd.

It was finally a holiday …

…… It was

dark unconsciously, but the president’s office on the top floor was still lit.

The whole building seemed to have only a glimmer of light. After Wu Helian reviewed the last document, he received the pen and squeezed his eyebrows wearily. Suddenly, the phone buzzed on the desk of the desk. His hand sagged slightly, whose name flashed in his head, and he reached out sharply, grabbing the phone in front of him.

The display on the screen only slowed him down.

Pressing the connect button, his tone was obviously impatient. “What’s the matter!”

“Lian?” Over the phone, Irene was a little uneasy. “It’s okay, I haven’t seen you for a long time, so I think …”

“You You should know my rules. Do n’t call me later if you ’re fine. You need to sign the bill directly. ”Wu Helian said in a deep voice.

“Lian …” Irene’s voice was a bit harsh, and the next second, she smiled and said, “New Year, will you go on vacation?”

Wu Helian silently spit out two words, “Again.”

“I … … I know. Lian, you remember to call me. ”

Wu Helian did not respond. As he always did, he would not give any promise, just hang up the phone.

After leaving Wu, Wu Helian drove back to Wu’s house. In the villa of the Wu family, several people have finished their meals. Wu Jizong and Ji Yuehua are sitting in the side hall tasting tea. Wu Miaoke paints in his studio. The arrival of Wu Helian made the originally comfortable atmosphere in the side hall suddenly suffocate.

He sat down on the sofa, and said with a deep voice, “I’m going to leave now, the plane at night.”

“Then what are you going to do!” Wu Jizong heard this, and his anger suddenly broke out. Ji Yuehua lowered his head, but stretched out his hand and held Wu Jizong’s hand, indicating that he should not be angry.

“Happy New Year.” Wu Helian said quietly, just got up and left.

“Nie Zi!” When he left, Wu Jizong shouted loudly.

Wu Helian did not leave the Wu family immediately, but went to Wu Miaoke’s studio. Nuo Da’s studio is full of oil paint and a bit pungent. Wu Miaoke is holding a paintbrush while painting, but the figure she puts in earnestly makes Wu Helian feel a bit familiar, even like another person.

Hearing the footsteps, Wu Miao looked back in surprise.

When she saw Wu Helian, she was pleasantly surprised, and she threw it with her brush. “

Second brother!” Wu Helian hugged Wu Miaoke, and Junrong smiled a little.

Wu Miaoke took Wu Helian to the wicker chair aside, her lively and cute face made Wu Helian feel a little relieved. Wu Miaoke said a lot, Wu Helian listened quietly. At the end, she looked at him carefully and asked softly, “How is the second brother, aunt.”

“Everyone is going to die.” Wu Helian was silent for a while, indifferent.

Wu Miaoke was stunned, and suddenly burst into tears, “Second Brother …”

New Year, seven days of vacation.

The lively Hong Kong, the lively streets, and the tourism team is endless. Advertisement papers of a travel company are even stuffed into the mailbox. Gu Xiaochen just bought something from the supermarket and took out the advertisement paper that was already full in the mailbox. He went upstairs and read it boringly to pass the time.

Suddenly, his eyes were attracted by a subtitle in the advertisement.

“Four days and three nights in Paris, France, the romantic night of the romantic capital.” The headline of a large line of words, but some eyes stung.

Gu Xiaochen was also drinking milk and silently collected the advertising paper. Back at the apartment, he changed hands and threw the advertising paper into the trash. Putting on an apron, I washed my hands and was busy preparing food and cooking soup. After a while, the apartment was filled with the smell of food and the aroma of soup.

One person made three dishes and one soup, but a little more.

Gu Xiaochen sat at the dining table, looked at the table, smiled and said to herself, “Dine!” She picked up the chopsticks and grabbed a mouthful of rice in her mouth. The rice is not too soft or too hard, and the water is just right. But how could it make her feel difficult to swallow, and not know how to eat.

The quiet apartment was so quiet that there was no sound. In addition to the loud noise from the TV.

Suddenly, the door of the apartment was knocked, “Dong Dang Dang–“

Gu Xiaochen froze, put down the chopsticks and bowl in his hand, and got up to open the door. As soon as the door opened, it was too late to look back. Someone stretched out her hands and hugged her. The rich perfume, the warm embrace, and her enchanting voice made Gu Xiaochen miss her like never before.

“Dear Di, my sister, I’m back. Do you miss me?” Yu Mei hugged her tightly and smiled brightly.

Gu Xiaochen nodded, sour all swallowed in his stomach, swallowed, “I miss you very much, very much.”

Yu Mei looked up and saw that the small table in the living room had already been set. She walked into the apartment as if returning to her home. He took off his high-heeled shoes, threw expensive bags on the sofa, and sat down at the dining table, shouting,

“I’m starving!” “I’ll give you a meal.” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly rushed into the kitchen.

Finally no longer alone, the deserted apartment always feels a lot warmer. When Yu Mei eats, she always likes to make a sound. Such a ladyless habit makes Gu Xiaochen very proud and happy. As if the food she made is the most delicious thing in the world.

After eating, Gu Xiaochen was doing the dishes, and Yu Mei was watching TV in the living room.

The clattering sound of water, light comedy on the TV, and … and Yu Mei’s joyful laughter.

Gu Xiaochen’s heart calmed down.

Suddenly, Yu Mei said, “Xiao Chen, the Chinese New Year this year, told me to go home with it.”

Guxiao Chen surprised a moment, she turned around to look surprised, “will not trouble?” “Anyway,

my grandmother passed away, the family did not People! “Yu Mei was still watching TV and did not look at her.

Gu Xiaochen was silent and silent, just thinking that in these years, she was not the only person living alone. Thinking about it, thinking about Yu Mei is always alone, but she cares so little about her, and her heart is not a taste, why is it bitter.

“Okay, then I will go home with you this year.” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly turned to continue to wash the dishes, but the tears fell in the sink, and the ripples circled.

Yu Mei jumped up happily, “Oh yeah!”

Before leaving, Gu Xiaochen made a special call to Lin Fen. She told Lin Fen on the phone that she had made an appointment to travel with her friend. It is cheaper to travel during the New Year. Lin Fen knew Yu Mei before, so she didn’t stop, but just said, “Xiao Chen, don’t you have dinner together during the New Year?”

“Mom, maybe it’s too late.”

“Then after coming back?” Lin Fen asked anxiously.

In the past, every New Year, Gu Xiaochen did not go to Zhou’s house. At first, the Zhou family did not invite her, but later she did not want to go. In this way, she never went to the Zhou family for the Chinese New Year. Only now, she thought about it, but still refused, “Mom, I won’t go.”

“Mom doesn’t force you. Then when you come back, Mom and you … just eat with us two.”

” OK. “Gu Xiaochen finally smiled.

Yu Mei’s family lives in Yuen Long.

Yuen Long is the most northwestern part of Hong Kong ’s eight local administrative regions. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and has a flat terrain. Yuen Long is a plain. It turned out to be a continuous farmland. In mountainous Hong Kong, there is only this flat and vast plain.

This is an area dominated by fishermen and farmers. The villagers live on farming or fish farming in fish ponds.

Yu Mei’s house is a small two-storey house.

There are many vegetables in the vegetable garden behind, so you do n’t even have to go to the market to buy vegetables. Aunt Uncle and Aunt next door will also bring fresh fish.

The enthusiastic villagers made Gu Xiaochen very embarrassed.

Yu Mei shrugged and took it with great care. “Thank you Auntie Uncle.”

There are many special snacks in Yuen Long District, and the restaurants are concentrated on a few roads. Coupled with the New Year, it is particularly lively day and night. Delicious jelly powder, Hengxiang wife cake … Yu Mei took her and ate all the nearby food. The two were like sisters, snuggling with each other in this cold winter.

Such a quiet life is too comfortable.

The seven-day long vacation only came to an end between opening and closing eyes.

At the Hong Kong International Airport, Gu Xiaochen bid farewell to Yu Mei. As she walked into the ticket gate, Yu Mei turned back and said, “Xiao Chen, maybe I won’t go back next time. I’ll be at your house.”

“Okay. I cook you soup every day.” Gu Xiaochen was happy to promise and waved at her.

Standing outside the airport, I saw the plane flying towards the blue sky.

Gu Xiaochen had a decision in his heart, and the resignation letter in his shoulder bag was ready.

The night before the holiday, Gu Xiaochen invited Lin Fen to have dinner together. On the phone, the two agreed on a time. Gu Xiaochen was afraid of traffic jams on the road. If he was late, it would be bad. So she set off half an hour in advance and waited for the agreed place, only to find out that it was too early.

She stood in the cold wind, rubbing her hands from time to time, waiting patiently and expectantly.

Vehicles passing by, pedestrians passing by, the lively New Year is still going.

After a while, I saw a gray sports car turning around slowly.

The headlights were changed from distant phase lights to near phase lights, and the dazzling lights were relaxed.

Gu Xiaochen stood on the side of the road, squinting and looking ahead.

When she was in a trance, she saw the driver, who was Zhou Chengze.

The car stopped in front of her, and Zhou Cheng’s long figure came out. Under the dark night, his elegant and handsome face was a little cold. He was wearing a thin and light suit, tall and slender, like a man who was not afraid of cold. Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but frown, and wondered if men were not cold.

Zhou Chengze opened the rear door, and Gu Xiaochen hurried forward to help Lin Fen into the car. “Be careful.”

“It’s okay.” Lin Fen responded and held her hand intimately.

Zhou Chengze looked at Gu Xiaochen, Shen Sheng said, “After dinner, you can just call me. I’ll pick you up.” He said, then he looked at Lin Fen and smiled. gone.”

“Chengze, drive carefully.” Lin Fen ding screamed.

“I know.” Zhou Chengze responded, his eyes turned to calm and calm Gu Xiaochen, and said hello, “Goodbye.”

Gu Xiaochen nodded, “Goodbye.”

Zhou Chengze got in the car, and the car was in front of Gu Xiaochen and Lin Fen. Ever. Drive to the front and turn around, then slowly walk across the road. Only for a moment, Gu Xiaochen saw Zhou Chengze’s gaze and swept to himself. Only for a moment, it flashed and disappeared.

“Xiaochen, have you been waiting a long time? Are you hungry?” Lin Fen asked, and touched her clothes again. “How to wear so little, is it cold?”

“Not cold at all.” Gu Xiaochen shook his head.

“So what are we going to eat today? What do you want to eat?” Lin Fensi asked.

“Mom, are we going to barbecue? I know there is a barbecue restaurant, which is very good. It is also often introduced on TV, but there is no chance to go.” Gu Xiaochen rarely showed coquettish, muttering. Lin Fen agreed, without any objection.

“I heard there is free ice cream there.”

“Ice cream? It’s such a cold day, don’t eat it.” Lin Fen instinctively refused, just thinking about her health.

Gu Xiaochen leaned her head on her and said softly, “Mom, but I want to eat it.”

“Can only eat a little.” Lin Fen sighed and patted the back of her hand.

“Well.” Gu Xiaochen responded happily, but only felt a burst of happiness, and suddenly filled the whole person.

What barbecue, what ice cream, the taste of those things is far less than the moment. Walking side by side with Lin Fen like this and walking on the street, you can talk to her without regard, which is like returning to the old days. Gu Xiaochen remembered clearly for a long time.

As a result, she became cautious even when she walked, which was especially cherished.

Every step she took was so reluctant.

Suddenly hope that this road will grow longer and longer.

Korean barbecue restaurant, the shop is very popular, almost full.

Sitting in the waiting table and waiting for more than ten minutes, this was arranged to the dining table. On the last day of the seven-day holiday, many couples were reluctant to take this last holiday and came to the party one after another.

Looking around, you can see lovers in pairs.

Gu Xiaochen and Lin Fen were arranged at the middle table, ordering food and drinks. Lin Fen grilled the barbecue slices by himself, Gu Xiaochen just sat opposite and looked at her quietly. Looking at her gentle profile, her smile was even brighter.

The taste of the barbecue is really good, and after the meal, I tasted the special ice cream in the store.

Gu Xiaochen happily held the ice cream cup, took a spoonful and tasted the spoonful of ice-cold chocolate ice cream.

“Xiaochen, eat less. It’s too cold.”


Lin Fen took a sip of coffee, and asked softly, “Xiaochen, do you have some personal contact with Chengze?”

“No . What’s wrong? “Gu Xiaochen heard her say, the whole person was stunned and looked up.

Lin Fen seemed relieved and said, “Because my mother heard Yaru say that Chengze seems to be protecting you and is very good to you.” She paused and didn’t want to make her afraid of retreating, and didn’t want to let her She was stressed and asked so cautiously, “Does he like you?” She

deliberately avoided the word “like”, but the question is still very sensitive.

Gu Xiaochen took the spoon and frowned annoyedly. In a simple sentence, he dismissed everything that had happened. “Mom, I have nothing to do with him privately. Actually we are not very familiar.”

“Really?” Lin Fen casually Asking back, he said to himself, “Actually, Chengze is a good kid. Young and promising, a talented person. But now, you children have to talk about love and love. If you don’t like it, it’s useless.”

“If you don’t like it, can you live together.” Gu Xiaochen’s eyes showed confusion, but he was also waiting for an answer. Lin Fen stared at her, and said quietly

, “Two people live together and need to face many things. Not as simple as love.”

“Mum …” Gu Xiaochen stared at the ice cream in front of him, but just said, “I know “

At about ten o’clock, Gu Xiaochen dialed Zhou Chengze’s phone. Before long, Zhou Chengze came by car. Unable to refuse, he had to get in his car. Silent all the way, and then separate in front of the community. Gu Xiaochen took the elevator upstairs, but he understood it.

If you do n’t love that much, you do n’t care too much.

If you don’t care so much, then you won’t be sad.

In this way … you can finish your life.

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